Inside: Line Art Tattoo + Examples.

What are Line Art Tattoos?

Line tattoos amaze thanks to their simplicity. Basically, every tattoo is made of lines, but there are those that aren’t clothed in pretty colors and shading. In addition, you’ll also see abstract tattoo designs or drawings made of one cursive line. Visually speaking, line tattoos represent minimalism.

Line Art Tattoo Definition

Key Takeaways

  • Find a skilled tattoo artist that has done detailed line work before. This is a very technical design that requires a steady hand to look it’s best. Make sure to ask your artist for photos of past line art tattoo designs.
  • There’s a bit more risk with smaller lines because there’s less space for correcting.

How Thin Can a Tattoo Line be?

Tattoo needles can be extremely small (like 3-4 mm), but you can expect the lines in your tattoo to spread. It’s safe to say that as long as you get your tattoo from a professional artist, they shouldn’t expand to more than double in size.

Can a Blurry Line Art Tattoo be Touched Up?

A tattoo will look its best when it is freshly done and when it is completely healed. During the healing process, the colors may not be as vibrant and the scabbing may cause obstructions invisibility. Things can look pretty blurry. … A tattoo cannot be re-worked until the skin is normal. But with line art tattoo touch-ups, you will need to remember that the lines will become thicker than the original design.

Ideas on How Line Art Can be Used in Tattoos

How Much are Small Simple Line Art Tattoos?

Artists will either charge by the piece if it’s a small design or by the hour if it’s a larger piece. Tattoo shops tend to have a minimum set price to cover the costs of business, which does mean you could be looking at $150 or more for a small tattoo.

How Long Do Line Tattoos Last?

Even if your fine line tattoo fades after 10 years, the delicate lines will be easier and cheaper to fix or re-work. Most artists will regularly re-work your tattoo for a fraction of the original price. Also, delicate tattoos are a lot easier to get covered up or removed.

Line Art Tattoo Ideas

What Are Line Art Tattoos Examples

1. Line Art Girl Portrait

2. Thick + Thin Line Art Tattoo

3. Triangle Line Art Design

4. Line Art Armband

5. Detailed Line Art