Inside: Wildly Attractive Tattoos You’ll Love.

Most people agree that it’s the artistry of your tattoo that makes it attractive.

So if you’re trying to get a tattoo that brings all the BOYZ TO THE YARD, make sure it’s not some tacky doodle by that sketchy dude with the 24-hour parlor around the corner from your apartment.

The second most important element when it comes to coolness? Location, location, location.

Which brings me to my next point…

Most guys agree that the shoulder, the upper back, or the hip are the hottest places for women to have tattoos. These 21 Attractive tattoos are great ideas for your next ink sessions.

Attractive Tattoos

Are Tattoos Attractive?

According to a recent study, women don’t find tattooed men more or less attractive. They do think men with tattoos are healthier, more masculine, dominant, and aggressive, but that they make worse partners and parents.

Men think tattooed men look more attractive to women, and also more masculine, dominant, and aggressive. The study hypothesized that this was because braving the physical cost of getting a tattoo signaled higher testosterone.

Attractive Tattoos You’ll Love

1. Minimalist Tattoo Designs

2. Foreign Language Tattoos: “Luce in altis” (“Light at the top”).

3. Fierce Animal Tattoo

4. Bird Tattoo Design

Strong Designs For Attractive tattoo ideas

5. Nautical Anchor

6. Skull Tattoos

7. Cool Quote

8. Hand Tattoos

Attractive Tattoos Black & White Style

Wildly Attractive Tattoos

9. Snake Designs

10. Vintage Flower Tattoo

11. Rose Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Designs For Girls

12. Zodiac Tattoo Designs

13. Flame Design

14. Matching Couple Tattoos

15. Dangerous Bottle of Poison

Attractive Tattoos that Mean Something

Attractive Tattoo Designs

16. Dragon Tattoo Design

17. Roaring Tiger Head

18. Adventure Design

Attractive Tattoo Design Inspiration

19. Moon Phases

20. Crystal Tattoo

21. Landscape Tattoo Design

Attractive Tattoo Ideas That Are Creative

More Great Tattoo Ideas

  • Marigold Flower Tattoo – October’s birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos. With its golden blooms that match the color of autumn leaves, it’s no wonder the marigold is fitting for this fall month. Marigolds symbolize fierce love, passion, and creativity. In addition to their beauty, marigolds also have a long tradition of being used medicinally to heal inflammation and skin problems. Marigold is a bright and marvelous kind of flower but definitely more than just eye candy!
  • Flower Wrist Tattoo Ideas – When you combine the beauty of a flower with the edginess of a wrist tattoo you have a winning combination for a feminine and unique design. Flower wrist tattoos remain a popular choice for many reasons. Adding to their obvious beauty is the individual meanings of the flowers. Some flowers represent love and friendship, while others have associations of new life and peace. While their personal significance may remain a secret, their beauty can be shared with others. Whether you adore a certain blossom for its true beauty or appreciate the sentiment behind it, these flower wrist tattoo ideas are the perfect inspiration for your next tattoo.
  • Magnolia Flower Tattoos – Magnolias are one of the most captivating flowers in the world and there is a lot of symbolism wrapped around this beautiful flower. Depending on the culture might impact the significance of the meaning, but no matter what it means to you, the magnolia will still be a flower that people are drawn to. Check out a few of our favorite Magnolia Flower tattoo ideas that are full of beauty.