Inside: Feminine Ways To Get A Snake and Flower Tattoo.

Snake tattoos are classic and have been around for as long as tattoos have been made! Combining snakes with bright vibrant flowers, skulls, and other creative elements, it’s no wonder they are so popular.

Some may think that a snake can’t be sexy, but they can be incredibly sexy when done right. They look great in blacks and grays and are also intriguing with more color too. Mixing a slithering snack with the new life of a flower also comes with lots of symbolism as well.

The snake is just the first part of this tattoo combo, now let’s chat about the flowers. Choosing the right flower for this tattoo is very important. Did you know that each flower has different meanings and symbolism?

Snake and Flowers Ink

Traditional Floral Tattoo Meanings

Florals are popular tattoo choices for their visual beauty and splendor, but they also provide innumerable meanings. In general, flowers represent femininity, love, beauty, and growth. However, every flower has a different meaning depending on its type, stage of growth, and color.

Traditional rose tattoos are as classic as you can get, while hibiscus tattoos are more unique and whimsical. If you’re looking for a gentler, more ladylike flower, you might go for peony tattoos, or for a constant, beaming reminder to be more optimistic, try sunflower tattoos.

Of course, every flower is obviously unique in its appearance, but also has its own list of symbolism. Before you get your ink, make sure you know that specific flower’s commonly perceived meaning.

Snake and Flower Tattoo Meaning

What is the meaning of a snake and flower tattoo combo?

Snakes with other serene natural imagery such as flowers can come to symbolize the gentler and more positive meanings of the snake symbol such as rebirth, change, transformation, fertility, and grace.

Snake and Rose Tattoo Meaning

Does a rose have a special meaning?

The rose tattoo obviously symbolizes love, while the snake represents the wildness that comes along with it.

You could get this tattoo if you were cast down by a relationship, or if you believe love comes along with a dark side. This tattoo means that you were let down by love.

Snake and Flower Tattoo Designs

These slithery snake tattoo ideas are perfectly designed around gorgeous flowers. You will love the powerful and bold artwork that comes with this inspiring list.

1. Black and White Snake and Roses Tattoo

2. Snake and Flower Side Tattoo Design

3. Flower and Snake Hand Tattoo Idea

4. Snake Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Snake and Flower Tattoo meaning

5. Sword, Snake, and Roses Tattoo Design

6. Colorful Red Flower with Detailed Snake Tattoo

7. Detailed Line and Dotwork Design

8. Cobra + Poppy Flower Tattoo

Flower and Snake Tattoo Details

Snake Wrapped Around Flower Tattoo Idea

Perfectly wrapped design, these intricate and amazing line workpieces are one of a kind. When planning such a detailed piece like a snake or anything with great detail, it is important to know and trust your tattoo artist’s work. So always ask to take a look at their past projects and ask to see other designs like the ones you are wanting. This helps ensure you are guaranteed to love your body art.

9. Rib Snake and Flower Tattoo Idea

10. Colorful Snake Flower Leg Tattoo

11. Small Snake Wrapped Around Flower Tattoo

Snake Wrapped Around Rose Tattoo

12. Full Snake Arm Tattoo with Outlined Flowers

13. Traditional Blackwork Snake Tattoo

14. Black Outlined Snake and Flower Hip Design

15. Small Snake Wrapped Tattoo

Snake Rose Tattoo

Flower and Snake Tattoo Art

Wrapping up our list, these flower and snake tattoo pieces are large and in charge. From full back pieces to bold thigh designs, if you love to make a BIG statement then these ideas are perfect for you.

16. Colorful Flower Tattoo with Snake

17. Detailed Snake and Flower Design

18. All Black Snake with Pink Flowers

Pretty Animal Tattoos Of Snakes

19. Unique Outlined Snake and Peony Idea

20. Large Thigh Tattoo Design

21. Colorful Flowers Tattoo Idea

22. Snake Tattoo on Chest 

23. Full Back Flower and Snake Design

Large Snake Tattoos For Women

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love with Your Snake Art

So you want to get a snake tattoo? Here are a few more suggestions when it comes to creating your perfect design.

  • Vintage Floral Designs – Incorporating flowers into any tattoo design can bring in color and imagery that can highlight important feelings and expression for the wearer. Using a vintage flair means toning down some of the color pallet and utilizing additional shadow techniques to create the perfect subtlety to add to any creation. Check out our list of vintage flower tattoo designs.
  • Sparrow Tattoo Ideas – Chances are if you are looking to get a snake tattoo, then you love the idea and representations of animals and body art. One of our favorite meaningful and symbolic animal tattoos is the Sparrow. You often see these pretty tattoo designs soaring across the body like beautiful works of art. With all different types of colors, variations, and sizes, this tattoo design looks great anywhere.
  • Tattoo Pain Chart – Considering the size and placement of your next tattoo can be really fun and scary at the same time. Different parts of the body have different pain receptors and considering the pain involved with a particular area could help you make decisions about that next tat. See our pain chart to help make decisions about your next ink.

Products You Might Like

Getting a tattoo is a little more than having an idea and getting it done. There is planning, artist hunting, placement decision, and aftercare to be thought about. Here are a few of our favorite products that make those steps a little easier.

  • Temporary Tattoos Watercolor Florals Sheets– Includes two sheets of Watercolor Florals temporary tattoos and designed by Helen Deal. Safe & non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink; FDA-compliant and fun for all ages Each tattoo will last 2 – 4 days. Designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale
  • Bright Aftercare All Natural Tattoo Lotion – New tattoos are exciting, but you will experience itchiness and inflammation. To prevent irritation, to speed up your recovery time, and to extend the life and vibrancy of your new tattoo, we recommend using Bright Tattoo – Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. For the best results, you can use it daily to keep your skin moisturized, happy, and extend the time you need between ink touch-ups.
  • Temporary Tattoos Watercolor Butterflies Set – Temporary watercolor tattoos are a really fun way to gain the experience of wearing a tattoo without the long-term commitment. The butterfly set of watercolor tattoos is a fan favorite. Have a look at our list of temporary watercolor butterflies set tattoos.
  • Disposable Cohesive Tattoo Grip Cover Wrap – Need to cover your new tattoo? Get this self grip wrap! It comes in several different colors and because it has a self grip there is no need for tape. It’s comfortable and can be used in other ways too. Check it out and get some ordered today!

Snake and Flower Tattoo

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