Inside: The Best Sparrow Tattoos + Designs with Special Meaning.

Sparrows have always been symbolic birds, inspiring poets, writers, and artists of all kinds to come up with their own interpretations. Most often, the sparrow has been associated with strength, loyalty, and passion, but it can also stand for courage, hope, and freedom. There are many different sparrow tattoo designs out there, and we have gathered some of the best ones that you can consider getting done in the near future! Take a look at these beautiful pieces of art below!

Sparrow Tattoos

What Does a Sparrow Tattoo Symbolize?

There are many meanings for sparrow tattoos, so let’s go over a few of them. Sparrow and swallow tattoos share common meanings that include:

  • Traveling the world and seeing all the wonders of the world, since the swallow can travel hundreds of miles per year
  • The arrival of spring after a long and hard winter
  • Cheerfulness and perseverance in the most difficult situations
  • A time of peacefulness after a disaster or loss
  • Good luck, especially when facing life-threatening challenges like long sea journeys or going to war
  • Love for your family and the fact that you’re willing to do anything to protect them.

If you’re thinking about getting inked, you’re probably looking to get the best tattoo you can afford. With so many different designs out there, though, it can be hard to find that perfect one and know what it means before you commit to it. Sparrow tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos nowadays, let’s get started looking them over!

Traditional Sparrow Tattoos

These traditional sparrow tattoo ideas are great if you are looking for that classic look that popularized the sparrow design.

1. Sparrow Side Tattoo

2. Double Outlined Sparrows

3. Little Swallow Tattoo – We love how simple and clean this sparrow tattoo design is! 

4. Noble Sparrow and Flower Tattoo

Two Sparrow Birds Tattoo Designs

5. Outline Wrist Design

6. Shaded Sparrow Design

7. Sparrow Neck Tattoo – If you’re looking for an edgy look, this neck tattoo is exactly that. 

8. Outlined Swallow Idea

Traditional Sparrow Tattoos in black and white

Realistic Sparrow Tattoo Designs

Looking for a more realistic design? These sparrow designs are beautifully detailed and one-of-a-kind. Find your favorite inspiration for your next tattoo session.

9. Bird with Flowers Tattoo

10. Old School Sparrow Tattoo

11. Realistic Bird Design – How beautiful is this realistic sparrow tattoo? How amazing!

sparrow tattoo inspiration for girls

12. Matching Hand Sparrows

13. Colorful Sparrow Idea

14.  Classic Design – This old-school sparrow idea is one of our favorites. The bold colors and clean design is just perfect.

15. Rising Sparrow Tattoo Idea

Realistic Sparrow Tattoo Designs

Black Sparrow Tattoos

So what does a black sparrow represent? Like we mentioned before, many sailors in old times used to get traditional sparrow tattoos. So if they die in the middle of the sea, the sparrow will take their souls to heaven.

Moreover, some people opt for the sparrow tattoo in the memory of loved ones who have passed away or left. Alternatively, these tattoos represent inhibition, freedom, and joy.

16. Simple Black Sparrow

17. Black and White Neck Tattoo Idea – Another edgy design that we love.

18. Black and Grey Swallow Bird Design

Sparrow Ink Art

19. Sketched Sparrow Idea – This unique sketched design is totally original and one-of-a-kind.

20. Black Outlined Sparrow

21.  Solid Black Sparrow Neck Design

Black Sparrow Tattoos Meaning

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these sparrow tattoo ideas, then check out a few more of our favorites. Let us know your favorite in the comments.

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