Inside: Feminine Fairy Tattoo Ideas that Bring Joy.

Today when we think of fairies we tend to think of much-loved childhood books and stories that included these small human-like beings rumored to reside in Fairyland or even at the bottom of the garden. Women are most likely to choose fairy tattoo designs as they are generally portrayed as being female and having girlish traits such as long hair, dresses, and mischievous behavior, which make it easy for women to feel an inclination towards them.

Check out these charming feminine fairy tattoo ideas that you will love!

Fairy Tattoo Ideas

About Fairies and their Meaning

Fairies were first popularized by the Brothers Grimm in their fictional stories but have existed in Celtic folklore since the middle ages and possibly even before that. They are described as being human-like in appearance with delicate wings and they have come to symbolize various things to those who chose to include them in their tattoo designs.

Fairies are firmly rooted in our minds as naughty but seemingly innocent characters that we identify with due to their femininity, mischievousness, and connection to nature. Although their meanings are varied they are generally considered to be symbols of:

  • Freedom
  • Wishes and Desires
  • Femininity
  • Beauty
  • Innocence
  • Mischief and Playfulness
  • Nature

The meanings behind these tattoos are as varied as the people who choose them, however, there are some reoccurring themes.

Fairies were believed to have lived in the woods and most depictions of fairies usually include other natural elements as well. They are often shown sitting on clouds, leaves, mushrooms, or even stars wearing leafy dresses or pretty flowers in their hair. People who wish to identify with nature may choose a fairy tattoo to represent their love for the freedom and the beauty of mother earth.

Feminine Fairy Tattoo Ideas

1. Fairy God Mothers: It only seems fitting to start off with arguably the best fairies of them all. The 3 fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty!

2. Cute Pixie Fairy

3. Pretty Sitting Fairy: This sweet little fairy is perched perfectly on her wrist, which is such a cool placement.

Fairy Tattoo Ideas

4. Butterfly Fairy: I love the butterfly and fairy combo.

5. Pin-Up Fairy

6. Tiny Shoulder Fairy: Such a sweet and dainty little shoulder piece.

7. Detailed Outline

Fairy Tattoo Ideas

Super-Cute Fairy Tattoo Ideas

8. Moon Phase Fairy:

9. Tiny Little Tink: If you love Tinkerbell then this fairy tattoo is perfect for you!

Fairy Tattoo Ideas

10. Cherry Blossom Fairy

11. Colorful Moon Fairy: I love the colorful solar system with this cute fairy tattoo idea!

12. Skeleton Fairy: If you’re looking for a little bit of a twist on the traditional fairy tattoo.

13. Dancing Ballerina Fairy: For all my dancing lovers out there.

Fairy Tattoo Ideas

Pretty Feminine Tattoos

14. Blue Watercolor Wings

15. Butterfly Queen Fairy: The queen of butterfly fairies!

16. Sunflower Fairy

Cute Ink Ideas

17. Broken Wing Fairy

18. Purple Fairy: This purple fairy tattoo is the perfect way to add a little colorful flair.

Whimsical Tattoos

19. Crystal Fairy

20. Watercolored Fairy: This technique can work well with a fairy tattoo given the whimsical nature of the fairy. It creates a softer looking but striking tattoo.

21. White Outline: I love how they outlined this in white and filled it with colorful ink!

Female Tattoos

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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