Inside: 35 Amazing Ocean Tattoo Ideas Full of Wonder.

Lots of people in the world don’t think that much about the ocean. They know its there, they’re happy when they get to see it and they sometimes they enjoy getting in it and battling with the forces – but its still not a super important factor in their lives.

Then there are the water babies among us. If you belong to this group of people, you’ll be in the ocean at every opportunity.

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

It factors into your every day in some way, no matter how far from the shore you are, and if you don’t get the water often enough, you get a weird nagging feeling that you need to jump ship get to the sea. Sound familiar to anyone?

Whether you’re a surfer, sailor, diver, or just a general ocean lover, we have the perfect ocean tattoo ideas to express your love affair with the big blue.

Ocean Wave Tattoo Ideas

1. Diamond Tattoo Design

2. Small Crashing Wave

3. Geometric Wave

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

4. Wave Outline

5. Sun over the Waves

6. Ribcage Wave

7. Blue Watercolor Wave

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

8. Large Forearm Wave

9. Small Wave

10. Colorful Crashing Wave

Wave Tattoos

Wonderful Sea Life Ideas

11. JellyFish Tattoo

12. Sea Turtle

13. Whale Tale Tattoo

Animal tattoos

14. Seahorse Ocean Tattoo

15. Octopus Tattoo Idea

16. Large Whale Tattoo

17. Pretty Jelly Fishes

Sea Tattoos

18. Manta Outline

19. Whale Tale Outline

20. Pretty Sea Turtle

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

More Great Ocean Tattoo Ideas

21. Circle of the Sea

22. Coral Reef Tattoo Sleeve

23.  Anchor Tattoo

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

24. Hang Ten

25. Floral Sea Turtle

26. Under the Sea Tattoo Idea

27. Small Crashing Wave

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

28. Tiny Jelly Fish

29. Wave Outline Tattoo

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

Seashell Tattoo Designs

30. Small Shell Tattoo

31.Small Finger Shell

32. Cool Konch Tattoo Idea

Ocean Tattoo Ideas

33. Starfish Tattoo

34. Sand Dollar Tattoo Idea

35.  Watercolor Shell Tattoo

Shell Tattoos

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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