Inside: Umbrella tattoo ideas to brighten up any rainy day.

Umbrellas don’t get enough recognition. They keep us safe and protected, are convenient to use, and are always there for us.

They have been for centuries! I say it’s time to pay homage to our protective accessories, by getting a tattoo. Who’s with me?

73 Umbrella Tattoo Ideas For Women

No, but seriously, umbrella tattoos are actually some of the coolest ones out there. They are aesthetically pleasing and can hold lots of meaning depending on the person who is getting them and their motive behind it. Not quite convinced? That’s okay. Keep on reading and I can all but guarantee that you’ll be setting your next tattoo appointment with your local tattoo artist before this article is over.

Umbrella Tattoo Meaning

Umbrellas are globally known as a sign of protection. They shield us from storms, keep us dry, and protect us from the sun. The symbol of protection can be interpreted in a couple of ways. The first discusses self resiliency. You hold your own umbrella and therefore are self sufficient in your protection. It is a symbol of capability and strength. It can also be seen as the universe, god, or whatever you wish to call your higher power. It gives you the resources and protects you when it is needed, you are always supported. Even if it is raining, there are still things to be grateful for.

Umbrella And Rain Tattoos

Traditional Umbrella Tattoo

The traditional style of tattoos is known for their vivid coloring and thick outer lines. They withstand the throws of time better than that of a dainty tattoo, and they look amazing. Take a look at the tattoo examples below to see if the traditional style is for you, or if you prefer something else. If you prefer the look of a dainty tattoo, don’t worry! It is recommended that tattoos get touched up every so often anyhow so it really doesn’t matter. See how this style makes you feel. Could you see yourself getting a traditional-style tattoo?

1. Black & White Traditional Style Umbrella

2. Lightning Under Umbrella

3. Umbrella with Flower

4. Eye Of The Storm

5. Purple & Yellow Umbrella

6. Here Comes The Sun

7. Thunder & Lightning Under The Umbrella

8. Sweet Cat Umbrella

9. Green Umbrella

10. Skull Umbrella

11. Orange Lightning

12. Black & White Umbrella

13. Umbrella with Sun Behind It

14. Everything Sucks Today

15. Purple Rain

16. Traditional Style Sketch

Simple Umbrella Tattoos for Minimalists

Simple Umbrella Tattoo

Like to keep things simple? I respect that. This is the list for you then! I’m making sure to incorporate many different styles and designs that way you have the best chance of figuring out what the perfect umbrella tattoo looks like for you. Have a look!

17. Black & White Simple Umbrella

18. Crying Umbrella

19. Matching Tattoos

20. Puppy on A Rainbow with Umbrella

21. Abstract Face

22. Small Umbrellas

23. Tiny Watercolor Umbrella in Blue

24. Fun Doodle Tattoo

25. Flower Protecting Itself

26. Simple Umbrella

27. Love Umbrella

28. Question Mark with Umbrella

29. Green, Red & White

30. Sillouette of Person

31. Irish Umbrella Sketch

32. Matching Umbrella Tattoos

33. Decorated Umbrellas

34. Crushed Umbrella

35. Rain Under Umbrella

36. Bold Line Work

37. 3 Drops of Rain

38. Heart Umbrella

Creative umbrella in storm ink designs

Umbrella with Rain Tattoo

Umbrellas go hand and hand with rain. It is literally what they were created for. Umbrellas without rain are a lot like eggs without bacon, Sonny without Cher, and dare I say peanut butter without jelly! So it is only right to get rain incorporated into your umbrella tattoo! Take a look at these below.

39. Watercolor Rain Tattoo

40. Heart Rain

41. Red Storm Umbrella

42. Simple Rainy Umbrella

43. Matching Umbrella

44. Cloud Under Umbrella in Black & White

45.Pink Rain

46. Purple Umbrella

47. Thick Little Umbrella in the Rain

48. This Too Shall Pass

49. Umbrella Under the Moon

50. Down Pour

51. Sprinkle Quote

52. Umbrella in Full Color

53. Dark Umbrella

54. Tiny Rain Umbrella

55. Upside Down Umbrella

56. Simple Umbrella

57. Rain Wrist Tattoo

58. Eye Umbrella

59. Traditional Style Umbrella

60. Vintage Umbrella

Rain Under Umbrella

This is a popular version of the umbrella tattoo. The meaning behind the rain under the umbrella varies, but the most common interpretation of it is the idea of “when it rains, it pours”. This is not to say that things won’t get better, rain is temporary after all. Just like the hard times that we all tend to find ourselves in every once and a while.

61. Rain Underneath Umbrella

62. Purple Storm

63. Storm with Eye

64. Things Are Better Quote

65. Clean And Simple Rain & Umbrella

66. Matching Rain Under Umbrella Tattoos

Upside down Umbrella Tattoo

Upside Down Umbrella Tattoo

This is also another popular way to get an umbrella tattoo, upside down! This can be an extension of the meaning mentioned above, or it can be seen as a symbol of letting go. If you release the need to protect yourself and just stand in the rain, you may find joys that you never thought possible.

67. Traditional Style in Color

68. Flower Umbrella

69. Black & White Umbrella

70. Upside Down Umbrella Pot

71. Flipped Umbrella with Love Rain

72. Rose Umbrella with Heart

73. Umbrella with Waves

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