Many tattoos hold a deeper meaning than what is on the surface. So not only will they look cool, but for the person who got it, it can also be a source of inspiration, and a reminder to reflect on whatever wisdom the tattoo has to offer. Laugh Now Cry Later tattoos are the perfect example of this.

On the surface, to someone who doesn’t know the meaning, this tattoo is just 2 faces; one happy, one sad. But it is so much more than that!

Laugh Now Cry Later Meanings

Laugh Now Cry Later, sometimes also referred to as Smile Now Cry Later, is a symbol of the fleeting nature of life. When everything changes so quickly, we really don’t have the time to stop and reflect on the bad things.

We must be here, in the present, having fun and smiling, all the bad stuff can come later, but we won’t bring it into the present to contaminate the good times.

It’s a reminder to live the joyous moments in life fully. After all, we really aren’t promised a tomorrow, so enjoying life here and now is the most important thing you can do.

This tattoo has other symbolic meanings as well. One of which is it’s representation of mental illness. You never really feel fully in control when you struggle with mental illness. One moment you could be laughing and the next you’re in tears. This tattoo can symbolize the battle between your brain and your heart in moments like this.

If these are things that resonate with you then you would be a perfect candidate for this tattoo.

Laughing crying masks tattoo

This tattoo is most commonly drawn using the two theatre masks that represent Happy (Laughter) and Sad (Crying), but many other versions use different things to represent the two, such as hearts, skulls, etc.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest Laugh Now Cry later tattoos we could find for you to look through to get a good feel for what your style is.

Hopefully, by your next tattoo session, you’ll know exactly what you want!

Smile Now Cry Later Tattoos

Here is some Smile Now Cry Later Tattoos in different styles that we found. Take a look!

1. Smile Now Cry Later with Rose

2. Feminine Masks with Rose

3. Big Smile with Quote

4. Angel & Demon Masks

5. Detailed Outline with Dice

6. Happy Sad Masks with Thick Lines

7. Feminine Masks with eyelashes

8. Minimalist Tattoo

9. Cry Now, Cry Later

10. Split Heart

11. Classic Masks

Laugh Now Cry Later Mask Tattoos

smile now cry later tattoo ideas

The most traditional way to represent this concept is by using theatre masks! Here are some examples that range from simple to complex for you to take a look at.

12. Detailed Masks

13. Black & White with Great Shading

14. Small Face Tattoo

15. Masks with Quote

16. Awesome Sketch Tattoo

17. Happy Sad Clown Masks

18. Mask Quarter Sleeve

19. Happy Sad Masks with Hands

20. Simple Masks with Quote

21. Intense Mask Sleeve

22. Simple Neck Tattoo

23. Tiny Hand Tattoo

Laugh Now Cry Later Designs

24. Contrasting Tattoo with Cards

25. Simple Little Clowns

26. Fore Arm Tattoo

27. Detailed Female Clown Masks

28. Cute Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo

29. Happy Sad Throat Tattoo

30. Simple Masks in Color

31. Classic Clowns

32. Happy Sad Thumb Tattoo

33. Laugh Now Cry Later Musical Note

Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Stencils

Theatre masks tattoo stencil ideas

Sometimes the best tattoo ideas aren’t even tattoos yet, they’re still in stencil form! The good news is we’ve also included stencils in our list, so check them out below!

34. Simple Stencil

35. Masks with Swirled Smoke

36. Happy Sad Women

37. Classic Theater Masks

38. Happy Sad Butterflies

39. Cool Masks

40. Hands Touching Masks

41. Simple Smile Now Cry Later Masks

42. Clown Mask Stencil

43. Laugh Now Cry Later with Quote

laugh now cry later tattoo

Laugh Now Cry Later Skull Tattoos

Skulls are another great way to represent the Laugh Now Cry Later concept! So naturally, we had to include some of our favorites!

44. Happy Sad Skulls

45. Spooky Skulls

46. Half Face Artwork

47. Sugar Skulls

48. Sugar Skulls on Opposing Arms

49. Realistic Happy Sad Skulls

50. Smile Now Cry Later Art

51. Detailed Skulls with Quote

52. Dark Happy Sad Tattoo

53. Intense Skulls

And that’s it… 53 Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoos. We hope you loved them as much as we loved finding them. And we hope that you now have a better understanding of this tattoo and the symbolisms it holds beyond the cool masks.

Happy tattooing.

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