Inside: What is Tebori?

What does Tebori mean?

Tebori is traditional Japanese hand tattooing. Many artists praise it for its ability to create subtle gradations of tone that are difficult to achieve with a machine.
The word tebori comes from te meaning ‘hand’ and hori or horu, ‘to carve, sculpt or inscribe.
Tebori Definition

How long does it take to get?

A tebori tattoo can take anywhere from one two-hour long session to a year of twice-a-month sessions. This is depending on the size of the piece and physical endurance of the client.

How do you get a Tebori tattoo?

Tebori tattoo artists reside and work almost exclusively in Japan. So you’ll need to get in touch with a Japanese artist for your tattoo. If you don’t already reside in Japan, you’ll need to travel there to sit for the tattoo. Most tebori tattoo artists can be contacted online.
Tebori Tattoo Designs

Does Tebori fade?

The color done with tebori does change over time and only gets brighter, whereas with a traditional machine, the color starts to fade after a couple of years or months, depending on how one cares for their tattoos

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