Animal Tattoos

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas

Manatee Tattoo

57 Cute Manatee Tattoo Ideas & The Sweet Meanings

Inside: Cute + Fun Manatee Tattoo Ideas (The Sweet Meanings). A manatee tattoo shows the world that you are a gentle, peace-loving person. It can also convey that you are in-tuned with your emotions and psychic abilities. In addition, it can demonstrate that you value biodiversity and manatee protection. Tattoos are deeply personal to each […] Read more…

Snail Tattoo

73 Dreamy Snail Tattoo Ideas (The Cutest Creatures)

Inside: Dreamy Snail Tattoo Ideas (The Cutest Creatures). To move fast as a snail is to move with some deliberation and to move very slowly. The snail represents the slow and steady symbol of nature, an animal that slowly but surely gets to its destination. In its behavior, the snail symbolizes unhurriedness, and it can also be […] Read more…

Turkey Tattoo

Timeless Turkey Tattoo Ideas + Images

Inside: Timeless Turkey Tattoo Ideas + Images. Turkey tattoos convey timeless magic across a vast range of demographics. These wonderful creatures are uniquely popular among fervent food fans and impassioned hunters alike. These bodacious birds offer a bevy of enticing characteristics that can swiftly enhance any man’s approach to body art. Thanksgiving is one of […] Read more…

Jellyfish Tattoo

53 Crazy Jellyfish Tattoo Meanings & Tattoo Inspirations

Inside: What Does a Jellyfish Tattoo Mean? (+ Tattoo Inspiration). Some people believe jellyfish serve no purpose on the earth whilst others are completely fascinated by the way they glide through the oceans perfectly at one with nature and mother earth. As the jellyfish is such a mysterious and intriguing creature (especially given its simplicity), […] Read more…


97+ Sea Turtle Tattoo Designs & Hawaiian Flowers

Inside: Sea Turtle Tattoo Designs + Ideas {Plus Fun Hawaiian Flowers}. Some people would think that turtles have unique meanings, and their symbolism is simple. Individuals know that these slow-moving sea creatures are usually protected by law due to their uniqueness in moving, living, and surviving challenging environments. While some of you would keep turtles […] Read more…

Koi Fish Tattoo

Meaningful Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas + Designs

Inside: Meaningful Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas + Designs. The koi fish is a symbol with extremely deep meaning for those who choose it as part of their body art. If you have been considering getting a tattoo that involves a koi fish, take the time first to learn the meaning associated with them. There are […] Read more…

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