Inside: The deep meaning behind a Japanese dragon tattoo & amazing ideas.

Chances are you have seen a Japanese dragon tattoo before. They have a very distinct look and are very memorable. This is because they are some of the prettiest and COOLEST tattoos out there, in my opinion, at least.

Before you assume, no, I do not have one…so my opinion is not biased. They are just that cool!

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning & Ideas

If you want to see for yourself, then you are in luck. Today I have compiled an epic list of some of the coolest Japanese dragon tattoo designs for you to look at. These will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own tattoo. But before we get into that, we must discuss the meaning behind these sick tats.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Along with their breathtaking beauty, dragons also have a deep philosophical place in Japanese culture.

According to,  “All in all, Japanese dragons are the benefactors and protectors of mankind; powerful and wise guardians that shield us from universal dangers, and impart their wisdom. A symbol of good fortune, they bring us happiness, offering us strength and courage at each important turning point in our lives.”

How cool is that?

Japanese Dragon Cost

A Japanese dragon tattoo is a pretty detailed design, regardless of how big it is. I can estimate that getting one will cost you at least $200 and upwards of $10,000, depending on how big you get your piece.

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to figure out exactly what it is you want to get and then show that to your soon-to-be tattoo artist. They will be able to guess how long it will take them to complete, which will give you your price.

Do Tattoos Hurt?

Yes, tattoos hurt. In order to get a tattoo, you have to undergo a process where a needle stabs your skin more than 100 times per second. This is obviously going to elicit some pain. But I have good news!

There are places on your body that hurt less than others to get done. These are the places with more fat and muscle, so try to avoid the boney areas. You can also ask your artist if they carry numbing spray or cream. This stuff will help to numb the tattooed area, so you feel less pain.

Still interested in getting a dragon tattoo? Sweet! Let’s get into it.

Simple Japanese Dragon Tattoo Ideas

First up, here are some simple designs. I say simple, but they are anything but. When it comes to dragon tattoos, even the simplest of designs are still heavily detailed. Look!

1. Geometric Dragon Ink

2. Black and White Sketch

3. Dark Blue and Dragon

4. Full Leg Sleeve with Simple Lines

5. Adorable Dragon with Blue

6. Grey and Curly Dragon

7. Detailed Dragon with Simple Lines

8. Cute Detailed Matching Tattoos

9. Black Curled Dragon with Red

10. Classic Dragon with Red Flowers

11. Whimsical Smokey Dragon

12. Single Dragon with Red Lines

13. Funny Little Dragon Head

14. Delicate Lined Dragon

15. Haku Half Sleeve

16. 2 Dragon Heads

17. Red-Inked Dragon

18. Black Dragon with Red Blossoms

19. Perfect Dragon Outline

20. Adorable Little Dragon

Black and White Dragon Tattoo

Black and White Dragon Tattoo

If you prefer black and white tattoos, then you will love this list. I think the dragon looks great, both with or without color.

21. Detailed Dragon with Whiskers

22. Thin-Lined Dragon Design

23. Dragon with Red Whiskers

24. Huge Snake Dragon

25. Dragon with Curly Tail

26. Dragon Flying Down

27. Black and White Dragon Design

28. Japanese Dragon Design

29. Snarling Dragon Design with Clouds

30. Dragon Leg Design with Smoke

31. Black and White Dragon with Red Flowers

32. Dragon Head Tattoo

33.  Black Spaced Dragon Design

34. Soft Black Dragon Design

35. Cute Dragon with Detailed Face

36. Dotted Dragon with Curly Body

37. Full Tatted Back

38. Dark Dragon Face with Shadows

39. Classical Dragon Sketch

40. Dragon Circle

Meaningful Dragon Tattoo Designs

This next section is some more meaningful designs. You will see what I mean when you start to look through them. Amazing!

41. Peace Sign Dragon Design

42. Colorful Red and Gold Dragon Tattoo

43. Detailed Dragon with Red Clouds

44. Full Sleeve with Yellow and Red

45. Classic Green Dragon with Red

46. Old Looking Dragon

47. Light Blue Dragon Face

48. Black Dragon with Red Scales

49. Dragon with Color

50. Dragon with Orange Ball

51. Full Red and Orange Dragon Design

52. Black and White Dragon

53. Detailed Scaled Dragon

54. Back Tattoo Piece

55. Deep Dragon Design

56.  Full Green Body Tattoo

57. Traditional Style Dragon Sleeve

58. Red, Black, and Yellow

59. Blue with Red Spots

60. Woman with Purple Dragon

Colorful Dragon Designs

If you love color in your tattoos, then you cannot miss this list. I feel like the dragon thrives on color, although admittedly, it still looks amazing in black and white. Decide for yourself.

61. Bright Green Dragon Design

62. Bright Red Ink with Dragons

63. Neon Green Dragon with Sword

64. Red Dragon with Black Scales

65. Green, Red, and Black Dragon

66. Full Landscape Dragon Ink

67. Blue Dragon with Red Qualities

68. Dragon with Flowers

69. Cute Green Tattoo with Clean Lines

70. Smoke Green Dragon

71. Traditional Flowers with Big Dragons

72. Red Dragon Design with Bright Eyes

73. Body Tattoo Concept

74. Black Smoke Dragon with Cool Color

75. Dragon with Yellow Scales

76. Orange Dragon Skin

77. Vibrant Dragon Design

78. Grey Dragon Face on Chest

79. Japanese Cherry Blossom

80. Cute Flower Dragon Design

Best Japanese Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Here we have some of the best Japanese dragon tattoo ideas that you will see on this whole list. I want to say I am leaving the best for last, but…we still have one more to go.

81. Deeply Detailed Dragon Design

82. Full Dragon Back Design

83. Dragon with Floral Design

84. Dark and Detailed Dragon Coil

85. Beautiful Dragon Video

86. Dragon with Red Eyes

87. Black Dragon Foot

88. Detailed Dragon with Red Whisps

89. Story Book Dragon

90. Red and Black Half Sleeve

91. Giant Dragon on Back

92. Sapphire Blue Dragon Design

93. Intense Red Dragon

94. Dragon and Sakura

95. Traditional Dragon Face with Red

96. Black Ink with Dragon – Curly

97. Lime Green Dragon with Smile

98. Red-Faced Dragon with Florals

99. Cute Dragon with Red Ink

100. Deep Red Dragon

Fierce Dragon Designs

Fierce Dragon Designs

For my last list, I wanted to show you some of the fiercest Japanese dragon tattoo designs I have ever seen. Take a look through these and fall in love.

101. Rainbow Dragon with Black Base

102. Yellow Dragon with Green Eyes

103. Vibrant Lime Green Scales

104. Huge Red Detailed Snake Dragon

105. Red Tattoo with Blue Front

106. Spine Dragon in Black and White

107. Simple but Big Lined Dragon

108. Big Side Dragon

109. Small Detailed Snake on Ribs

110. Breathtaking Dragon

111. Light Black and White Smoke

112. Abstract Dragon with Splatter Art

113. Cute Figure Eight Dragon

114. Vibrant Blue and Maroon Dragon

115. Green Dragon Sleeve with Red Hughs

116. Dragon on Wrist

117. Dragon with Samurai Sword

118. 2 Leg Sleeves

119. Blended Flame Dragon Design

120. Full Leg Tattoo

121. Dragon with a Rainbow of Colors

I hope you loved these awesome Japanese dragon tattoo ideas. Everyone who has ever seen one of these tattoos in person is shocked by the design’s detail and boldness. I bet you felt this “wow” moment when you looked at these.

If you are always on the lookout for cool tattoo ideas like me, you might as well add this blog to your favorites list. Because we are constantly kicking out some of the coolest tattoo ideas, you will ever see!

Don’t believe me? Take a look!

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