Inside: Adorably cute llama tattoos that you’ll want to get this summer. 

Llamas are adorable. I mean, not only are they fluffy things with great personalities but they are sassy too!

In fact, they are known for their sass. The way they’ve been portrayed in movies is spot on.

Have you ever seen Napoleon Dynamite? How about the Emperor’s New Groove?

Yeah, Kuzco totally killed it as a defiant Llama. I think we could all learn a little bit from the way these creatures conduct themselves.

57 Llama Tattoo Cute Ideas

Though you may not need any reason to want to get a Llama Tattoo, knowing the meanings & symbolism this creature holds is a fun way to add depth to your ink! Before we get into that though, here are some fun facts about llamas.

Llama facts

  • They’re smart. Scientists have even been able to teach a llama how to use a mirror.
  • They can live up to 30 years
  • They are very social creatures who crave to be around others
  • They’re very tall. In fact, they can grow up to 6 ft. That’s taller than most people!
  • Llamas mainly communicate through humming. How catchy
  • Llamas have a very calming energy and can be used as therapy animals.
  • They have the ability to spit at targets 10 feet away.
  • They are herbivores(aka vegetarians)
  • Llamas are super close in relation to camels. I can see the family resemblance!

Llama Tattoo Meaning

Llamas are an animal rich in symbolism, and saliva. They are known to spit in the faces of people that make them feel uncomfortable. Knowing this is useful(and rather funny) when contemplating their symbolic meaning. Llamas represent speaking one’s truth and never holding back. They are the epitome of ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’, or else. Llamas are temperamental but can withstand harsh environments very well, making them a symbol of strength and durability. This creature also is strong both mentally and physically. If they do not feel like moving, then they will stay put. That is that! I think we can all take a page out of the llama’s book.

Colorful Llama Tattoos

Llama Tattoo Ideas

This list is a variety of styles and designs for you to look through to see what you like most for yourself and your own tattoo. Though you can never go wrong with a Llama tattoo, it definitely helps to have a clear vision of the tattoo of your dreams. Looking at these will help you narrow down your likes from your dislikes. Check them out!

1. Party Llama

2. Cute Decorated Llama

3. The Emperor’s New Groove

4. Stuffed Animal Plush

5. Simple Llama Sketch

6. Llama in Desert

7. Dapper Llama

8. Peace Out

9. Traditional Style Horse Hugging Llama

10. Christmas Cutie

11. Dotwork Llama

12. Llama in a Flower Crown

13. Llama in a Beanie

14. Traditional Style with Flowers

15. Banana Llama

16. Too Cool For School

17. Watercolor Llama

18. Adorable Llama Sleeve in Color

19. Llama Origami with Splatter Paint

20. Llama on a Trampoline

21. Epic Spiritual Llama

22. Black & White Llama Portrait

23.Ballama Split

24. Llama Made Out Of Clouds

25. Abstract Llama

Llama Tattoos

Cute Llama Tattoo Ideas

Though this section may seem a little unnecessary seeing as all llama tattoos are cute, these ones just have the extra something that sets them above the rest in terms of cuteness. If an extra cute Llama tattoo is what you’re in search of then you will have to look no further than this list below.

26. Sweet Curly Haired Llama

27. Napping Llama

28. Llamas Enjoying Tea

29. Llama Mandala

30. Night Owl

31. Llama Drinking Wine

32. No Touchy Quote From Emporor’s New Groove

33. Llamas Dancing Together

34. Adorable Nerdy Llama

35. Matching Llama Tattoos

36. Simple Llama Doodle

37. New School Party Llama

38. Proud Party Llama

39. Delicate Fairy

40. Elegant Pink Llama

Graphic llama designs tattoo photos

Small Llama Tattoos

Smaller Tattoos more your style? I totally understand! This next list is the one for you then. I’ve compiled the simplest and smallest llama tattoos the internet had to offer. There is bound to be one here you will fall in love with! Check them out.

41. Tiny Ankle Tattoo

42. Small Geometric Llama

43. Simple Llama Outline

44. Stick Figure Llama

45. Long Haired Outline

46. One Line Llama

47. No Probalama

48. Tiny Colored Llama

49. Simple Fluffy Llama

50. Llama on the Wrist

51. Abstract Llama

52. Rainbow Geometric Llama

53. Tiny Llama with Butterflies

54. Napping Llama

55. Simple Curly Haired Llama

56. Thin Lined Party Llama

57. Landscape Llama

I hope you loved learning a bit about our fluffy tall friends known as llamas as well as now have a good understanding of what you are looking for in your own tattoo. Choosing a tattoo can be hard, but so fun. Not to mention absolutely rewarding once you actually get the ink! Llamas make for great tattoos. Whether they’re your first or you’re adding to your collection. The strength and sass of this creature are something to be praised. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a tattoo appointment to make. And so do you. Happy Tattooing!

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