Inside: Nostalgic ferris wheel tattoo inspirations that will remind you of the best times at the fair. 

Ferris Wheels are the universal sign of a fair. And what is a fair known for? A fun time.

Many people correlate Ferris Wheels with wonderful memories of youth, so it should not be shocking that it is a very popular tattoo! Though not every tattoo needs to have meaning, it is still fun to learn about the symbolism that comes with what you’re getting put on your body.

Ferris Wheels are very rich in symbolism indeed!

So if you’re interested in getting a Ferris Wheel tattoo of your own read on to learn more about them, as well as to take a look at these best Ferris Wheel Tattoos on the Internet.

Ferris Wheel Tattoo Ideas

Ferris Wheel Tattoo Meaning

Ferris Wheel Tattoo meanings can vary from person to person. Each with their own experience with this whimsical fair ride. for some, it may represent the joy of childhood. I remember as a child, looking up at the ferris wheel while driving to the fair. I could see it above the entire city. It both excited and terrified me that soon enough I would be on top of this towering circle. Though I was always scared, I still went through with getting on, just so I could see the world from a different perspective. I know I am not the only one who has had this experience. If I were to get a Ferris Wheel Tattoo(Which after seeing all of these examples, I just might) It would be to symbolise the great courage it takes to look at the world a different way.

Whatever your experience with the ferris wheel, I’m sure your tattoo will be crawling with it’s own symbolisms. At the end of the day, it is our own experience that rings the most true to us. Is it not?

Simple Ferris Wheel Minimalist Tattoos

Simple Ferris Wheel Tattoo

To start out, here is a list of simple ferris wheel tattoos. I wanted to start out with simplicity and then build from there, this way you can get a good understanding of what you do like versus what you don’t. I love the way that a ferris wheel can be perfectly expressed using only a few lines. See for yourself below!

1. Dainty Colored Ferris Wheel

2. Vintage Ferris Wheel

3. Large Ferris Color Wheel

4. Small Ferris Wheel

5. Black & White Fair Ride

6. Sketch Tattoo of Ferris Wheel

7. Simple Red & Blue Ride

8. Clean Linework Ferris Wheel

9. Fair Tattoo with Quote

10. Ferris Wheel in Cursive

11. Small Cute Ankle Tattoo 

12. Abstract Wheel

13. Black Silouette with Watercolor Background

14. Straightforeward Fair Ride

15. Ferris Wheel in the Clouds

Traditional Ferris Wheel Tattoo

The Traditional style of tattooing is a style that makes use of thick outer lines and solid colors in the middle. They are said to encompass wonderlust and freedom, dating back to the 1930’s. This makes this style almost 100 years old. They can make any subject look great, but especially ferris wheels. The bold linework and vivid color make for a great representation of this strong structure. Take a look for yourself to see if this is more your style.

16. Tradition Ferris Wheel with Flowers

17. Love Fair

18. Colorful Ferris Wheel with Heart Center

19. Red & Yellow Fair Ride

20. Colorful Ride with Star Center

21. Mandala Design with Flowers

22. World’s Fair Ferris Wheel in Black & White

23.Ferris Wheel with Carosel Horse

24.Fair Themed Sleeve

25. Ferris Wheel During A Storm

26. Ferris Wheel Sleeve

27. Snow Themed Fair Ride

28. Flaming Wheel with Quote

29. Sometimes I feel Stuck

30. Compass Themed Tattoo

Ferris wheel tattoo

Cute Ferris Wheel Tattoos

You can never go wrong with a cute tattoo. Take a look at these down below to see some of the cutest Ferris Wheel Tattoos the internet has to offer.

31. Persuit Of Happiness

32. Horses Break Free of Carosel

33. Watercolor Ferris Wheel Tattoo

34. Fair Treats

35. Circus Tattoo

36. Cartoon Characters Go For A Ride

37. Animals Riding Ferris Wheel

38. Space Needle Seattle Tattoo

39. Lighthouse in Front Of Ferris Wheel

40.Mandala Ferris Wheel

41. Child At The Fair

42. Watercolor Clouds

43. Daint Ferris Wheel with Flowers

44. Tea Cup Carts

45. Ferris Wheel in the Park

46.Fair in a Circle

47. Ancor Tattoo

48. Kiss Me At The Top

49. Fair Ride with One Heart Seat

50. Cute Fair Themed Stencil

Carnival tattoo photos of ferris wheels

More Ferris Wheel Tattoos

This last bunch is a mix of many varieties of Ferris Wheel Tattoos. These should give you a clear idea as to your wants and needs when it comes to a tattoo of your own. If you want to save one that you see, you ahead and bookmark this article so that you can come back to it whenever you like. Take a look!

51. Ferris Whale

52. Fair Themed Sleeve

53. Hand Tattoo

54. Circus Silhouette with Orange & Green

55.So It Goes Quote

56. Color Wheel

57. Water Color Ferris Wheel with Quote

58. Greece Movie Tattoo

59. Ferris Wheel Surronded by Flowers

60. Circus Inside of Heart

61. Cupcake Ferris Wheel

62. Ferris Wheel Shoulder Tattoo

63. Black & White Ferris Wheel