Inside: Simple Dandelion Tattoo Ideas that Minimalist fans will love.

We all know Dandelions. They are the golden yellow flowers that sit in our yards, or they are in their mature form as the round fluff balls that we all know and love so much.

For many, Dandelions are a symbol of their childhood. This is because making wishes and blowing on dandelions is an adorable tradition that has been passed down for decades.

Small Dandelion Tattoo Ideas

There is something just so nostalgic about this plant. It is no wonder that these magical little so-called “weeds” are a popular subject for many tattoos around the world. They hold many universal symbolism and meanings, as well as a lot of personal ones as well.

This, and the fact that they are extremely aesthetically pleasing, make them wonderful tattoos!

If you are interested in getting one yourself, then continue reading. I’ve created a list of the coolest Small Dandelion Tattoos on the internet for those of you who prefer things to be simpler. But before we get into that lets briefly cover the stages a Dandelion goes through during it’s cycle!

Dandelion Stages

Dandelions go through 4 main stages and each of them can be represented with ink to mean something different.

  1. Seedling. This is when it begins to sprout and grow.
  2. Mature Plant: This is when the leaves of the plant grow between 2-9 inches and no stem is yet visible. The plant will be basically low and flat on the ground.
  3. Flowering: Next a stem grows and then produces a bright yellow flower.
  4. Fruit: Next the flower transforms into the lovable soft fluff ball that we make wishes on.
  5. Seed: The seeds are then disbursed by wind(or little kids making wishes) and the cycle continues.

Pretty interesting stuff right?

Dandelion Symbolisms & Meanings

What does a dandelion tattoo mean?

The Dandelion means strength, rebirth, and luck. This is for both the golden yellow flower period of the Dandelion’s life as well as when it becomes white and fluffy.

They are a flower that is filled with meaning.

Many people correlate it with their childhood, seeing as it is said that if you make a wish and then blow all of the seeds off of the flower, it will come true. Many children spend their childhoods making wishes about the dandelion flower and even carry on the tradition through adulthood.

Thus, getting a dandelion inked on can stand to be a reminder to never stop dreaming in life. To hold everything with the same sense of childlike wonder that you had when you first began blowing on this beautifully unique flower.

What does a dandelion tattoo mean and images of the flower

Dandelion Tattoos

This first list has a mix and match of many different kinds of dandelion tattoos. From dainty to bold, black & white to watercolors, there is bound to be a tattoo for you. Keep track of which ones make your heart happy and keep them in mind while you go through the rest of this list. This knowledge comes in handy when you are deciding on your own tattoo!

1. Dandelion with Name As Stem

2. Adorable Bunny Holding Flower

3. Dandelion Flower in Color

4. Breathe Quote

5. Matching Dandelion Tattoos

6. Watercolor Dandelion

7. Dandelion Ankle Tattoo

8. Rainbow Dandelion

9. Realistic Dandelion in Various Stages

10. Black & White Dandelion

Minimalist Dandelion Tattoo

This list is full of more minimalistic dandelion tattoos for those of you who like to keep things simple and sweet. Some of my favorites are the dandelion seed tattoos because this flower is so well known that even its seeds are distinguishable. These come so small you can put them anywhere on your body you’d like. Behind the ear? On your wrist? Keep the idea of placement in mind while you look at these. Where would you put it?

11. Little Dandelion Seed

12.Simple Ankle Tattoo

13. Dandelions in A Coffee Cup

14. Dandelion Seeds Behind Ear

15. Single Dandelion

16. Let It Be Quote

17. Abstract Dandelion in Jar

18. Dandelion Taking Flight

19. Detailed Dandelion Tattoos

20. Dandelion Mid Blow

Dandelion Tattoo

Colored Dandelion Tattoo

Many of the dandelion tattoos shown so far were in the black in white, so I made a section dedicated to a little more color. Look at the list below if color is what you are looking for!

21. Dandelion Flower with Butterfly

22. Abstract Watercolor Tattoo

23. Cute Garden Tattoo

24. Watercolor Dandelion with Dragonfly

25. Colorful Dot Work

26. DandeLION

27. Blue, Pink, & Purple Dandelion

28. Bunny Portrait with Dandelions

29. Young Dandelion Flower

30. Beautiful Landscape

Blowing Dandelion Tattoo

The blowing of a dandelion represents childlike hope and wonder. If this is something that you would like to honor and represent perhaps a dandelion being blown is the tattoo that you are searching for! I think you’ll find that each and every one of these has a certain nostalgic feel. Take a look!

31. Small Dandelion Blowing Away

32. Heart Dandelions

33. Breathe Quote

34. Wistful Dandelion

35. Black & White Flower

36. Dandelion Shoulder Tattoo

37. Simple Dandelion Tattoo

38. A Pair of Dandelions

39. Watercolor Dandelion Being Blown

40. Dandelion Flower Young & Old

Tattoo of a dandelion blowing

Small Dandelion Tattoo

Something smaller more up your ally? That’s great, I have the list for you! We are finishing up this article with Dandelion Tattoos that are small enough to go anywhere, from behind your ear to your fingers. There is bound to be something you love, check them out!

41. Dandelion Seeds

42. Simple Rib Tattoo

43. Small Behind the Ear Tattoo

44. Single Dandelion

45. Dainty Dandelion

46. Abstract Magical Dandelion

47. Full Dandelion Behind Ear

48. Hand Holding Dandelion

49. Dandelions with Initials

50. Light Blow Dandelion

Which one will you choose? I really love the blowing tattoo option.

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