Inside: 57 Succulent Tattoo Ideas

Succulents are some of the world’s most popular plants. Known for being more laid back, these guys are the fan-favorite for people who love some greenery in their house but lack greenery on their thumb. Succulents were the first type of plant I’d ever had around my home.

In complete honesty, it took me a couple of tries before managing to keep them alive seeing as I was a chronic over-waterer(I loved them a lot, and water is my form of love okay? It’s not my fault). But when I did learn to understand the needs of succulents and was able to keep them healthy and thriving, I became emotionally attached to them.

You see, these days plants are the new pets. You spend so much time caring and tending to it you can’t help but love it. So it only makes sense that something that means so much to someone would be a popular tattoo…right? This makes succulents the prime candidate for an ink subject. They’re beautiful, and many of them are a stunning representation of sacred geometry.

So I took it upon myself to put together a little list of the cutest succulent tattoo ideas I could find on the internet for you to look through to get a good feel for your style. I bet by the end of it you’ll be calling your tattoo artist to set up an appointment!

But first, some information on the succulent as well as some symbolism and meanings that are hidden behind its glorious green petals.

Minimalist Succulent Tattoo Ideas

A Succulent Overview

Before succulents lined the windowsills of our homes(and hearts), they originated from dry, desert lands. This is because they prefer areas with prolonged dry seasons seeing as they store water in their leaves, so they don’t require much to survive. In fact, overwatering is the most common way to kill this hearty plant. The name succulent derives from the Latin word ‘sucus’ , which means sap filled or juicy. Obviously, this is due to those waterfilled leaves that give most varieties a very full, plump look.

There are over 60 different varieties of succulents on this planet today, the most well-known being the infamous cactus! Though they typically come in green, this plant can also grow in basically every color of the rainbow depending on the kind…wow!

Succulent Symbolisms & Meanings

Each succulent type has its own special and unique symbolisms it holds, and since there’s 60 I don’t think I’ll get to them all today, but I will touch on the overall general meanings that this awesome plant holds. Succulents represent durability, protection, strength. This is due to this plant’s ability to survive harsh heat and weather conditions as well as the spikes that many cacti grow to help ward off animals from eating it.

So if you’re someone who prides themself on their ability to go through hard times and make it to the other side, this tattoo is for you. Some types of succulents like the money plant, represent growth, luck, and abundance. There’s really a different succulent for everyone’s life story!

So whether you are looking for a succulent tattoo that will symbolize your life path, or you have a favorite plant in your household that gives you joy, the list below has the succulent tattoo for you! I’ve started my list with simple minimalistic tattoos for those of you who prefer a cleaner smaller tattoo. Take a look below!

Small Minimalistic Succulent Tattoo

Succulent Tattoo

1. Clean & Colored Succulent Bottle

2. Simple Abstract Succulent

3. 3 Simple Designs

4. 3 Lined Pots

5. Minimalisticc Geo Succulent

6. Succulent Flower

7. Classic Succulent

8. Hanging Plant

9. Triple the Plants

10. Single Succulent

11. Colorful Ankle Tattoo

Succulent Tattoo Black & White

If you like a more black & white look this is the list for you!

12. Black & White Patch of Plants

13. Bundle of Succulents

14. Cool Succulents with White Detailing

15. Black & White Collection

16. Succulent on Ankle

17. Detailed Single Flower

18. Goddess Terrarium

19. Black & White Addition

20. Succulent in Mug

21. Black & White Single Succulent

Simple Succulent Tattoo

Succulents have some of the prettiest line work, they make the perfect simple but elegant tattoo!

Simple Cactus Tattoo Designs

22. Hummingbird & Succulent

23. Zebra Plant

24. One Line Succulent

25. Black Succulent

26. Black & White with Thin Linework

27. Spikey Succulent

28. Classic Cacti

29. Mini Terrarium

30. Small Succulent Pot

Succulent Tattoo

Here are some louder ideas for those of you who like larger tattoos with more going on. Take a look below for some inspiration!

31. Cute Potted Succulent

32. Succulent In a Triangle

33. Realistic Succulents

34. Traditional Style

35. Watercolor Succulents

36. Succulents in a Skull

37. Vibrant Succulents

38. Colorful Succulent Bunch

39. Succulent Terrarium

40. Succulent Quarter Sleeve

More Succulent Tattoo Ideas

Colorful designs for desert succulent tattoos

41. Succulents & Skulls

42. Watercolor Tattoo

43. Variety of Succulents

44.Black & White Succulent in Skull

45. Succulent Foot Tattoo

46. Succulent in fairy Hair

47. String of Pearls

48. Black & White Armadillo

49. Succulent Heart

50. Colored Succulents with Crystals

51. Colorful Pot of Succulents

52. different Kinds of Succulents

53. Detailed Colorful Succulent

54. Traditional Style Succulents

55. Single Succulent

56. Books & Succulents

57. Crystal with Succulent

And there you have it! 57 of the internet best succulent tattoo ideas! I hope you liked learning more about this cool little plant and that you’ve found some inspiration for your next tattoo session.

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