Inside: Delicate + Stunning Orchid Flower Tattoo Ideas.

The delicate and stunning beauty of orchids has long inspired the creation of beautiful floral tattoos, but they’ve recently gained popularity thanks to the artistic innovations of talented tattoo artists. If you’ve been thinking about getting an orchid flower tattoo but are concerned that you won’t find the right design that matches your vision, this list of 30 incredible orchid flower tattoos should help you find something that inspires you. There’s no better time than now to add this timeless symbol of beauty to your body forever!

Orchid Flower Tattoo

The Tattooed Meaning

Throughout history, the orchid flower has been known to symbolize both fertility and strength.

The symmetrical shape of an orchid flower has always been a symbol of perfection and beauty. In Ancient China, people knew them as the best symbol of human perfection.

Although orchids are often thought of as symbols of fertility, wealth, and elegance, each color has its own unique symbolism.

  • White | Purity, innocence and cleanliness
  • Pink | Joyfulness, grace, feminitiy
  • Yellow | Fresh starts, friendships
  • Purple | Wealth, riches, and royalty
  • Orange |  Bold, enthusiastic, being proud
  • Red | Love and passion

Orchid Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Turquoise Orchid Design

2. Orchid Tattoo Sleeve

3. Bold Orchid Forearm Flower Tattoo

4. Bright Red Orchid

5. Detailed Orchid Flower

Orchid Flower Tattoo

6. Bundle of Orchid Triangle

7. Orchid Back Piece

8. Baby Orchid

9. Whimsical Blue Orchid Tattoo

10. Bold Ankle Orchid

Orchid Flower Tattoo

Minimalist Orchid Tattoo Ideas

11. Single Violet Orchid

12. Simple Orchid with Triangle

13. Minimal Orchid Growth Tattoo

Minimal Tattoo

14. Subtle Orchid Design

15. The Littlest of Orchids

16. Transparent Orchid Design

17. Single Orchid Flower

Orchid Flower Tattoo

Black and White Orchid Flower Tattoos

18. Orchid Shoulder Tattoo

19. Black and White Orchid Flower Design

20. Single Orchid Flower

21. Small Detailed Orchid Design

Black and White Tattoos

22. Large Orchid Leg Tattoo

23. Geometric Orchid Flower

24. Orchid Bundle

Orchid Flower Tattoo

Watercolor Orchid Tattoo Designs

25. Bold Orchid Tattoo

26. Colorful Orchid Design

27. Single Watercolor Orchid Design

28. Prink Orchid Stem

29. Watercolored Geometric Orchid

30. Purple Orchid Flower

Watercolor Tattoo

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