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What is an Amateur Tattoo?

Amateur tattoos are usually made in one color and their ink is in the top layer of the skin. This name refers to tattoos made by amateurs who are just training the trade and for tribal tattoos that are rites of passage, symbols of bravery or beauty.

Amateur Tattoo Definition

Have you found a tattoo artist who is willing to cut you a deal and quote meager prices? Be aware that they might be an amateur tattoo artist!

Getting a tat from an amateur tattoo artist can result in many problems. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your tattoo artist is licensed and follows the state’s requirements before agreeing to get a tattoo from anyone.

Here’s why going to an amateur tattoo artist can be dangerous.

Why is it Dangerous to Go to an Amateur Tattoo Artist?

An amateur tattoo artist is a person who has little to no experience in tattooing another person. Amateur tattoo artists are not licensed, and neither do they have any certification or fulfill written test requirements in their state.

An amateur tattoo artist also does not have professional equipment and the experience to understand the prepping of equipment. There are many diseases that are caused due to cross-contamination because amateur tattoo artists are unaware of the dangers involved in being a tattoo artist.

Furthermore, amateur tattoo artists do not understand the importance of carrying out a patch test which can lead to the client getting an allergic reaction. In addition to this, you must remember that not every artist can be a tattoo artist. Not everyone has the skills to draw and ink on skin. There are many intricate details involved that only a professional tattoo artist is aware of.

What Can You Do About an Amateur Tattoo that Did Not Turn Out Well?

If you made the mistake of going to an amateur tattoo artist and ended up with a poorly drawn tattoo, then you should know that there is still hope. You can go to a tattoo parlor where a professional tattoo artist can tend to you. They can fix your tattoo either by drawing over it or by enlarging the current amateur tattoo design.

At times, your artist may have to fade the amateur tattoo to make your new overdone tattoo come out better. However, there are times when the tattoo is placed where it cannot be enlarged. In such cases, you can opt to get the amateur tattoo removed.

Can I Get an Infection Because of an Amateur Tattoo?

Yes. Since amateur tattoos are done under unsanitary conditions and most amateur tattoo artists are unaware of the rules that need to be followed while tattooing, it is highly likely that you may develop an infection because of an amateur tattoo.

High-risk infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, herpes, tetanus, staph, tuberculosis, and fungal infections are some infections that can result from getting an amateur tattoo.

How Can an Amateur Tattoo Be Removed?

If you would like to get your amateur tattoo removed, then you can choose to get it removed through a laser. You can easily and comfortably get it removed from your skin thanks to this advanced technology. There are many tattoo salons that can help remove an amateur tattoo.

Is it Easy to Remove an Amateur Tattoo?

Yes, amateur tattoos are relatively easier to remove because they are not too deep. Amateur tattoo artists aren’t skillful enough to go deep into the skin, which is why it is easier to remove these tattoos.

Amateur tattoo designs

Examples of an Amateur Tattoo

1. Flowers

2. Scripted Font

3. Colored in Bug

4. Rose Design

5. Sunrise Tattoo

Amateur Tattooing why to not do it

How to Make Sure You Are Choosing a Professional Tattoo Artist?

There are several ways to ensure that you are not choosing an amateur tattoo artist.

  1. Professional tattoo artists do not work from their homes. They work from their tattoo parlor. However, this does not mean that a tattoo parlor is enough to ensure they are licensed.
  2. You must check the license to make sure it is current.
  3. Look around the shop and observe their cleanliness practices. You have the right to check if their workspace is clean and if they are sterilizing equipment.
  4. You should discuss the safety procedures and sanitization with the tattoo artist. This will help you understand if they are well-versed with the health risks.
  5. Observe and ensure that needles, stencils, razors, pigments, or anything else that comes in contact with blood is disposed of properly and new equipment is used every time.
  6. Lastly, make sure that the tattoo artist is conscious of hygiene, repeatedly washing his hand, and has gloves on.

Some More Tattoo Ideas to Get From a Professional Tattoo Artist

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Dahlia Tattoo Flower Ideas: Are you in love with your femininity? Do you embrace your womanhood with full zeal and affection for yourself? If so, then a dahlia tattoo is the perfect fit for you. It is a delicate flower and will look beautiful on your wrist or even neck. Check out these dahlia tattoo ideas for your next inking experience.

Shin Tattoo Ideas: If you want to make your tattoo pop then the best place on your body is the shin especially if you find comfort in wearing shorts. Check out all these shin tattoo ideas that are fabulously designed by the tattoo artist.

To conclude, remember that it is essential to avoid an amateur tattoo at all costs. If you want to get a tattoo, go to a licensed parlor and observe their working conditions. Ensure that they are following safety protocols before agreeing to get a tattoo. in case, an amateur tattoo artist has drawn a badly designed tattoo on you, then don’t worry. Just go to a professional and either have it removed or get a laser removal done to get rid of the tattoo.

Going to a professional tattoo artist is a safer way to get a tattoo.

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