Inside: Backpiece Tattoo Designs.

For tattoo artists, every single body is a unique canvas. And if you’re looking to get a tattoo, you will find that there are a wide variety of ways you can make your body look like a work of art. Whether you opt for a bright and elaborate tattoo that can be spotted from miles away or a delicate one that requires closer inspections like these spine tattoos, each one can be as spectacular as the other.

However, there is no body part that allows you to experiment with tattoos on your back. Essentially, the back is a clean, flat slate where all kinds of back pieces can be accommodated. From intricate concepts to more iconic designs, there is nothing that you can’t get inked on your back.

What Is A Backpiece Tattoo

What makes backpieces even more tempting is the fact that the back has a higher pain threshold for tattoos. Therefore, even if you want a tattoo that covers your entire back, you will actually feel less pain than getting a small tattoo on your palms or head.

Ideas for Backpiece Tattoo

When it comes to ideas for backpiece tattoos, the possibilities are endless. Almost anything that comes to your mind can be inked on your back. However, if you’re lacking inspiration, the following ideas may help you find inspiration for your backpiece.

1.    Intricate Patterns Across the Spine

If this is your first tattoo, it is recommended that you don’t go all out and have your entire back covered with one large tattoo. Instead, start with something small and intricate. A pattern across your spine may be a great place to start, as these look fascinating and give the illusion that the entire back is covered.

You can get a delicate flower stem across the spine, a simplistic sword, or even a piece of text if you prefer that. You can also discuss with your tattoo artist and get a delicate, abstract pattern across your spine. If you plan on expanding the tattoo in the future, make sure to get something that will work well with additional details.

2.    Animal Across The Spine

There are a number of animals that you can get across the spine. Snakes and Chinese dragons seem to be the more popular choice for spine tattoos, as they are the perfect shape to be inked across your back. However, with a little creativity, you can get almost any animal that you like.

Birds, lions, fish, phoenixes, and other mythical creatures also make for great spine tattoos. Another interesting idea would be to get a trail of butterflies or simplistic birds across the spine.

3.    Biomechanical Backpiece

If you are sure that you want your backpiece to cover your entire back, a biomechanical tattoo may be an interesting option to consider. These types of tattoos combine mechanical and organic objects to create surrealistic designs that look like images from sci-fi movies.

There are a lot of possibilities with biomechanical tattoos if you’re planning on covering your entire back. You can opt to have your back look like a robot, or you could get a sci-fi character tattooed on your back.

Backpiece Tattoo Ideas and designs

Interesting Examples

1. Ornate Moth Back Design

2. Colorful Eagle + Dragon

3. Blackwork Back Tattoo

4. Bright Half Backpiece Design

5. Detailed Owl Design

4.    Half Back Tattoo

Another interesting way to get a backpiece tattoo is to cover only half of your back, as it gives a more dynamic look. You can also cover the back of your arm on one side to further emphasize the negative space on the opposite side.

While you can opt for any design for this half back tattoo, opting for something that ‘looks’ incomplete makes this type of tattoo more interesting. For instance, half a skull, a mask, or even an animal’s face can make the tattoo more attention-grabbing.

Backpiece Tattoo

5.    Mandala

Mandala patterns are popular designs that are used in tattoos. The repetitive and intricate geometrical symbols can create some very fascinating designs. And the best place to get these tattoos is the back, as the tattoo would have more space to breathe than any other part of the body.

You can choose to cover your entire back with a mandala pattern or only part of it. Or you can get only half a circle to get the half back tattoo effect. Either way, mandala patterns can be complex. So make sure you visit a tattoo artist who is experienced with these types of tattoos if you decide on it.

6.    Fandom Tattoos

If you have an obsession with a particular movie franchise, book series, TV show, comic book, or anime, you can get a backpiece dedicated to it. Not only are these fun and exciting, but they can help spark your creativity as you come up with a design.

As discussed earlier, your back is essentially a clean slate. Therefore, you can opt for more elaborate designs that represent your fandom on your back. From Hogwarts covering your entire back to Spider-Man slinging across your back, there is nothing that is off-limits.

As you can see, there is so much you can do when it comes to tattooing your back. And the best part is that it can be easily covered when you need to attend a professional event.