Inside: Awesome stick figure tattoo ideas that match your favorite people.

Stick figures are one of the first ways we learn to draw humans when we are kids. They are simple, effective, and leave tons of room for personality.

Children will often draw themselves with their parents and family members, creating their very own family portrait.

So then parents can save those photos, put them in a frame, and keep them safe that way. OR… they can turn them into a tattoo and have them forever immortalized on you forever.

Matching Stick Figure Tattoos

I believe that tattoos are an extension of who we are as people, and what we care about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that every tattoo NEEDS some deep philosophical reason to be on your skin, but the majority of people do choose their tattoo based on something they are passionate about.

Your family falls under that category. Many parents will get their child’s name or footprint tattooed onto them, but I think it is extra special when you take their drawing, something they created and made your tattoo out of it. With that being said, let’s talk about the meaning behind a stickman tattoo.

What is the Meaning of a Stick Figure Tattoo?

A stickman tattoo holds some awesome symbolic meanings that can vary from person to person. Like every tattoo, it all depends on the person that is getting it and their personal experience with that image. A stickman tattoo takes it a step further (when it is hand drawn by a family member).

When this is the case, this tattoo will represent your love and devotion to your family. To keep them safe and with you at all times. It’s a truly beautiful thing to dedicate yourself to the people you love like that.

It can also be a symbol of childlike wonder. Not only are stick figures widely associated with children, but they have a childlike feeling of innocence to them. So if you don’t have children and decide to get a stickman tattoo, you are essentially saying that you are going through the world with wonder and innocence.

What is The Cost of a Stickman Tattoo?

A stick figure tattoo does typically fall into the cheaper side of the tattoo world. Seeing as they are very simple drawings. I would say that you could pay anywhere from $50-$400 dollars for your tattoo depending on the size and detail. Obviously the bigger it is the more it costs.

Most tattoo artists work on an hourly rate so they will tell you how long they think it will take them and then calculate how much it will be that way. It’s always important to talk with your artist about budget BEFORE starting your work.

Will it Hurt?

A stickman tattoo is lighter on the pain scale considering there isn’t a lot of shading and mainly simple line work. But I will say that it does largely depend on where you decide to place your tattoo. Places on the body that have bones closer to the surface are more painful due to more nerves near these areas.

The best place to get a tattoo if you are trying to avoid intense pain would be the forearm, bicep, and thigh. Also if you are really keen on putting it in a boney place, don’t worry! Just ask your artist about numbing spray, most tattoo shops have it.

Simple Stick People Tattoo Ideas

Now that we covered those topics, let’s dive into the best part, shall we? That’s right… let’s get into the stick figure tattoo ideas! Take a look to get some inspiration for your own tattoos.

1. Funny Stick Figure

2. Mask Man

3. Whisper Cans

4. Pew Pew!

5. Romantic Stick Figures

6. Cute Wave Rider

7. Finger Hockey

8. Simple Guy with a Fedora

9. Figure Reading a Newspaper

10. Kids Holding Hearts

11. Disco Dancing

12. I Got Your Back

13. Colorful Arm Band

14. Stick Figure Family

15. Stick Figure Couples

16. Simple Stick Figure Girl with Balloon

17. Wild Man

18. Stick Figure Tattoos

19. Thick-Lined Person

20. Brother & Sister

Stick Figure Tattoo

Stick Figure Family Tattoo Ideas

I love stick figure family portraits. You would normally see these on the back of a car as a bumper sticker, but these tattoos bump that up a notch.

21. Cute Simple Family

22. Stick Figure Family

23. Simple Cute Family of 4

24. Dancing Family

25. Family Band

26.  3 Sisters

27. Sweet Siblings Playing A Video Game

28. Grown-Up Siblings

29. Adorable Family Forearm Tattoo

30. Sweet Matching Tattoos

31. Sweet Father and Son

32. Matching Family Tattoo

33. Adorable Family

34. Cute Siblings

35. Mom with Her Kids

36. Atomic Family

37. Family of 6

38. Matching Family Tattoo

39. Family Over the Heart

40. Simple Family Matching Set

41. Sibling Neck Tattoos

42. Watercolor Tattoos

Stick family tattoos

Stickman Tattoos for Women

Although a stickman tattoo doesn’t necessarily scream femininity, there are defiantly some that are more up our ally as women. I was considering keeping this list simple and sweet (which a lot of it is), but I don’t want all tattoos that are being geared towards women to be all flowers and sunshine.

Don’t get me wrong, those things are awesome. But women enjoy boating too and watching some Rick and Morty after a long day.

So if you notice that there is a good mixture here, that was the intention.

43. Stick Figure in a Boat

44. Wrist Matching Tattoos

45. Sweet and Simple Girls

46. Cool Hand Tattoo

47. Rick Sanches From Rick and Morty

48. Best Friends

49. Sweet and Simple

50. Adoptive Siblings

51. Sweet Romantic Wine Drinkers

52. Stick Figure with a Sparkler

53. Sweet Romance

54. Eleven with her Eggos

55. I Love Lucy

56. Cute Sibling Tattoo

57. Best Friend Tattoos

58. Perfect Little Family

59. Family Tree

60. Feminine Stick Figure

61. Sweet People

62. Me and My Cats

63. Flower Child

Stick Figure Tattoo Ideas with Best friends

Matching Stick Tattoos

Using stick figures as your matching tattoos is just downright genius. They go together seamlessly but they don’t look incomplete on their own.

Plus you and your friend can draw each other to make it extra special… how could would that be. Take a look at these examples before for inspiration.

64. Matching Tattoo

65. 4 Matching Tattoos

66. Watermelon Figures

67. Sweet Figures

68. Triple Matching Tattoos

69. Camping Ankle Tattoos

70. Cooky Twins

71. Simple Can and String

72. Boy Meets Girl

73. A Love Story

74. Best Friend Tattoos

75. Simple Wrist Tattoo

76. PB & J

77. Missing Puzzle Piece

78. Family 1st

79. Simple and Classic Wrist Tattoo

80. Matching Girls

81. Biker and A Skiier

82. Daughter and Mother

83. Cute Matching Set

There you have it, folks! Over 80 of the coolest stick figure tattoos for friends and family. Isn’t it funny how something so simple can be so sweet at the same time?

I hope you loved seeing all of the different styles of stick figure art people can use for tattoos, as well as that you were able to find one that spoke to you.

Remember, if you have your kids or someone you care about’s drawings, you can take those in about having the tattoo artist copy and past them. The younger the kid the better the drawing looks.

It’s like immortalizing the child at that point forever, like one of those feet casters but instead of seeing how much they have grown physically, you get to see how far they come artistically!