Inside: Portrait Tattoo

What is a portrait tattoo?

Portrait tattoos are more than just an image on the skin.  They are designed specifically to look like a photograph or portrait. They incorporate a sense of realism and memory.  They can portray a wide variety of subjects and provide a lasting memory for the wearer.
Portrait tattoos are some of the most complex types of tattoos with amazing detail, shading, and accuracy.  It takes a very talented artist to create a portrait masterpiece on your body.
What is a Portrait Tattoo

Are portraits hard to tattoo?

You should shop around and find the right artist, one who has a portfolio full of high-quality portrait tattoos. Good portrait tattoos are hard, bad portrait tattoos look terrible. Do your research, don’t rush into it. Even if they are amazing at other kinds of tattoos, portrait tattoos are a different skill.

How long do portrait tattoos take?

On average, a portrait in color could take between 3-9 hours depending on size, placement on the body, and how detailed the image is. In black and grey, a portrait could take anywhere between 3-7 hours, also depending on those factors; and obviously, if the tattoo is really big it could take longer.

Portrait Tattoo Examples

Portrait Tattoo Ideas

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