Inside: Where Can I Design a Tattoo Online Free?

As much as getting a new tattoo is exciting, it can be equally stressful – and for good reasons. Tattoos become a permanent part of not only our skin but also our overall personality and style. We’ve seen many people getting a tattoo on a whim – without putting any thought into the planning – only to regret it later.

Free online tattoo designing platforms can come handy in saving you from such a tragedy, especially if you are somebody who enjoys the process of browsing through myriad of options before finally getting inked by an artist.

These platforms have hundreds and thousands of free tattoo designs, style, sketches, and fonts to pick from. You can easily use them to visualize and design the right tattoo for you.

Where to Create Body Art Designs Online

How to Design a Tattoo Online Free

Here is a quick look of our picks for the 4 best platforms for designing tattoo online for free.

  • Tattoodo – ideal for new tattoo ideas and inspiration
  • Tattoo Designs – ideal for people who’re indecisive about which tattoo design to get
  • Tattoo Fonts – ideal for script tattoo lovers
  • Custom Tattoo Design – ideal for unique designs

How to Design a Tattoo Online For Free

Let’s have a closer look.

1.     Tattoodo

Available on both Android and iOS smartphones, Tattoodo is essentially a type of social network for tattoo enthusiasts. The key focus of the platform is to help users find ideas and inspirations for their new tattoos. Although the platform is free to use, users will have to pay a price of $5.99 monthly for advanced features.

Apart from tattoo designing, the platform also provides informative posts and articles about latest developments in the tattoo industry as well as details about tattoo conventions, events, guides, and more. Tattoodo is available in both a desktop and mobile app version. Through which users can connect with local tattoo artists and book their next session online.

2.     Tattoo Designs

Available for download in only Android smartphone (for free), this app provides an extensive collection of free tattoo designs and style. Users can explore hundreds and thousands of tattoo categories including tribal tattoos, realistic tattoos, umbrella tattoos, etc. to get inspiration for their next tattoo.

Once a user likes a design, they can simply save it in their Favorites for future reference or straightway download it. In addition to amazing tattoo design ideas, the app also entails a virtual map showing tattoo studios and their working hours in the nearby area.

3.     Tattoo Fonts

Available for download in only iOS compatible smartphones (for free), this app is ideal for people who want to get a script tattoo. A script tattoo basically refers to getting a phrase or word inked on the body. With the help of this app, you’ll see that right scrip font can be a game changer.

With a huge collection of 125 customizable fonts, the app allows you to visualize a script tattoo before hitting the studio.

4.     Custom Tattoo Design

If you are tired of browsing through tattoo designs that look all the same then this platform is for you. With multiple free and price options, the platform connects users with expert tattoo artists. You can hire these artists to draft a unique tattoo design that’s made just for you.

Although the site is free to use for basic functions, you will have to make a payment for premium features. The price will vary based on the complexity and size of the design.

Creating a Custom Tattoo Online

Others Worth Mentioning

Inkhunter: Inkhunter is a unique app that uses augmented reality to show you what your future tattoo will look like on your body.

You can use one of the tattoo examples from the app’s gallery or upload your own, then place it on any part of your body and see it in real-time. You can position and resize it in any way you like. Tattoo artists often use Inkhunter to show the clients what to expect from their future tattoos.

Inksquad: If you’re looking for a personal connection and understanding with your tattoo artist, Inksquad can help you find the right professional for you.

Using Inksquad you can chat with tattoo artists, ask for advice, help with sketching your tattoo, and even book an appointment.

There’s also a diverse gallery of tattoo designs that you can search by different filters and body parts.

Should You Design Your Own Tattoo?

Designing a tattoo online for free can feel exciting but you must always remember that getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment and will contribute to your overall personality and style. Therefore, once you’re done designing be sure to find the right tattoo artist to turn your vision into a wonderful reality.

Some tattoo designs are quite intricate (for e.g. sleeve tattoos) and may require multiple sessions to ink down, thus it’s crucial that everything is planned perfectly form the start. Be sure to collaborate with your chosen tattoo artist to learn how the design can be further be improved.

And last but not least – give him/her some freedom and show trust while watching your online tattoo design become full-fledge reality.

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