starts with one. One inspiration. One beautiful thought. One meaningful masterpiece turned from abstract idea into a creative masterpiece displayed on your skin. One needle lightly tapping the flesh, and one artist turning dreams into reality.

Tattoos have grown in popularity over the last decade but the half sleeve tattoos for women in particular have been growing rapidly. This tattoo begins either above the elbow to the shoulder or below the elbow to the wrist. This type of tattoo takes thought in creation, but it also takes thought in whether it works for each person, as it’s not as easy to cover up. Many questions arise and endless hours of research occur when looking for that perfect look. What is the statement I am trying to make? What will these tattoos represent? And the list could go on, and on, and on….

As you are on this journey, here are some things to think about.

half sleeve tattoo ideas for women

Will this represent things that you love and are passionate about?

Many choose to show their passions to the world in an artistic way. From traveling, taking photos, makeup or maybe just reading. There are many passions out there – it’s just deciding which one you can live with forever.

Line sailing and plane tattoo

Makeup and perfume tattoo

Flowers and camera tattoo

Do you want it to show my spiritual side?
Being spiritual comes in many forms and can be expressed through a variety of designs. These expressions can be artistic with words or just photos.

Scripture or spiritual sayings tattoo

Spiritual saying tattoo

Ganpati tattoo

Buddha tattoo

Are you looking to pay tribute to someone in your life that you lost?
We never want to forget our loved ones and some choose to pay their respects by leaving their legacy in ink form. Some choose a symbol that represented that person or a date that shows their life span here on earth.

Will it represent the place you call home?
The place you call home could have a special place in your heart. What’s better than living in the mountains? Always having them on you even when you aren’t there anymore. Or the ocean, you may not live close but knowing it’s close to your heart will never be a hard thing to remember when you look in the mirror and at that sleeve.

Mountain tattoo

Ocean tattoo

Some choose floral patterns.
This is not only viewed as feminine but also very classy. Floral has been very popular when it comes to half sleeve tattoos for women. They seem to be timeless and always “in style”. These also have the most variety in not only the type of flower but the colors you can choose from.

Sunflower tattoo

Black ink flower tattoo.

Colorful flowers tattoo

Epic colorful flowers tattoo

Pinks and reds floral tattoo

Yellow and green flower tattoos

Will it be a symbol that has a deeper meaning to your heritage?
Many pick a tattoo that tells a story of who their family is and designs that represent their heritage. This can be anywhere from patterns or symbols to tell that story.

Tribal pattern tattoo

Tribal pattern tattoo

De Los Muertos tattoo

Women with bear tattoo

Native American women tattoo

Go the nostalgic route
Everyone loves nostalgic items but how much do you love it? Was there that special Disney character that makes you smile every time you think about it? Or maybe that one character you never want to forget because it is tied to something deeper.

Disney character tattoo.

Hello Kitty and Power Puff Girls tattoo

OR are you just looking for a cool design?
There are so many unique and cool designs out there. You don’t always have to have a reason to get a tattoo. The reason could be that you want a tattoo. Designs don’t have to have a specific representation but just the art of being bad-ass is enough.

Tiger tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Pink and blue diamond tattoo

Bird tattoo with a crown.

Colorful feather tattoo.

Now that you have explored options and ideas, you are stepping in the right direction. Whatever you decide, remember that it’s your tattoo. It’s your choice and if you want to show something that represents you then great OR if you just want a tattoo that has no ties to anything but you just think it’s cool, well more power to you! Either way, it’s your choice and that’s all that matters.

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