Inside: 25 Badass Aquarius Tattoo Designs. 

I’m going to go ahead and take a wild guess that you’re an Aquarius looking for tattoo ideas. And that’s totally on-brand for you—you’re the slightly edgy sign of the zodiac. But the thing is, you’re not down with just any regular ol’ tattoo idea.

You need something that totally vibes with your personality while checking off all the boxes. It needs to be quirky, unpredictable, a little mysterious, and most importantly, not basic.

So here is a list of our favorite Aquarius tattoo designs to inspire you to find your perfect tat.

Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius Tattoo Meaning

Aquarius is a zodiac that symbolizes water, the mystical healer who bestows water or life, on earth. But don’t be misled by the word “aqua,” Aquarius is, in fact, the last air sign of the zodiac. This makes Aquarius the most altruistic astrological sign. These are revolutionary in their thinking and denotes sovereignty. Aligned to social progression, they aspire to change the world through their radical thoughts.

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo Ideas

These fun constellation tattoo designs are some of my favorite zodiac tattoo ideas.

1. Stary Aquarius Constellation

2. Small Behind the Neck Constellation

3. Collarbone Constellation

4. Scripted Aquarius

Aquarius Tattoos

5. Leafy Aquarius Constellation Tattoo Design

6.  Ankle Constellation

7. Floral Constellation Design

8. Cool Constellation Tattoo Idea

9. Fun Flowery Constellation

Constellation Design Ideas

Badass Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius are notorious badasses. So of course you need a tattoo that perfectly depicts that, here are a few of our favorites.

10. Fingers Crossed

11. Perfect Aquarius Combo

12. Aquarius Tattoo Design Idea

13. Crashing Wave Tattoo

Aquarius Tattoos

14. Simpy Aquarius

15. Large Aquarius Tattoo for Men

16. Badass Aquarius Zodiac Idea

17. Watercolor Tattoo Design

Aquarius Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Here are a few more fun Aquarius tattoo design ideas.

18. Glyph Tattoo Idea

19. Aquarius Ankle Tattoo

20. Behind the Glyph Tat Design

21. Aquarius Zodiac Tattoo Idea

Small Tattoos Designs

22. Unique Astrology Tattoo

23. Aquarius Tattoo

24. Zodiac Tattoo Idea

25. Simple Aquarius Font

Aquarius Tattoos

More Zodiac Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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  • Strong Leo Tattoo Ideas – Leo tattoos are normally adorned by souls who are born under those stars. Leo is portrayed through the lion, and these vivacious fire signs are the kings and queens of the astral jungle. They are captivated to encompass their royal status: Animated, dramatic, and vehement, Leos love to wallow in the limelight and celebrate themselves.  If you’re a Leo looking for the perfect tattoo, here are some of our favorite strong Leo Tattoo ideas full of drama and romance.
  • Taurus Tattoo Ideas – Taurus is the second sign in the astrological zodiac and is represented by the symbol of a bull. It is an earth sign, and those born under this sign are ruled by the planet Venus. When illustrated, the Taurus symbol is a round circle topped by a squiggly U shape to form the appearance of a bullhead with horns, which make great Taurus Tattoo ideas. Being housed under the sign of the bull, Tauruses are characteristically stubborn, determined, strong, and believes in standing up for what is right.