Inside: 63 Holding Hands Tattoo Ideas That You Won’t Regret.

We’ve all seen cheesy lovey-dovey tattoos before. We know them, we love them.

But there are times when a tattoo dedicated to love turns into… well, a mistake.

We all know at least someone who’s had to go above and beyond to cover up the name of an ex. Many tattoo artists will tell you that getting the name of a girlfriend or boyfriend is the kiss of death to any relationship.

Yes, tattooing your partner’s name on your body is risky business, but not all ink that celebrates romance has to be that way! Choosing a tattoo that reminds you of being loved, loving, or even the promise of love can keep you from having major tattoo regrets, even if it was for a specific person at the time.

These holding hands tattoo ideas are the perfect combination of cheesy, meaningful, and not-so-regrettable. Check out our favorite designs and find inspiration for your next session.

Holding Hands Tattoos

Holding Hands Tattoo Ideas

1. Thin Line Hand Holding Tattoo

2. Couple Holding Hands Tattoo Idea

3. You Are Enough Hands

4. Realistic Hands Holding Design

5. Forearm Tattoo of Hands Holding

6. Simple Outlined Tattoo of Hands

7. Unique Hands Tattoo

8. Hand Holding Back Tattoo

Holding Hands Tattoo Ideas

9. Puppy Paw Holding Hands Tattoo

10. Old School Artwork of Hands Holding

11. Small Tattoo of Hands Holding

12. Hand Holding Tattoo for Guys

13. Hand Holding Cards Tattoo

14. Simple Hand Hold Design

15. Dainty Holding Hands Tattoo Idea

Hand Holding Flowers Tattoo Designs

16. Flowers Growing from Hands

17. Tree Roots Hands Holding

18. Hands Holding with Tiny Flowers

19. Hand Holding in a Heart with Flowers Design

20. Roses Around Hands Tattoo

21. Traditional Style Tattoo with Hands and Flowers

22. Single Needle Realistic Hands

Hand Holding Flowers Tattoo Designs

23. Hands Holding with Vines

24. Holding Hands in a Sunset

25. Colorful Heart with Flowers and Hands Holding

26. Red Ink and Black Ink Hands with Flowers 

27. Hands Holding into a Heart

28. Flowers Growing from Hands

29.Roses Around Hands Tattoo

30. Hands Holding with Vines

Matching Hand Tattoos for Couples

Getting a matching tattoo with someone you love just got a little better. These matching holding hands tattoo ideas are perfect for that special romantic partner in your life or for that best friend that has and always will be by your side.

31. Matching Holding Hands

32. Hand Holding Heart Tattoo Idea

33. Small Matching Tattoos Design

34. Pinky Promise Couples Tattoo

35. Hands Holding in a Heart

36. Traditional Style Tattoo of Hands Holding with Heart

37. Dotwork Heart with Hands Holding in Center

38. Small Matching Flowers and Hands Holding

Matching Hand Tattoos

39. Matching To Infinity and Beyond Design

40. Couples Holding Hands Design

41. Matching Tattoos Design

42. Holding Hands in Heart Idea

43. Dotwork Heart with Hands

44. Hands Holding into a Heart

45. Single Needle Realistic Hands

Sweet Hand Holding Tattoos

46.. Hands Holding with Painted Nails

47. Shaded Hands Holding Tattoo Idea

48. Small Hands Holding Tattoo Design

49. Single Line Hand Holding Idea

50. Holding Hands with Red Line Wrapped Around

51. Small Hand Holding Tattoo Design

52. Simple Hand Tattoo Idea

53. A Daughter Holding Your Had for Awhile Tattoo

Couples Tattoos

54. Matching Kids Holding Hand Design

55. Hands Holding

56. Hands Holding with Painted Nails

57. Small Hands Holding Tattoo Design

58. Single Line Hand Holding Idea

Skeleton Hand Holding Rose Tattoo

These skeleton holding hand tattoos are for “love is dead” kind of people. The meaning behind this tattoo is beauty and vitality and the end. The eternal struggle between good and darkness. And from death comes new life. The skull and rose can also symbolize together the birth of a new life as obstacles or enemies have been defeated

59. Skeleton Hand Holding a Black Rose

60. Outlined Skeleton hand with a Rose

61. Dotwork Tattoo of Handing Holding a Flower

62. Shaded Skeleton Hand

63. Detailed Skeleton Hand with Rose Stem

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these sweet holding hands tattoo ideas and designs then check out a few more of our favorite love forward tattoo ideas.

  • Best XO Tattoo Ideas – Most of us are familiar with adding the XO symbol to the bottom of letters, emails, or even sending in texts. But did you know that it’s a very popular tattoo symbol as well? XO symbol tattoo designs look great when they are large or small and discreet. They are easy to make appear masculine or feminine too. Representing love and relationships, the XO tattoo design is something you should check out!
  • The Sweetest Pawprint Tattoos – Now for some of us, holding hands with a human doesn’t sound so enticing… Personally, I would much rather be holding hands with my favorite four-legged friend. Let’s face it: Dogs and cats are better than humans. And many of us have had dogs or cats in our lives that left lasting impressions on us — so why not commemorate them with something just as permanent?
  • Self Love Tattoos – Self love is the best form of love, am I right or am I right? Being good to yourself is the best thing you can give yourself. Self-love comes from many things, but mostly it comes from within. These self love tattoo ideas serve as the perfect reminder to be good to yourself, your mind, and your body. Check out our favorite designs.

Our Favorite Tattoo Care Products

When it comes to taking care of your new body art, here are a few of our favorite products to keep on hand.

  • Aquaphor – One of our favorite aftercare products has to be Aquaphor. This is a great moisturizer to use to keep your tattoo looking fresh and healing properly. It is so important to make sure you are caring for your new body ink properly. Maintaining hydration in your skin helps your tattoo heal quickly and correctly. You want to try to avoid any scabbing or peeling if at all possible when it comes to the healing process.
  • Aftercare Protective Film – Keep your new tattoo protected with this adhesive aftercare film. The best way to ensure your tattoo stays safe and protected from water and moisture is by using these protective aftercare films. This product is perfect for keeping your new ink fresh and dry during the summer months that you may run into some water.
  • Aftercare Kit – If you’re looking for an entire aftercare kit, this is one of our favorites. There is everything that you need for tattoo care is in this kit from soaps to lotions and balms. If you use this kit regularly then you are guaranteed to get the outcome that you were looking for.

Holding Hands Tattoo

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