Inside: Cute + Fun Manatee Tattoo Ideas (The Sweet Meanings).

A manatee tattoo shows the world that you are a gentle, peace-loving person. It can also convey that you are in-tuned with your emotions and psychic abilities. In addition, it can demonstrate that you value biodiversity and manatee protection.

Tattoos are deeply personal to each person, but hopefully understanding more about manatee symbolism can bring extra meaning to your tattoo. Check out some of the deeper meanings behind a manatee tattoo and a few of our favorite design ideas for your next ink session.

Manatee Tattoo Ideas

Manatee Symbolism

  • Gentleness
  • Non-Violence
  • Calm
  • Trust
  • Vulnerability
  • Meditation
  • Transformation
  • Psychic Awareness

Gentleness, Non-Violence, and Calm

The manatee and the dugong are symbols of gentleness, calm, and non-violence because they are incredibly mellow creatures. In fact, they are the only marine mammals that are herbivores. So, unlike dolphins, sea lions, whales, and otters, manatees are not hunters. This is undoubtedly why they are also referred to as “sea cows,” apart from their large size.

It’s not surprising that manatees are also compared to elephants when it comes to temperament. In fact, the elephant is their closest genetic relative on land.

So, the spirit of the manatee is an important reminder for us to stay in touch with our own gentle ways. Admittedly, we live in a very competitive and violent world. It’s important that we not allow this world to alter us in negative ways. Because if we lose our ability to be calm and to solve problems with non-violent means, we can lose everything. The manatee spirit animal calls on us to summon our own peaceful natures. Then we in turn can make the world more peaceful.

Trust and Vulnerability

As gentle animals, the manatee also embodies the ability to trust. Learning to trust in new situations or to trust again if we’ve been betrayed can make us feel vulnerable. In fact, it takes a great deal of courage to trust and to be vulnerable. But if we go through life closed up, believing we can’t trust anyone, we keep ourselves in a type of prison. We may be surviving but we’re not really living. The manatee reminds us to have faith that we’ll be ok. If make ourselves vulnerable, we will be strong enough to handle.

An interesting fact about manatees is that alligators always give them the right of way underwater. A soft bump by a manatee will cause the alligator to move aside. Embrace your inner manatee and bump off the fear that comes with vulnerability!

Spirit Animal

Our spirit animals form a kinship with us that reminds us of our true natures and that we are all connected. If you are curious about other animals who might also be your spirit guides, you can take UniGuide’s spirit animal quiz.

When the manatee is your spirit animal, you have been blessed with a soothing spirit guide who can bring calm and tranquility to your life. In addition, you are likely a highly intuitive person who understands that there is far more going on in the world than superficial experiences.

Whether you already know that the manatee is your spirit animal or if one suddenly makes them self known to you in real life, the media, artwork, or elsewhere – it’s important to learn as much as you can about these special beings.

Cute Manatee Tattoo Ideas

1. Simple Manatee Outline with Dotwork

2. Colorful Manatee with Flower Crown

3. Black and White Manatee with Seaweed

4. Cute Shaded Manatee on Side

5. 90s Themed Manatee Design

6. Space Themed Manatee

7. Seaweed Princess Manatee Art

Cute Manatee Tattoo

8. Couple of Manatees Playing in Seaweed Plants

9. Simple Handdrawn Cartoon Manatee

10. Watercolor Mama and Baby Manatee Design

11. Old School Manatee with Cigar

12. Cute Purple Outlined Tattoo

13. Large Underwater Manatee Design

14. Simple Outlined Manatee Art with Unique Dotwork Designs

15. Watercolored Background with Manatee

Simple Manatee Tattoo Designs

16. Small Manatee Tattoo Idea

17. Black and White Dotwork Manatee

18. Baby Eyes Manatee Design

19. Blue and Green Eating Plants

20. Black and White Manatee with Large Flowers

21. Relaxing Manatee with Visor

22. Manatee Holding a Flower Tattoo Idea

Simple Manatee Tattoo

23. Small Ankle Tattoo Design

24. Rainbow Watercolored Manatee

25. Realistic Swimming Manatee Design

26. Colorful Manatee Hanging Out in Seaweed

27. Detailed Black and White Shaded Manatee

28. Manatee with Blue Waves

29. Simple Spotted Manatee Design

30. Dotwork with Flowers on Manatee Art

Fun Manatee Artwork Ideas

31. Manatee Tattoo with Pink and Purple Flowers

32. Happy Handpoked Manatee Tattoo

33. Loving Manatee Couple

34. Smiley Manatee Holding Flowers

35. Cool Manatee with Heart Sunglasses

36. Vacation Manatee Art Design

Animal Tattoos

37. Cute Manatee with a Pool Noodle

38. Relaxing Manatee in a Pool Floatie with a Cocktail

39. Thick Black Lined Manatee Design

40. Black Dotwork on Manatee Tattoo

41. Outlined Manatee with Top Hat

42. Simple Outlined Manatee

43. Cartoon Manatee Sipping a Drink Laying on a Floatie

44. Manatee with Sunset Scene

45. Small Manatee Blowing Bubbles

Fun Manatee Tattoo Designs

46. Realistic Manatee with Seashells and Plants

47. Baby and Momma Manatee with Pink Hearts

48. Mom and Baby Manatee Outline

49. Manatee in a Scarf

50. Colorful Seaweed with Manatee Blowing Bubbles

Fun Tattoos

51. Smart Manatee Cartoon Reading a Book

52. Manatee Design Drinking Coffee

53. Purple Shaded Sea Cow Tattoo

54. Bright Pink and Purple Galaxy Manatee

55. Manatee Foot Tattoo

56. Cute Manatee Eating Pizza

57. Manatee Stick and Poke Tattoo

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