Inside: Cute + Fun Manatee Tattoo Ideas (The Sweet Meanings).

The ocean makes up more than 70 percent of our planet and is home to millions of different species that vary in terms of cuteness. We have all seen how absolutely terrifying those deep sea creatures can be, so let’s just pretend those don’t exist.

Today, we will focus on the cute ones, I have one specific animal in mind: The Manatee. Manatees are the favorite sea creature of many people, and I see why.

They have one of those so-ugly-its-cute faces, and they give off a very mystical creature vibe. With their blubbery tail and rounded face, who wouldn’t fall in love with one of these?


Manatee Tattoo Ideas

Naturally, there are some pretty amazing Manatee tattoo ideas out there. So if you are one of those cool people who call this animal their favorite, you NEED to see these pronto.

But first, let’s quickly go over some of the deeper meanings behind a manatee tattoo. It’ll make you like them even more!

Manatee Symbolism

The manatee can symbolize a number of character traits, most obviously courage & strength without violence. They are very peaceful creatures, this is something you can see from their body.

Compared to other sea creature predators like sharks, these adorable not-so-little butterballs look anything but aggressive. They don’t even eat meat!

At the same time, it is hard to push a manatee around because of their size. Most manatees can get up to just over 1100 pounds. You can think of Manatees like the Elephants of the ocean. They too are peaceful and cannot be pushed around.

Though there are many different smaller symbolisms, the most apparent meaning behind the manatee is that you can find strength in kindness. You can be a peaceful warrior who will not be taken advantage of, but will not act in violence. Cool right?

Manatee Tattoo Pain & Cost

The good news is, Manatee tattoos don’t hurt more than other tattoos. It is all about the placement you go with, and the detail that will be included with your tattoo.

A good rule of thumb to remember if you are worried about pain is that the areas on your body where the bones are closed to the surface(i.e. spine, ribs, hands) are going to have the most ouch. You can also always invest in some numbing cream to help out as well!

A manatee tattoo can cost anywhere from $75-$1000 dollars, depending on your piece. The bigger and more time consuming your ink is, the more it will cost.

Sit down with your tattoo artist and walk through your idea for the design, and they can give you an estimate for the tattoo. Now that we have covered that, let’s get covered with manatee tattoos! Check out these ideas.

Cute Manatee Tattoo Ideas

First up, I thought I should start out with some super cute ideas. These range in style and technique, that way you can get a better idea of the things you like and the things you don’t when it comes to tattoos! Check them out.

1. Simple Manatee Outline with Dotwork

2. Colorful Manatee with Flower Crown

3. Black and White Manatee with Seaweed

4. Cute Shaded Manatee on Side

5. 90s Themed Manatee Design

6. Space Themed Manatee

7. Seaweed Princess Manatee Art

Cute Manatee Tattoo

8. Couple of Manatees Playing in Seaweed Plants

9. Simple Handdrawn Cartoon Manatee

10. Watercolor Mama and Baby Manatee Design

11. Old School Manatee with Cigar

12. Cute Purple Outlined Tattoo

13. Large Underwater Manatee Design

14. Simple Outlined Manatee Art with Unique Dotwork Designs

15. Watercolored Background with Manatee

Simple Manatee Tattoo Designs

If you like a more minimalist look, or if your pockets aren’t the deepest at the moment, then this is the list for you. Here are some of the most simple and adorable Manatee tattoo designs that you’ll ever see!

16. Small Manatee Tattoo Idea

17. Black and White Dotwork Manatee

18. Baby Eyes Manatee Design

19. Blue and Green Eating Plants

20. Black and White Manatee with Large Flowers

21. Relaxing Manatee with Visor

22. Manatee Holding a Flower Tattoo Idea

Simple Manatee Tattoo

23. Small Ankle Tattoo Design

24. Rainbow Watercolored Manatee

25. Realistic Swimming Manatee Design

26. Colorful Manatee Hanging Out in Seaweed

27. Detailed Black and White Shaded Manatee

28. Manatee with Blue Waves

29. Simple Spotted Manatee Design

30. Dotwork with Flowers on Manatee Art

Fun Manatee Artwork Ideas

I love this list. The coolest thing about tattoos is their versatility and the room for artistic expression. Some of these are silly, and are hilarious. Take a look!

31. Manatee Tattoo with Pink and Purple Flowers

32. Happy Handpoked Manatee Tattoo

33. Loving Manatee Couple

34. Smiley Manatee Holding Flowers

35. Cool Manatee with Heart Sunglasses

36. Vacation Manatee Art Design

Animal Tattoos

37. Cute Manatee with a Pool Noodle

38. Relaxing Manatee in a Pool Floatie with a Cocktail

39. Thick Black Lined Manatee Design

40. Black Dotwork on Manatee Tattoo

41. Outlined Manatee with Top Hat

42. Simple Outlined Manatee

43. Cartoon Manatee Sipping a Drink Laying on a Floatie

44. Manatee with Sunset Scene

45. Small Manatee Blowing Bubbles

Fun Manatee Tattoo Designs

And lastly, I wanted to also include some fun manatee tattoo designs. These are so cute you are going to be running to your phone to book your manatee tattoo appointment as soon as you can!

46. Realistic Manatee with Seashells and Plants

47. Baby and Momma Manatee with Pink Hearts

48. Mom and Baby Manatee Outline

49. Manatee in a Scarf

50. Colorful Seaweed with Manatee Blowing Bubbles

Fun Tattoos

51. Smart Manatee Cartoon Reading a Book

52. Manatee Design Drinking Coffee

53. Purple Shaded Sea Cow Tattoo

54. Bright Pink and Purple Galaxy Manatee

55. Manatee Foot Tattoo

56. Cute Manatee Eating Pizza

57. Manatee Stick and Poke Tattoo

So…did you love them? I bet you did. Before this, manatees were on my radar but after learning about them and their symbolism, I may have to get one of these for myself!

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Find Inspiration From

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