Inside: BFF Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Bestie.

If you and your best friend have been through thick and thin together, you may consider getting matching tattoos. It’s an incredibly personal decision that requires serious thought, but there are many designs you can choose from! Whether you’re just looking for ideas or ready to head over to the tattoo parlor right away, we’ve got everything you need right here! Check out our roundup of fun BFF tattoo ideas and find the perfect one to express your bond!

bff tattoo ideas

BFF Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Bestie

1. Pinky Promise Matching Tattoos

2. Wine Buddies

3. Fish Bump

bff tattoo ideas

4. Diamond Dolls:

5. Paper Plain Tattoos:

6. Fingers Crossed

7. Girl Talkbff tattoo ideas

Matching Tattoos for You and Your BFF

8. Eeyore and Piglet

9. Long Distance Friendship

10. Hearts

bff tattoo ideas

11. Harry Potter Besties

12. Colorful Pinky Promise Globes

13. Better Half

The Best BFF Tattoo Ideas

14. Girly Succulent Tattoos

15. BFF

16. Pup

17. Power Puff Girls

Matching Tattos

18. Moon and Sun

19. Compass Tattoos

20. Matching Hearts

21. PB&J

Best Friend Tattoos

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Let us know in the comments your favorite BFF tattoo ideas!