Inside: BFF Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Bestie.

Best friends are the family that we choose. Getting matching tattoos is a big commitment. That’s why it takes time to find the perfect best friend tattoos. Best friend tattoos should be unique, fun, cute, and most importantly, meaningful.

So if you are on a hunt for matching tattoos that honor your friendship, here is a list of ink-worthy best bff tattoo ideas to choose from.

bff tattoo ideas

BFF Tattoo Ideas for You and Your Bestie

1. Pinky Promise Matching Tattoos: As a symbol of friendship, the pinky promise tattoos are the sweetest announcement ever.

2. Wine Buddies: What makes a best friend date better? A drink (or two).

3. Fish Bump: Is it true that guys don’t do pinky promise?

bff tattoo ideas

4. Diamond Dolls: When alone, each is a shining diamond. When together, an unbreakable gang.

5. Paper Plain Tattoos: Being best friends doesn’t mean you have to stick together every day. With these matching friendship tattoos, the distance will only make your bond stronger.

6. Fingers Crossed: Keep the fingers crossed to wish the best luck for your special someone, like 24/7.

7. Girl Talk: If you and your best friend are constantly on the phone talking about everything and anything, consider getting these cute and fun matching tattoos.

bff tattoo ideas

Matching Tattoos for You and Your BFF

8. Eeyore and Piglet: Real friendship doesn’t have an expiry date.

9. Long Distance Friendship: Wherever we are, we’ll always find each other.

10. Hearts: I love matching hearts for all your BFFS

bff tattoo ideas

11. Harry Potter Besties: The best Harry Potter tattoos for friends that are both a catch.

12. Colorful Pinky Promise Globes: For those funky friends!

13. Better Half: Best friends are like avocado. They make everything better.

The Best BFF Tattoo Ideas

14. Girly Succulent Tattoos: Matching tattoos never “succ” if you get them with the right person.

15. BFF: Best friends never let you do weird stuff alone.

16. Pup: This one is for you and your four-legged furry friend!

17. Power Puff Girls: For the girl gang that is full of sugar, spice, and everything nice!

Matching Tattos

18. Moon and Sun: For those polar opposite friends that compliment each other perfectly!

19. Compass Tattoos: Home is where you are.

20. Matching Hearts: For that friendship that feels like family!

21. PB&J: For those friendships that go perfectly together!

Best Friend Tattoos

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Let us know in the comments your favorite BFF tattoo ideas!