Inside: October Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas {Marigolds + Cosmos Tattoo Inspiration}.

It’s no secret that every month of the year has a dedicated flower, just as every month has a dedicated precious stone. Knowing your birth flower is a fun bit of trivia you can use to decorate or celebrate on your birthday. Getting yours inked is a perfect way to let the world know just who you are! If you’re an October baby, your birth flower is the fiery and bulbous marigold as well as the delicately petaled cosmos. Ain’t that just like a libra…can’t have just one birth flower! Oh, no. You get two (wink, wink).

If you’re a fan of your birth flower, consider getting one inked ASAP!

These marigold tattoo ideas are the ultimate inspiration for anyone with an October birthday.

October Birth Flower Tattoo

What does the Marigold Flower Mean?

I absolutely adore marigolds, in part for their multi-layered meaning. Marigolds are a beautifully colorful flower that is often associated with more of the darker emotions and experiences. They can symbolize grief, despair, or the loss of a loved one. All over the world, marigolds are associated with death. In Mexico, they are one of the most popular Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, flowers. Their bright orange petals often act like beacons of light, guiding the dead toward peace. Is there a more fitting flower for the spookiest of months?

On a less macabre note, in the U.S. marigolds are mainly seen as flowers representing prosperity and an optimistic outlook on life.

What does the Cosmos Flower Mean?

Where the marigold has a bit of a spooky vibe, cosmos flowers are lighter and daintier in both appearance and symbolism. Etymologically, the name cosmos comes from the Greek word “kosmos” which means “universe.” Harmony and peace are associated with the cosmos flower and are often used in religiously symbolic gardens. Because of its evenly spaced petals, the cosmos represents the order and harmony of a perfect universe. Eastern religions value the cosmos flower for the balancing chi it brings to every garden.

How long does a flower tattoo take?

The length of time you’ll be sitting in the tattoo chair depends on several different factors: how detailed your tattoo is, the size, your pain tolerance, etc. If you’re getting a floral tattoo, you’re definitely in for at least an hour long session. Most tattoo artists won’t go longer than five or six hours. The length of your tattoo ultimately depends on your tolerance and your artist’s.

October Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

These October birth tattoo ideas are full of beauty and meaning. Here are a few of our favorite designs and ideas.

1. Black and White October Birth Flowers

2. Small Marigold Tattoo Design 

3. Minimalist Cosmos Flower Idea

4. Simple October Birth Month Bundle

October Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas

5. Single Marigold Tattoo Design

6. October Birth Flower Bundle

7. Vibrant Marigold Tattoo Idea

Marigold Tattoo Ideas

October Marigold Flower Tattoo

Interestingly enough, marigolds are open when the sun is out. Just like the four leaf clover closes at sundown, so does a marigold. In this way the flower represents passion and creativity, two things that often come in fleeting spurts. On the darker side, marigolds can also represent sorrow, envy, and cruelty. For a libra, these can be par-for-the course. October babies are famously fickle and emotional, and can often lash out when upset. At the same time, marigolds are associated with bravery and courage and are often used in “I’m sorry” bouquets.

8. Single Marigold Wrist Design

9. Single Marigold Stem

10. Marigold Bundle

11. Large Single Marigold

October Marigold Flower Tattoo

12. Black and White Marigold Tattoo

13. Marigold Flower Design Idea

14. Vibrant Marigolds

October Birth Flower Tattoo Sleeve

Cosmo Flower Tattoo Ideas

The cosmos flower is symbolic of total harmony and order. If you’re trying to create balance and peace in your life, getting a cosmos tattoo will help solidify that desire.

15. Purple Cosmo Flower Tattoo Design

16. Temporary Cosmo Flower Tattoo

17. Single Needle Cosmos Flower Idea

18. Small October Birth Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Cosmo Flower Tattoo Ideas

19. Large Colorful Cosmos Tattoo Design

20. Dainty October Birth Flower Cosmos Idea

21. Single Line Cosmos Flower Tattoo

October Birthday Flower Tattoo Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these beautiful October flower tattoo designs, then you will love these other creative ideas.

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  • Vibrant Violet Flower Tattoo Ideas –  Violets have been around and used in ceremonies and culture for centuries. The leaves are heart-shaped and therefore get associated with beauty and love in certain circumstances. However, these flowers mean whatever you want when you get the tattoo. I’m partial to them because they are my sorority Sigma Kappa tattoo ideas of choice. The key is to make sure you get a tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with.
  • Palm Tattoos – If you have a serious addiction to tattoos, you might be ready to opt for a palm tattoo. Palm tattoos are awesome and will make you look even more badass than you already do. Plus, if you can tough through the pain of a palm tattoo, you can pretty much tough through anything! Don’t let that scare you away, though. Don’t make any decisions until you have seen all of these palm tattoo designs.

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October Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas