Inside: 47 Redwood Tree Tattoo Ideas (Survival + Strength).

The facts and figures of a redwood tree are certain to leave you in awe. This behemoth of a tree may grow to be as tall as approximately 400 feet and have a circumference that ranges from eight to twenty feet on average. If anyone is keeping score at home, you’ll see that this structure is actually higher than the Statue of Liberty. Incredible in their age, these trees are a wonderful sight. These trees live for quite a long period and never stop growing, even into their old age.

Given all of this history, it should come as no surprise that the redwood tree tattoo is a good pick among people who get tattooed. If it’s so old and grand, it must have some significance. The significance of getting a tattoo of a redwood tree can change depending on who you ask; nevertheless, there are a few characteristics that seem to constantly remain the same.

Have a glimpse at several of our favorite and most intriguing redwood tree tattoo designs.

Redwood Tattoo

Redwood Tree Tattoo Meaning

The redwood tree has long been associated with the concepts of infinity and durability. Many people choose to ink a redwood tree on their body as a way to represent the idea of living in the present now for the rest of time. The tree itself may be the subject of this tattoo, or it may be blended into another design to amplify the overall meaning.

The redwood tree tattoo is also a sign of perseverance because of its endurance and resilience. It is a reminder that you persevered through adversity, even when others might have succumbed. Keep going, even though the odds are against you; you’ll get through this!

Redwood Tree Tattoo Ideas

The redwood tree tattoo has been done in various ways. Symbolically, it’s just a big tree. Redwood tree tattoos often feature various imagery interwoven into the design.

1. Simple Redwood on Back with Reflection

2. Back of Arm Redwood Tree Design in Black and White

3. Redwood Tree Tattoo on Side for Women

4. Cluster of Redwood Trees

Redwood Forest Tattoo

5. Detailed Black and White Redwood Tree Design

6. Forearm Tree Tattoo Idea

7. Redwood Tree on Back of Ankle

8. Redwood Tree Trio Idea

9. Sketched and Modern Redwood Design

10. Redwood Tree Design on Leg

Big Tree Tattoo Designs

This species of tree has been around since ancient times and was formerly abundant. These trees are now restricted to a small area of Northern California, a secluded valley in China, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. These are the only locations in the world where you can view a redwood tree in its entirety.

11. Large Tree Tattoo on Back Shoulder

12. Deep Roots Tree Tattoo on Forearm

13. Black and White Wrapped Tree Tattoo Around Arm

14. Forearm and Hand Big Tree Tattoo with Large Roots

15.  Big Tree Tattoo Idea

Big Tree Tattoo Designs

16. Large Calf Tree Design

17. California Tree Tattoo Idea

18. Large Matching Green Trees on Calves

19. Tall Full Black Redwood Tree Design

20. Big Colored Tree Tattoo 

Redwood Forest Tattoo Pieces

21. Deep-Rooted Forest Tattoo Design

22. Wrapped Redwood Forest Trees Around Wrist

23. Full Forest Tattooed Scene with Trees and River

24. Half Sleeve of Forest Full of Trees

25. Redwood Forest Wrapped Finger Tattoo Idea

California Tree Tattoo

26. Wrapped Wrist Tree Dotwork Tattoo Design

27. Large Single Line Modern Style Forest Tattoo Design

28. Half Sleeve Forest Tree Tattoo

29. Detailed Black Work Forest Full of Trees Tattoo

30. Feminine Wrapped Tree Wrist Tattoo

Redwood Tattoo Inspiration

31. Simple but Detailed Redwood Tree Design

32. Redwood Tree with Long Roots on Foot

33. Small Cluster of Trees Tattoo Idea

34. Redwood Tree Inspiration for Small Tree Hand Tattoo

Tree Tattoos

35. Tree Tattoo on Ankle

36. Redwood Tree Finger Tattoo Idea

37. Black Detailed Tree Tattoo with Moon

38. Matching Side Tattoos of Trees

39. Modernized Tree Tattoo with Dotted Circle

40. Tree with Long Roots

Redwood Tree Tattoos

41. Small Redwood Wrist Tattoo

42. Dot Work Design of Forrest of Trees

43. Large Half Sleeve Leg Tattoo of Forest of Trees

Tattoos of Trees

44. Large Tall and Skinny Tree Tattoo on Forearm 

45. Birds Flying Across Sky with Trees

46. Modern Style Tree Tattoo Art

47. Small Green Redwood Tree Design on Back of Arm

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

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Redwood Tree Tattoo