Inside: Coolest no love tattoo ideas for you heartbreakers out there.

Tattoos are wonderful forms of expression. Whether you are happy or sad, winning or losing, there is always a way to show what is going on in your life through the art of tattoos.

One thing that I truly enjoy about tattoos is how highly personal they can be. What you get is completely up to you and no one else. Today, I am going to show you some awesome tattoo ideas for those of you that associate with the phrase, “No Love.”

No Love tattoo ideas for Heartbreakers. Black and White Tattoo Idea.

You can have your own meaning tied to this, or you can just relate to it on a deep level. Whatever your reason for getting it, the list below has some styles and ideas for you to check out. But before we get into that, I want to cover some important questions.

How Much Will a Tattoo Cost?

In the vast pool of tattoos, no love themed ones are actually on the cheaper end. No that is not because the tattoo artist is pitying whoever doesn’t have love in their life. It’s because these are typically very simple tattoos to give. They are small and don’t take very long.

I could see one of the simpler versions of this tattoo going for $50-$100 easily. But if you want to add some extra details, that price will go up.

The only thing that you can really do to get an actual estimate of your tattoo is talk to your tattoo artist. They know how long a tattoo will take, and the price that goes along with that.

Will It Hurt?

Though I wish I could spare you from this, the answer is yes. This No Love tattoo is going to hurt. But I feel like that is kind of the name of the game when you are planning on getting a tattoo. It’s like an initiation, only the tough will get them.

Otherwise, they kind of lose their fierceness. You know someone is touched when they have tattoos. So embrace that pain! If you are super scared, let me give you some words of comfort: It’s not that bad.

I was terrified before my first tattoo, but I was pleasantly surprised. You can avoid extra pain by sticking to safer areas on your body or by using numbing cream. There are lots of tips and tricks for this!

If you go with the printed out fingers, like below this will hurt the most – I can promise you that!

No Love tattoo ideas, 3 different ideas and examples in black and white.

No Love Tattoo Ideas

Alright, now we can get into the fun part of this article. Below I have gathered some seriously awesome No Love tattoos for you to look through. It’s a simple tattoo, but there are lots are ways that you can execute it. Check out the ideas below to get started.

1. No Love Design with Heart – If you want to get your point across, you can make sure to add a little heart to your tattoo as this person did. Sometimes adding some visual symbolism is the best way to go.

2. No Love Hand Design – I think getting a tattoo on your hand is super cool because then you will always see it. It looks super cool too. Remember that this is one of those ouchie spots though.

3. No Love Neck Design – I like the font this guy chose and the placement of the letters. Instead of going across his neck, he opted for it to go down the side. This looks really clean and cool.

4. Love Crossed Out – If you don’t like to tattoo basic words and would rather go for symbolic statements, then getting check out this idea. They took the word love and crossed it out.

5. No Love Behind the Ear – Here is another awesome no love tattoo that is placed behind the ear. I think the font on this one is super unique. Remember there are literally hundreds of fonts that you can choose from for your tattoo.

6. No Love Spray Paint – I am internally screaming because this font is literally the coolest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life.

7. No Love Lower Back Design – Here you will see this person got the no love tattoo on their lower back. I think this placement is super fun!

8. No Love Broken Heart – A little sad, but this no love tattoo includes a broken heart. Who would have thought a simple tattoo could make you feel so much.

9. No Love Scalp Tattoo – If you want to get this tattoo in a place where you won’t see it very often, then I recommend this scalp tattoo(as long as you have hair). You get the tattoo, and then your hair grows back around it!

10. Spray Painted Ink – I had to show another example of spray-painted ink. How could I not? This is such a cool style!

11. Scorpion Tattoo with No Love – Scorpions are pretty scary creatures, and scary creatures often get little to know love. So I think this is a wonderful design for this tattoo.

Unique No Love Designs

If you wanted something that was more unique than if you were to just tattoo the words, this is the section I created with you in mind. The ideas below are either unique in design or placement. So take a look to see if any of these spark inspiration.

12. No Love Beautiful Font

13. No Love in Dice

14. No Love Chest Design

15. Funny Cupid No Love Design

16. No Love with Two Scorpion Designs

17. Deep No Love Ink

18. No Love Thorned Design

19. Rose with No Love

20. No Love Wrist Floral Design

21. Large No Love Design

Tattoo ideas for heartbreakers. 3 different ideas, one in color.

No Love Tattoo Ideas for Heartbreakers

Lastly, this is the list of no love tattoo ideas for those of you out there who are heartbreakers. The ones who don’t give or receive love. It’s a cold world out there, and this tattoo may bring you some happiness. The ideas below are the best in this entire list. Take a look.

22. No Love Heart

23. Traditional No Love Heart

24. No Love Thigh Design

25. No Love Screaming Woman

26. No Love Cool Font Design

27. No Love Curly Font

28. Marker Font No Love Design

29. Traditional Style Ink

30. Simple Typewriter Tattoo

31. No Love Barbed Wire

No Love tattoo. Black and White Tattoo Idea.

You really can tattoo anything. I may not relate to this theme of tattoo, but I do respect those of you out there who resonate with it. I just want you to know that three is love out there if you just look for it.

But in the meantime, if you want to get this tattoo, go for it. If in 10 years you look back and no longer associate with it, it will be a happy reminder of how far you have come. Every tattoo has meanings that are unique and personal to the person getting them, who am I to tell you what to do!

If you liked these ideas, perhaps you would like some more quote tattoo inspiration. Whether you use the quote that is given in these examples, or if you simply take the style and use your own quote, you will find a lot of inspiration here.