Inside: 37 Brother and Sister Tattoo Ideas

Let’s go back to the beginning before we start exploring, “STOP FIGHTING WITH YOUR BROTHER”! I would hear this from my mom more regularly than I would hear “you two are playing so well with each other”. Growing up with siblings, it felt like all we did was fight. Sharing was a foreign word and we always wanted our space. It was never a successful fight unless we could hear the pitch change in mom or dad’s voice.

Flash forward to the present as an adult, and our interactions are completely different. We have daily conversations, send each other funny memes, plan trips to see each other and even talk about getting tattoos together. Gosh, being a sibling is a rollercoaster but would I change it? Never.

Beyond the stage of fighting, is the wonderful stage of becoming friends. As friends, we now look past the arguments that divided us and rather look towards what we have in common. Like our beloved dads, pets and friends.

When we focus on shared experiences, moments from the past and meaningful symbols, it drives us to consider making those fleeting memories, permanent fixtures on us through matching brother/sister tattoos. Where do we even start? Maybe we find something that symbolizes our bond. Maybe we find something that makes us both laugh or cry, or smile. The possibilities are endless!

Brother and Sister Tattoo Ideas for “You Complete Me” Tattoos

Tattoos that complete each other are special and so unique. One is not completed without the other and being together makes one! It tells a story. What story will your Brother and Sister Tattoo Idea tell?

This tattoo is a statement that you get to make with your sibling and that, my friend, is a special bond! Here are ideas that you may use or it may spark a unique idea.

A puzzle piece that is only complete when you see each other. Whether you and your sibling need to fly, drive or walk to see each other, this tattoo would remind you that your sibling is your missing piece.
Brother Sister Tattoos

Need a couple of different options for puzzle pieces? There are so many great options to choose from.
Puzzle Piece Tattoo
@Shiloh Russell 

Harry Potter has a special place in everyone’s heart. If Harry doesn’t do it for you two, maybe it is the Power Rangers or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pick a childhood show or characters you both loved, and roll with it!
Harry Potter Tattoos
@Selena Davision

Birds rarely fly solo so don’t let your sibling fly solo either.
Sibling Tattoo Ideas

The sun would not be complete without the moon in this design. A saying going around a circle onto to be a complete phrase when together.
Sun and Moon Sibling Tattoos
@Media Democracy 

A bow and arrow are incomplete without the other, but together, they make up a formidable weapon, just like the two of you when together!
Bow and Arrow
@Arrah Sandy

Which number are you in your family? 1 or 2 or are there more siblings? Each number represents your family and makes it even cooler because you all have the same tattoo.
Numbers Tattoos
@Brit Morin

Anchors away!
Anchor Brother and Sister Tattoo Ideas
@Sharon Scruggs

Did you ever play pretend with cups? Get a tattoo that connects only when you’re together. It’s just each of you holding up a red solo cup playing pretend.
Sister Tattoos
@Glamour Paris 

Since you probably didn’t compliment each other much when you were younger, maybe your tattoos can complement one another. Try a saying that wouldn’t be complete unless they are together. To quote the great Buzz Lightyear “to infinity” “and beyond”
Brother Tattoos

Additional Ideas for thought:

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell were always a team and a pair.

Chip and Dale cartoon make the perfect brother sister tattoo that would be sure to not disappoint.

Ricky Bobby “Shake and Bake” on your knuckles to complete your tattoo would make you both complete.

Brothers and sisters can be completely opposite, just like Salt and Pepper. Shake it up (sorry for the terrible pun)!

Mini-Me and Dr. Evil touching fingers, replicating Michaelangelo’s famous painting “The Creation of Adam” with the words “You Complete Me” (you two can fight over who gets who).

Matching tattoo rings (Maybe consider avoiding the ring fingers? You do you, though boo!)

Ideas From Your Childhood Memories

What is a childhood memory that makes you smile? A memory that brings you right back to a moment. There are many Brother and Sister Tattoo Ideas that can bring you right back to that special time.

Growing up were you two gamers? Why not get brother-sister gaming tattoos? It’s the perfect way to bring back nostalgia and always remember those sweet memories of beating each other at Mario Kart.
Brother and Sister Tattoos

Fighting tattoos, perfect. You grew up fighting but that was only when you were little. It’s just a representation of what life was like growing up and now you can laugh about it.

Brother Sister Ideas
@Tattoo Kennedi Magazine

Did you have a family pet growing up? The dog that you grew up with was there through all your fights, through all your scratches and good times. Even if you two were having a bad day or a good day it was that dog that you loved so much that helped you through your childhood. Why not always keep that love with you?
Matching Tattoo Ideas

What’s that one place you went to as a kid that just has a special memory? Every time you look at that tattoo it takes you right to your happy place.
Sibling Matching Tattoos

You pinky promise” we have all been there and said it (even though sometimes you would cross your fingers behind your back)
Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

Who knew the pinky promise could be so popular?
Brother Sister

What about that phrase or motto that you will always remember and want to never forget it!
Matching Wrist Tattoos

Tattoos that represent the year you were each born
Birth Date Tattoos

Additional Ideas for thought:

Was Disney a staple in your house? If there’s a favorite character this would be the time to make it known.

Who taught you to ride a bike? Was it your brother or sister? Maybe it was something else that they taught you that is special.

Do you have a special saying? Something that always stuck and every time you hear it you laugh and think of each other? Well, might as well get it tattooed so you can hear it more often and laugh every time you look at that tattoo.

Just For Fun Tattoo Ideas

There are just some tattoos that are fun to get and have no meaning but just to be fun!

Fingerprints are special and fingerprinted heart tattoos are a sure way to always have that special print in your life.

Land and ocean – complete opposite and that’s what you two are. Although you may be opposite you two complement each other in every way
Cool Tattoo Ideas
@Next Luxury 

What easier and better way to show you are brother and sisters than having it say “brother” and “sister”.
Arrow Tattoo Ideas

I heart you, literally. Heart tattoos are the perfect way to say “I love you”
Wrist Tattoo Ideas
@Brad Hcastle

Lilo and Stitch, what better way to show your friendship. Afterall “ohana” means family!
Disney Tattoo Ideas

You are each other’s sun and moon.
Sun and Moon Tattoos
@Tattoo Bazaar

Pulsing tattoos that match
Heartbeat Tattos

A saying like this will always have you in tears laughing. No better way to say you’re siblings as you are stuck with each other until death.
@Ashlee McCown

Cartoon tattoos are a great representation, especially when it’s you ask kids.

Palm trees are always cool!
Small Tattoos
@Ari Hrvth

Additional Brother and Sister Tattoo Ideas for thought:

A small heart is very subtle so it’s only something you as siblings know where they are and can see.

“Mom” you will always have one thing in common no matter what, mom!

You are one step closer to figuring out that brother and sister tattoo. Maybe this sparked an idea or maybe you replicate it. Either way you will have each other forever in ink form.