37 Library Tattoo Ideas for Librarians & Bibliophiles

Inside: Book inspired library tattoo ideas.

Libraries are home to thousands of books across the globe, and they have been for centuries. Literature is incredibly important, not just for the sake of knowledge and history, but for our imaginations as well. Stories give us the opportunity to escape our current realities, to dream of other worlds, of romance.

They inspire us to great acts of courage and instill new ways of seeing the world. Books push our minds further than we even realize.

Getting a book tattoo or other library focused design in a wonderful way to try on another’s shoes and walk around in their life.

Library Tattoo Ideas for Librarians & Bibliophiles

This not only helps you gain empathy for others but experience yourself! One of the coolest things about reading is that in today’s age is the sheer amount of books we have at our fingertips.

From classics like Emily Dickenson to new authors such as John Green. This gives you the unique ability to literally read through time, which may be the closest thing to time traveling this world will ever get.

I do say maybe because with the way our technology is going one can’t be too sure about these things. For now, though, we can stick to our stories

As you can tell, I’m an avid book lover myself. Though there are many different ways to absorb a book, such as kindles or audiobooks, nothing will ever be able to beat the feel of a physical book. Something about it fills me with nostalgia.

If I can be this dedicated and enthralled by literature, you know that there are millions of other people who share the same enthusiasm. So it should be of no surprise that Library Tattoos are extremely popular?

Why get a library tattoo?

Tattoos are used as an expression of the self. Naturally, when something means a great deal to them, a tattoo lover will express it by getting it inked onto their skin, forever!  If you’re a tattoo enthusiast who also has an affinity for books and literature, then you may very well be on the hunt for your own library or book-themed tattoo.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Here’s our list of coolest Library Tattoo Ideas for Librarians and Bibliophiles such as yourself. Read on to get a good feel for the specific style of tattoo you’re going for, as well as inspiration for themes.

I can bet that by the end of this list you’ll be scheduling your next tattoo appointment!

Tattoo Librarian

Library Tattoos

Here is a list of Library themed tattoos. These are for the people that want to honor literature as a whole without a specific book in mind. There are many different styles here so there is something for everyone.

Nothing quite beats the aesthetic of a book in my opinion so they make lovely tattoos. You really can’t go wrong with whatever style you decide.

There are so many it may be hard to choose, but the good news is that you have an entire body’s worth of canvas to use, you can always get another.

1. Library Thigh Tattoo

2. Fully Colored in Library

3. The Magic of a Book

4. Belle in Her Library

5. Head Full Of Books

6. At Home Library

7. Typewriter Creating Story

8. Books to Read

9. Library Under the Skin

10. Black & White Book Shelf

Library Tattoo

Tattoos of Books

This next one is for those of you who have a few books in mind that you’d like to incorporate. Many of these are a stack of 3-5 with cute little additions of flowers or coffee cups. If there’s one thing I know about readers is we all have our go-to hot drink to enjoy while we read! Take a look at these.

11. Book with Flowers

12. Stack of Books

13. Cat Napping On Books

14. Harry Potter Books

15. Growth Book

16. Beautiful Stack of Books

17. Cup of Tea with Literature

18. Head in a Book

19. Watercolor Book

20. Book Lover

21. Book with Moons and Flowers

22. Realistic Heart Attached to Books

23. Book with Nature

24. Book with Mushroom

25. Tattoo for a Teacher

26. Large Book Opened

Creative book scene tattoos

Tattoos Based On Books

Lastly, this list is full of specific book tattoo ideas. I feel like each reader has the book that made them fall in love with the hobby of reading. This is the perfect chance to pay homage to that book. Can’t choose just one? I totally understand that. Think for a moment. If someone were to ask you which book fills your heart up to think about, which one do you instinctively think of? That is the book for you.

From Harry Potter to the Alchemist, there is a good mix of genres on here.

So find something you like and take a look, they’re bound to excite you!

27. Ray Bradbury

29. Casper the Friendly Ghost

30. Harry Potter Spells

31. Golden Snitch

32. Little Prince Tattoo

33. Divergent

34. The Alchemist

35. Fault In Our Stars Tattoo

36. Shel Silverstein

37. Walt Whitman Quote