Inside: Coolest red dragon back tattoo ideas that you need to see today

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how many cool tattoo ideas there are out there. I only have so much skin to work with that it makes me a little sad! Today I am going to be showing you one tattoo that I will be making a priority to save space for.

I am sure at this point in your life you have heard of Dragons. You know…the mystical creature with a snakelike body & wings, that can breathe fire? Yeah that one.

When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with these creatures. To do this day, the idea of such an animal sparks such excitement in me that I realized something: I haven’t gotten a Dragon tattoo yet!

epic red dragon back tattoo

This needs to change, so I started looking up all of the different styles, colors and placements that I could work with. I have settled on red dragon back tattoo. In the list below you will find some of the most epic red dragon back tattoo ideas that you will ever see.

How Much Does a Dragon Design Cost?

Great question! I have had my fair share of surprisingly spendy tattoos, so I like to be more prepared these days by finding out how much my design will cost beforehand. Typically, you can expect a dragon tattoo to cost anywhere from $200 to upwards of $5000 dollars depending on a few things.

Most artists will charge you based on how long they work. So the longer they have to spend on your tattoo, the more costly it will be. One thing that you can do to help hone in your price is to speak with your tattoo artist directly.

Show them your idea and how big you want it, and they will be able to tell you a ballpark price. That is how it works at my local parlor anyways.

Will a Dragon Tattoo Hurt?

I remember being so scared before my first tattoo, but as soon as that needle hit my skin I knew I would be okay. This is hilarious when you consider the fact that I don’t even like needles! Yes, you are going to feel some pain, but it is much more bareable then some people make it seem.

The way I would describe it is it’s like someone is drawing on you with a bee’s stinger. It stings a bit, but you can totally get through it. I know that may not sound pleasant, but it’s something that you can get used to.

And if not, you can always keep some numbing cream in your bag! I always bring a tube just in case my longer sessions get to be too much.

3 different red dragon back tattoo ideas

Red Dragon Back Tattoo Ideas

I wanted to kick this off with a list of different styles and designs to help you get a good feel of what kind of tattoo you are looking for.

1. Fierce Dragon Design – I had to kick things off with a super fierce design. Take a look and see if this is your style.

2. Simple Tattoo In the Center Of Back – I like the look of having your tattoo in the very center of your back. I think it adds to the aesthetics of the piece.

3. Huge Dragon Design – I salute anyone who wants to get this large of a back tattoo. You are going to want to bring plenty of that numbing cream.

4. Crossback Dragon Design – Instead of making your dragon be placed vertically on your back, why not go diagonally?

5. Red and Black Dragon Desire – If you want a bit of balance, perhaps add a second dragon in black to your design.

6. Midsized Red Dragon Idea – I like this design, especially its size of it. It’s the perfect midsized tattoo for those of you who want a statement piece, but don’t want your entire back covered.

7. Red Dragon with Scary Face – Red dragons will typically have pretty intense faces, but this one is super serious!

8. Scarlet Red Dragon – I know that some of you out there might just see one kind of red, but there are so many different variations and hues. This one is a bright scarlet!

9. Double Dragon Design Idea – I love the look of 2 dragons instead of just one. If you aren’t sure, just get one for your first session and if you want a second then you can go back!

10. Curly Dragon Idea – I think this curly dragon looks adorable. This style of the dragon is known for its snakelike body, so why not take advantage of that?

11. Cute Back Centerpiece – The details on this tattoo are immaculate. Truly, they are *chefs’ kiss*. Take a look to see if this is your kind of dragon tattoo.

12. Red Dragon with Black Lines – If you love the look of a red dragon but want it to be more defined, then have some black outlines added to bring it more depth.

13. Red Dragon with Moon Cycle – There are so many little additions that you can include to make your tattoo more unique and personal. Take this lunar cycle for example.

3 different examples of red dragon tattoos

Epic Red Dragon Back Tattoo Ideas

I am super excited about this list. Check out some of the most epic red dragon back tattoo ideas that you will ever see!

14. Large Red Tattoo  – Here I have a large red tattoo that is perfect for those of you looking to live on the edge.

15. Dragon with Cool Whiskers – I am deeply obsessed with the whiskers on this dragon. How could I not be? They are adorable!

16. Detailed Red Dragon Idea – The best part of having a tattoo lies in the little details. You can add anything you want, which gives you tons of space to end up with a tattoo that you will never get tired of seeing.

17. Red and Black Dragon Idea – Red and black are two colors that go hand in hand together. You can totally choose a different color if you like, it’s all about your preferences!

18. Simple Soft Dragon Idea – I think that the soft style of ink on this design gives this a fantasy story feel. I think you should see it for yourself.

19. Dragon In Red with Scales – Making sure your dragon has scales is SUPER IMPORTANT. I mean, just look at how cute this is.

20. Beautiful Red Dragon Idea – Dragons used to be my favorite animal when I was growing up. Now that I am an adult, I just can’t help but feel that passion reignite!

21. Small Red Dragon – You don’t have to make your dragon huge in order for it to be an awesome tattoo. You can make it whatever size you like.

22. Sharp Dragon Idea – This dragon has tons of sharp features. If you wanted a more intense design, this is it.

23. Red Dragon Wrapped Around Spine – I love it when tattoos make use of placement. You can see what I mean with this example. They had the dragon wrapped around the person’s spine!

24. Huge Dragon Tattoo – Here is a massive dragon tattoo for those of you who aren’t playing around. This is super cool!

25. Dark Maroon Dragon – Here is a cool. darker tattoo to cap off this list. They use maroon instead of bright red, and I am here for it.

epic red dragon back tattoo

These ideas made me so pumped to get my red dragon back tattoo. If you are thinking about getting one, I hope that these acted as your inspirational fuel!

You can truly never have enough tattoos, at least that’s what I think. If you are a bit of a tattoo addict like me, then you should check out some of my other awesome ideas. I obviously have a lot to share…they are my passion after all.

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