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Dreamcatchers are aesthetically pleasing artifacts that can contain a wealth of symbolic meaning. It is not difficult to comprehend why someone could be attracted to a tattoo like this, which stands for defense against danger. The talisman is worn on the body as a form of body art, and its function is to protect the wearer from negative thoughts while allowing them to concentrate on positive ones.

Feathers and beads are popular additions to the basic design, which has its origins in Native American culture. But there are those who choose to embellish their ink with additional details to emphasize its uniqueness.

Whether you’ve been in the market for a new tattoo or just need some inspiration, these lovely dream catcher tattoo ideas are sure to inspire you.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

What do Dream Catcher Tattoos Represent?

As the name implies, dream catchers were intended to keep out bad dreams.

Native Americans think that at night the air is filled with dreams. Dreamcatchers are typically displayed over a person’s bed or near the doorway to their bedroom, in a location that receives the morning sun.

Sleeping with a dreamcatcher, one’s negative nightmares can be caught in the web and dragged down the feathers into one’s subconscious.

The idea behind a dreamcatcher tattoo is to keep out negative energy – the ‘nightmares,’ so to speak – and let in only beautiful dreams.

The Meaning of Individual Parts

Dreamcatcher components all have a significant symbolic or metaphorical role within the framework of the dreamcatcher and contribute to its deeper significance.

  • Hoop – the circular design symbolizes the cycle of life and the movement of the Sun and Moon around the sky. Traditional real Native American dreamcatchers have small hoops, but tattoo hoops exist in different shapes and sizes. There may be only one hoop on a single dreamcatcher, or there may be several. Three smaller hoops hanging from the bottom of a larger one is a common configuration for numerous hoops.
  • Web – To reference the mythology of the Spider Woman and the idea of spiders as symbols for protection, a spider’s web is weaved into the hoop’s design.
  • Bead – A bead or beads may be included in some dreamcatchers. If you’re looking for a positive answer about what the beads are for in a dream catcher, the most popular theory goes like this: they’re the spiders. The beads might also represent good dreams that didn’t make it into the mind of the sleeper and instead became sacred charms on the dreamcatcher’s surface.
  • Feather – The bottom of the hoop is generally decorated with one or more feathers. They’re said to serve as a conduit for nice dreams, connecting the dreamcatcher with the unconscious mind of the individual dozing off.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Colorful Dream Catcher Back Tattoo

2. Small Detailed Dream Catcher Idea

3. Natural Colored Dream Catcher

4. Tiny Behind the Ear Tattoo of Dream Catcher

5. Wrist Wrapped Dream Catcher Idea

6. Black Shaded Back Tattoo

Pretty Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas

7. Pastel Colored Butterfly Dream Catcher

8. Butterfly in Dream Catcher Design

9. 3D Butterfly on Dream Catcher Tattoo

Butterfly Dream Catchers Tattoo Ideas

10. Watercolor Butterfly Idea

11. Pink and Blue Butterflies on Dream Catcher Tattoo

12. Monarch Butterfly Tattoo with Dream Catcher

Butterfly Tattoos with dreams

Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

13. Moon Shaped Dream Catcher Tattoo

14. Geometric Moon Dream Catcher Design

15. Moon in Middle of Dream Catcher

16. Blue Moon and Sunflower Dream Catcher Design Idea

Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs

17. Flowery Moon Dream Catcher Idea

18. Detailed Dream Catcher Moon Tattoo

19. Feather and Moon Dream Catcher 

Flower Dream Catcher Tattoo For Women

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Dream Catcher Tattoo

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