Inside: Baby Yoda tattoo Ideas you’ll gush over.

If there’s one thing this world had no idea it needed, it was Baby Yoda. Since his debut in the Disney Series The Mandalorian Back in 2019, he has stolen the hearts of every man, woman, and child who saw him.

Even the people that weren’t fans of Star Wars. When you see that tiny green face, you can’t help but melt.

The reaction to him was very similar to when Baby Groot appeared at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Because what is something that we humans just can’t resist? Babies! In any form.

Baby Yoda Tattoo Ideas

So, years have passed and the enthusiasm for Baby Yoda has not gotten lower. Little toy versions line the shelves of the stores for every little boy and girl (and StarWars enthusiast) out there. He’s on shirts and blankets, cakes and snacks – he’s everywhere.

So as you can imagine…Baby Yoda Tattoos are also a thing. As they should be!

This version of the little green guy is for the most dedicated of Star Wars fans, but he’s just as cute (if not cuter) then every other version out there. And there are thousands of people who have gotten them.

This makes sense seeing as Star Wars is one of the most popular Film Series in History. The George Lucas films have raked in a whopping 10 billion dollars, and those are just the tickets sold to see the movie. So if you’re a Star Wars fan on the hunt for a Baby Yoda Tattoo of your own, then you are in the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of the coolest Baby Yoda Tattoos that the internet has to offer, all in one place for you… how convenient…

The Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas

Baby Yoda Tattoo Ideas

This first list has a good mix of different styles & placements for you to look through to get a solid foundation of what you like and what you may be looking for in your Baby Yoda Tattoo. I’ll be giving one Baby Yoda fun fact per section so keep a lookout for those as you go along. After all, you can’t have too much of this adorable little Grogu.

Baby Yoda Fact #1: He is NOT the baby version of Yoda.

The Mandalorian is set during the middle of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Episode VII: The Force Awakens. As many Star Wars enthusiasts know, Yoda passes away during episode 4. But he is the same species as him.

1. Realistic Baby Yoda

2.  Grogu Hand Tattoo

3. Baby Yoda Drinking Tea

4. Little Yoda on Skateboard

5. Cartoon Sleeve

6. Small Grogu Tattoo

7. Heart Filled with Grogu

8. Pina Colada Baby Yoda

9. Simple Grogu in Color

10. New School Style Baby Yoda

11. Child Mandalorian with Roses

12. Realistic Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Traditional Tattoo

The traditional style of tattooing makes use of thick, bold linework. This makes for very defined pieces that stay clean and clear for longer than dainty tattoos. This is the perfect style for Baby Yoda Tattoos.

If this sounds up your alley, take a look at the list below.

Baby Yoda Tip #2: Baby Yoda is actually 50 years old.

In Episode 4, we can recall Yoda’s age being 900. These prolonged life spans aren’t completely uncommon in Star Wars, though they are rare.

13. Grogu in Traditional Style

14. Small Yoda Holding Ball

15. Flowers & Baby Yoda

16. Heart with Baby Yoda Drinking

17. Grogu and The Mandalorian

18. Waving Yoda

19. Grogu Goes to Disney

20. Geometric Baby Yoda

21. Baby Yoda Standing

The child tattoo mandalorian yoda

Small Baby Yoda Tattoo

22. Tiny Cute Grogu

23. Realistic Baby Yoda

24. Grogu in His Pod

25. Grogu in BB-8

26. Baby Yoda Eating A Frog

27. Little Yoda Up Close

28. Mandalorian Thigh Tattoo

29. Full Color Baby Yoda

30. Grogu Eating Cookie

The Child Mandalorian Tattoos

Here is another mixed list of styles & themes of Baby Yoda Tattoos. Now that you have a good idea of your likes and dislikes, you may find one here that could eventually be imprinted onto your skin forever! Though it may seem kinda daunting, how cool will it be to always have little grogu on you at all times?

Grogu Fact # 3: He has no living family members.

Though we know very little about his species, we know that he is of the same one as the famous Jedi Grand Master Yoda. Many fans believe that he is the child of Yoda and Yaddle (though this has not been confirmed nor denied).

31. Realistic Baby Yoda

32. Abstract Grogu Triangle

33. Grogu Holding a Pumpkin

34. The Mandalorian

35. Peace!

36. This Is The Way

37.  Baby Yoda Profile View

38. Grogu & Groot

39. Pizza & Yoda

40. Beautifully Colored Baby Yoda

41. Little Grogu with Flowers

42. Black & White Little Grogu

43. Simple Grogu with Leaves

Baby Yoda Outline Tattoos

Baby Yoda Outline Tattoo

Thinking a more positive tattoo is more your speed? I got you! Here in this list is the simplest of Baby Yoda Tattoos for you to look through.

There is bound to be one that you’ll fall in love with!

Baby Yoda Fact #4: Baby Yoda loves to eat.

“Yoda’s species is thought to be carnivorous, based on Yoda’s sharp teeth and claws. And given Baby Yoda’s instinctual appetite for frogs, this may be true. However, Jedi Master Yoda also is shown to sustain himself on roots and mushrooms, indicating his species is omnivorous.” –

44. Simple Grogu

45. Dainty Yoda Outline

46. Adorable And Thin Lined

47. Realistic Grogu

48. This Is The Way Quote

49. Baby Yoga with White Details

50. Grogu In Heart

51. Matching Grogu Tattoos

52. Grogu & Stitch

53. Grogu Standing

And there you have it, 53 of the coolest Baby Yoda Tattoos out there. I hoped you loved learning a bit more about him as well as having a better understanding of your tattoo style and needs.

Your tattoo artist, you must call.

Your Baby Yoda Tattoo, waiting for you it is!

Sorry, I had to. Did you really think you could get through this whole article without at least one terrible Yoda impression? I think not.