In the modern age, tattoos have evolved and taken on a dynamic appearance under the art and soul tattoo category. People have been embracing the art of tattoos and body inks for centuries. It has transformed and evolved into various types.

The art and soul tattoo is one such developing tattoo trend that has been created by Ashley River Brant and is being practiced by tattoo lovers across the globe.

This tattoo type has gained popularity for being a lot more than your traditional body ink.

The concept of the art and soul tattoo

Do you want to find out more about how art and soul tattoos can be a source of healing and growth, and not just a mere form of body art? Well, today is your lucky day!

Read ahead to learn more and find out where you can get your desired art and soul tattoo from.

What Are Art and Soul Tattoos?

The art and soul tattoo concept was introduced by the feminine healer and multidimensional artist, Ashley River Brant. The concept of the art and soul tattoo takes inspiration from intuitive tattooing which was used as a means of healing.

The process of getting a soul tattoo is therefore a bit different from the conventional tattoo procedure. It may include meditation before getting started. Most tattoo artists that engage in soul tattooing also have a heart to heart conversation about what the person intending to get the soul tattoo is thinking or looking for.

The placement of the art and soul tattoo is also very intentional. It is located via discovering the client’s meridian system and chakra.

In the end, a transformative experience is gained with a tattoo that has deep meaning and connection to the soul. The ongoing transformation continues and can take a few days or stretch up to months.

The overall result is a sense of contentment, peace, clarity, and calmness.

Art and Soul Tattoo symbols

Where Art and Soul Tattoos Originated

Art and soul tattooing have their roots in ancient feminine origins. In Egypt for example, female mystics and senesces engaged in creating tattoos meant to deal with healing. It was a means of producing the healing aura around the person receiving the soul tattoo. Most women would get the soul tattoo made on their wombs or thighs.

This was believed to protect the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy. It also aims to provide comfort, improve fertility, and healing from menstruation problems.

Thus, the unseen energy can be drawn from an art and soul tattoo to experience an uplift in their energy levels and outlook on life.

What Are The Risks Of Getting An Art And Soul Tattoo

Like any other tattoo, the art and soul tattoo comes with risks as well. However, this becomes a cause of concern if you get your soul tattoo from an amateur tattoo artist.

A professional tattoo artist is aware of all the risks involved and has all the tools and precautions in place to prevent them from arising.

The soul tattoo is done by hand instead of using a tattoo machine and is a lot gentler. It does incur some discomfort and pain as it triggers the nerves, but the right technique and approach can reduce the discomfort drastically.

Hence, making it important for a soul tattoo to be given by a professional only.

Where to Get the Best Art and Soul Tattoo

An art and soul tattoo can be given by a professional soul tattoo artist that is certified and has received the right kind of training. The process of becoming such a tattoo artist is a lot of hard work – it doesn’t happen overnight.

The educational journey to understanding the healing power of soul tattoos and learning how to align each client’s aura and energy with the soul tattoo is important.

In addition, it is also worth noting that the process can take up to 5 hours. It may also be broken down into several sessions. This is usually if the size of the tattoo is large or has a unique placement.

3 examples of placement ideas for Tattoos

Popular Placement Ideas

The most popular soul tattoos are those that speak to one’s heart and soul. These can be symbols drawing inspiration from nature such as the sun or moon. Another example is an animal with whom the client resonates such as an owl or a lion.

The placement here is important as well – it can be on any part of the body.

However, the ideal placement is identified via the use of chakras and spiritual reading. This also helps lessen the pain and expedites the recovery and healing process.

Other Types Of Tattoos You Can Try Out

Apart from an art and soul tattoo, other types of tattoos can also be opted for. here are some of them.

  • Armband tattoos – These are quite popular among people wishing to get their first tattoo. They’re versatile and can be customized according to the client’s preference.
  • Airbrush Tattoo – if you’re looking for something less permanent, then the airbrush tattoo is something that you can go for. These tattoos last for 5 days on average and fade out with time. And, they’re pain-free!
  • American Style Tattoo – these tattoos are the most common types of tattoos. They have a thick bold outline and are vibrant with a mix of colors.

You can discover the world of tattoos by placing your trust in a reliable and professional tattoo artist.