Inside: 47 Soft + Simple Eucalyptus Tattoo Designs.

Eucalyptus trees are tall, majestic conifers known for their hard wood, pungent fragrance, and vibrant green leaves. This unique tree has inspired countless tattoo artists to create amazing designs. From simple ink renderings to large-scale, realistic depictions of eucalyptus leaves in all their natural glory. There are lots of different styles that you’ll love, and you want to incorporate these awe-inspiring pieces of nature into your next tattoo project.

Look at these gorgeous and soft eucalyptus tattoo designs to find the perfect one for you.

Eucalyptus Designs

Eucalyptus Tattoo Meaning

There are several reasons to get a eucalyptus tattoo! It has a lot of symbolism and it’s not hard to find an excuse to get one of these tattoo designs. Here are a few meanings of the eucalyptus tattoo.

  • Strength
  • Being a leader
  • Focus
  • Healing
  • Setting and meeting goals
  • Clear vision
  • Rejuvenation
  • Connection

Eucalyptus Tattoo Designs

1. Single Stem of Eucalyptus 

2. Colored Stem of Eucalyptus

3. Eucalyptus Temporary Tattoo Design

4. Bundle of Eucalyptus Art Idea

5. Realistic “True Blue” Style Eucalyptus

6. Black and White Silver Dollar Style Eucalyptus 

7. Bundle of Flowers with Eucalyptus

8. Shaded and Outlined Dotwork Eucalyptus Tattoo

9. Sketched Style Eucalyptus Design

Eucalyptus Tattoo Ideas

10. Larger Detailed Forearm Plant Tattoo

11. Eucalyptus Outline Tattoo Idea

12. Simple Eucalyptus Leaves Tattoo

13. Colored Eucalyptus Leaves Design

14. Shaded Stem Tattoo Idea

15. Eucalyptus Botanical Design

Eucalyptus Leaves Tattoo Ideas

16. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Tattoo

17. Outlined Bundle of Eucalyptus

18. Red Ink Eucalyptus Design

19. Super-Detailed Eucalyptus Branch

20. Dotwork Design Idea

21. Modern Seeded Eucalyptus Design

Eucalyptus Leaves Tattoo

22. Greenery Plant Bundle Thigh Tattoo

23. Mixed Bundle of Eucalyptus

24. Eucalyptus and Daisy Tattoo Idea

25. Realistic Bundle of Flowers and Eucalyptus

Pretty Eucalyptus Tattoos

26. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stem

27. Soft Eucalyptus Ankle Design Idea

28. Black and White Eucalyptus Collar Bone Placement

29. Shades of Green Stem Tattoo Idea

30. Single Needle Eucalyptus Branches

31. Small Eucalyptus Leaves and Lavender Bundle Idea

Flower Tattoos

32. Highlighted Design of Eucalyptus Leaves

33. Colorful Eucalyptus Leaves Tattoo

34. Modern Twist on Eucalyptus Plant Design

35. Simple Fineline Eucalyptus

36. Wrapped Eucalyptus Tattoo Around Arm

Eucalyptus Tree Tattoo Ideas

37. Shaded Black and White Eucalyptus Tree Design

38. Deep Rooted Tree Tattoo on Leg

39. Eucalyptus Tree Design on Forearm

40. Full Arm Tree Tattoo Idea

41. Eucalyptus Tree Art Inspiration 

42. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Tattoo Inspiration

Tree Tattoos

43. Colorful Eucalyptus Branch Design

44. Half Sleeve Tattoo of Flowers, Branches, and Eucalyptus

45. Tree Root Tattoo Idea

46. Eucalyptus Tree Design

47. Tree Design on Forearm

More Tattoo Inspiration You’ll Love

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Eucalyptus Tattoo