Inside: Polar bear tattoo ideas that will give you the chills.

Polar bears are the favorite animals of many, and I see why. They are adorable, powerful, and incredibly unique! Their staple white fur is known all over the world. So naturally, these cool creatures are a fan favorite for tattoos.

I have compiled a list of the coolest polar bear tattoo ideas that will give you the chills! Okay, I am sorry, but of course, I had to make that pun. It’s too punny, not too!

Polar Bear Tattoo Ideas

This list will help to give you some inside into your tattoo preferences, and it will give you some inspiration for your own polar bear tattoo when the time comes. But before we get into the fun stuff, we should go over some must-have information to learn before booking your appointment.

How much will a Polar Bear Tattoo Cost?

This question will have a different answer for basically every tattoo on this list. This is because tattoo costs change depending on what they are and how long they take. Artists will typically charge you an hourly rate. So if you get something that only takes an hour, then you will pay them less than if they had to work for 6 hours.

So if you are hoping for a cheaper tattoo that won’t hurt your pockets, I would consider a simpler small tattoo.

These can cost anywhere from $50-200 dollars depending on the artist and shop. If that sounds more like your speed, then great! If you want a huge tattoo, know that you could easily spend thousands.

Will this tattoo Hurt?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes. Any tattoo is going to hurt; that is the nature of tattoos. There are defiantly ways that you can limit the amount of pain, so if you are worried, don’t be. Let’s go over them.

1. You can get your tattoo in one of the less painful areas. These areas are going to be on the meatier areas of your body, such as your forearms and your thighs. This is because they have fewer nerve ending closer to the surface of your skin compared to places like your spine or your chest. So keep that in mind when thinking about placement.

2. Secondly, you can ask your tattoo shop if they carry certain things like numbing creams or sprays that will numb the spot during your session. You will still feel a little but not a lot. If they don’t, then you can just order your own online and then keep it handy for future appointments.

Now that we have covered that let’s get to the part that you have been waiting for: the polar bear tattoo ideas! These are adorable and super cool. Check them out.

Simple Polar Bear Tattoo Ideas

I like to start things out simply and then slowly build things up. This helps you to discover what you like and what you don’t like. In this list, you will mainly see things like polar bear outlines and other simple ideas. While you look, try and write down the different concepts that resonate with you and those that don’t.

This way you will know what you like.

1. Polar Bear Outline

2.  Polar Bear Outline with Snow Flakes

3. Abstract Polar Bear

4. Momma Bear

5. Simple Dot Work Bear

6. Polar Bear Scalp Tattoo

7. Polar Bear Cub

8. Simple Outline of Bear

9. Little Simple Polar Bears

10. Geometric Bear

11. Standing Polar Bear

12. Northern Lights Polar Bear

Black and White Snow Bear Tattoo Ideas

Black and White Polar Bear Tattoos

You should love this next section if colored tattoos aren’t your style. There is just something about a polar bear drawn in black and white; they look so awesome! Take a look through this list to see what I mean. Just try and choose one, which I know will be hard. Actually, scratch that; choose as many as you like!

13. Polar Bear Skeleton

14. Realistic Polar Bear

15. Cute Polar Bear in Black & White

16. Polar Bear in Landscape

17. Nautical-Themed Polar

19. Realistic Polar Bear

20. Polar Bear with Florals

21. Mama and Baby Bear

22. Dainty Linework

23. Stoic Polar Bear

24. Cute Polar Bear with Abstract Landscape

25. Rose with Polar Bear

26. Polar Bear Roaring

Coca-Cola Mascot Tattoos

Okay, now for these, I thought that you would get a better idea from other kinds of Coca-Cola-themed polar bear art rather than the real thing(also, it was hard to find a lot of the real th

ing, apparently, it’s a rare tattoo). So if you are a fan of Coke, then you have to check out this list. They are a perfect ode to this iconic drink, and the polar bear looks adorable.

27. Cola Mascot Design

29. Polar Bear Drinking Cola

30. Coke Can with Polar Bear

31. 2 Polar Bears

32. Romantic Bears Drinking Cola

33. Funny Coke Bear

34. Cute Bear Drawing

35. Coca-Cola Photo

36. Up Close Polar Bear

37. Polar Bear Sticking his Tongue Out

38. Kawaii Polar Bear

39. Classic Cola Bear Design

Polar Bear Tattoo

Funny Polar Bear Designs

Funny designs are my bread and butter, who said that tattoos needed to be serious? Take a look at these if your funny bone is your favorite bone in your body.

40. Motorcycle Polar Bear

41. Crazy Eyed Polar Bear

42. Grizzle Polar Bear

43. Polar Bear Warrior

44. Polar Bear on a Trike

45. Cool Polar Bear

46. Vacation Polar Bear

47. Polar Bear Smoking a Pipe

48. Teddy Polar Bear

49. Sherlock Polar Bear

Adorable Polar Bear Designs

Though this title seems a little unnecessary, I promise you that this section holds some of the most adorable polar bear tattoos that you will ever see in your life. They range from realistic to cartoon, but every single one will give your brain the serotonin that it deserves. Take a look!

50. Watercolor Polar Bear

51. Sketched Polar Bear

52. Cute Baby Bear

53. Cute Bear Walking

54. Watercolor Polar Cub

55. Protective Polar Bear

56. Baby Cub with Penguin

57. Honorable Light Blue

58. Sweet Snow Globe

59. Thick-Lined Polar Bear

60. Cute Baby Bear Moment

Unique animal Tattoo Ideas

Unique Polar Bear Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to add some more unique polar bear styles. Take a look through these if the examples and ideas from above just didn’t do the trick for you. These definitely will!

61. Abstract Blue Polar Bear

62. Black and White Waving Bear

63. Northern Lights

64. Nautical Animals

65. Polar Bear Hugging Girl

66. Polar Bear with the World

67. Traditional Style Polar Bear

68. Baby Bear with Kittens

69. Polar Bear Family

70. Cute Polar Cub

71. Standing Baby Bear

72. Cute Polar Family Moment

73. Forearm Tattoos

I think polar bears have earned my respect even more deeply after going through all of these tattoo ideas. In so many of them, you can just see a simple power that this bear holds, and I love it.

Fun fact: did you know that the polar bears’ fur is not actually white? It is actually clear! Their clear fur reflects the environment that they are in, which helps them to camouflage and stay safe while out and about. How cool is that?

If you enjoy animal tattoos like these, then I have some great news for you: there are thousands more for you to choose from out there. The important thing is that you are adding animals that you think are cool or that mean a lot to you. It shouldn’t be hard; animals are awesome.

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