Inside: Adorable dove tattoo ideas that symbolize the love in our lives.

I love trying to find new and unique ways to symbolize love in my tattoos. Yep, I am one of those people who like their tattoos to be inspirational or have meaning. But I don’t like it to be in your face. I am looking for subtle here.

I have recently discovered one of my all-time favorite animals is actually associated with love and connection. Dove has entered the chat!

Sweet Dove Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Love. Simple B&W Dove Idea.

So I compiled a list of my all-time favorite dove tattoos that symbolize love for you to look through to try and find inspiration for your own tattoo. But before we get into that, I think I should go over some important questions that you may be asking:

Why Does the Dove Symbolize Love?

I thought it would be helpful to know WHY the Dove symbolizes love (and much more). So I did some digging. You should always know the meaning behind your tattoo before you get one!  According to this article:

The association dates back to the Middle Ages, when people believed that all birds chose their mates on Valentine’s Day. Although some birds do mate during the middle of February, including the mistle thrush, blackbird and partridge, most birds ‘ mating seasons take place during the spring and summer. The dove was singled out to represent romance because Greek mythology associated the small, white bird with Aphrodite, the goddess of love (known in Roman mythology as Venus). Aphrodite/Venus is often depicted with doves fluttering around her or resting on her hand. Doves also represent monogamy and loyalty in relationships nice qualities for a Valentine’s date because they tend to stay with the same partner during mating season.

Interesting right? I love learning about stuff like this when it comes to tattoos and symbolism. There is still so much I have yet to learn!

How Much Will A Dove Tattoo Cost?

Next up, I wanted to cover this question because it’s pretty important for those of you who are actually thinking about getting a Dove tattoo. The question of price may have crossed your mind once or twice. I wish I could give you a solid answer but I can’t.

The only way I could be if I were to know which exact tattoo you were getting, what size, and what your tattoo artist’s price is.

My advice would be to sit down with your artist and show them what you want and ask what their estimate is. This way you will know beforehand.

Will It Hurt?

Why yes, yes it will. Getting a tattoo of any theme is going to be painful in some aspects. Sure, the simpler and smaller you go, the less pain you are going to feel. But at the end of the day, pain is the name of the game when it comes to getting a tattoo.

This is the nature of the process. Your skin has to be poked hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of times per second. This isn’t going to feel like anything. But rest assured that there are much worse pains out there. In fact, I found tattoo pain to hurt less than I expected!

Just take some deep breaths, it will be worth it in the end. I will say this: If you have a low pain tolerance, bring some numbing cream to your appointment. You can get it online, but most shops have it on hand. Just make sure to ask before you assume!

Sweet bird Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Love. 3 Black and White Ideas.

Dove Tattoo Ideas

Alright, now we are talking! This is the portion of the article that you have been waiting for. Check out these amazing Dove tattoo ideas that celebrate love!

1. Realistic Dove Design – I think this is perhaps my favorite style of tattoo, so I wanted to start the list with it. Not only is it realistic, but it’s super sweet.

2. 2 Doves Flying – It’s the love birds! If you have a special person in your life, you should consider getting two doves instead of one. That way you can have one for each of you.

3. Detailed Dove Flying – Do you know how many times I’ve accidentally typed Love instead of Dove? No wonder this bird is symbolic of the L word!

4. Traditional Dove in B&W – If you like traditional tattoos, then I think you should check out this idea. It’s a traditional black-and-white portrait of a dove. How cute!

5. 2 Simple Lined Doves – I love simple tattoos. They are just elegant and lovely. Though this is not ever the point of tattoos, I will say that cleaner lines like these have a better chance of aging well.

6. Abstract Cute Dove – If you want something that is a little more out of the bird cage, so to speak, then I think you’ll enjoy this abstract dove tattoo. Sometimes, the weirdest styles are the winners.

7. 2 Love Doves – Two love doves, just sticking together through thick and thin! Sometimes I envy birds, because they get to fly free. But then I remember they eat worms and then I’m out again.

8. Dove Breaking Chains – This is symbolic of breaking free, so if that resonates with you, perhaps this is the dove tattoo for you.

9. Sweet Dove in Heart – As you now well know, the Dove is the Love bird. So what symbol to put with it then a simple heart?

10. Doves with Mandala – Sometimes I will just try to squeeze in a mandala wherever I can get it. They’re just so cute…I can’t help it!

11. Realistic Dotwork Doves – Realistic doves made out of dots…it doesn’t get much cooler than that…now does it?

Unique Dove Designs

Next up, I wanted to include a list of unique dove tattoo ideas for those of you who like to have your tattoos be as unique as possible. Remember that you can always take these photos as a reference and create something that if more personal for you.

12. Dove in Circle

13. Dove Hand Design

14. 3 Little Doves

15. Unique Dove Sleeve

16. Dove Holding Rose

17. Unique Dotwork Idea

18. Cool Rib Tattoo

19. Detailed Small Dove

20. Dove Sitting Down

21. Dove in Heaven

Sweet Dove Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Love. 3 Unique Ideas that are in black and white.

Sweet Dove Tattoo Ideas That Symbolize Love

I wanted to save the sweetest dove tattoo ideas for last. These are the cherry on top of this love Sunday! Okay…even I can admit when a joke is cringy.

22. Dove Elbow Design

23. Lined Dove Idea

24. Cute Doves Kissing

25. Bird with Crown Idea

26. Tiny Outline Idea

27. B&W Realistic Dove

28. Adorable Lined Dove

29. Dove Holding Something

30. Dark Detailed Doves

31. Dove with Sun

Dove Tattoo

I hope you found these dove tattoos as inspiring as I did. I love to learn about what symbolisms certain animals hold and why. These tattoos keep me learning!

If you found the tattoo you want to get, make sure you screenshot it so you can show your tattoo artist. There is nothing worse than finding the tattoo of your dreams just for you to lose it.

If you want to check out some of my other tattoo ideas, I think you would get a kick out of them. There are so many that I have lost count. What can I say? I’m passionate!