Inside: Coolest girls with sleeves that will inspire you to go for it.

I remember when I first started getting tattoos; I swore up and down that I would never get a sleeve. That was, of course, until I saw how absolutely stunning they could be. After that, I had my mindset, and I was not going to change it. I am still working on my sleeve, but it’s close to finishing.

If you are trying to decide how many tattoos you want or what style you think you’d enjoy in the long run, it can be hard to understand what you like when you haven’t seen it first hand. Sure, imagination is a powerful thing, but actually visualizing it in person is different.

Coolest Girls with Sleeves for Tattoo Inspiration. Photo of girl with tattoos.

So I wanted to show you how absolutely stunning having a sleeve can be, in it’s many different styles and looks from colorful flowers to full on blackout arms tattoo style. Below you will find a list of some of my favorite examples. These are the girls with sleeves that inspired me to get my own. Take a look!

Girls With Sleeves

I remember back when I first decided to get tattoos; my mother told me that I should think about how I would want to look on my wedding day. Brides don’t look good with tattoos. I laughed at this and then spent the afternoon sending her beautiful photos of tatted brides looking stunning; she never tried to convince me otherwise again.

1. Light Inked Flower Sleeve – If you prefer lighter ink that has a thinner size, then I think you should check out this first example.

2. Black and White Flower Sleeve – Many people prefer their sleeves to be in black and white. This sleeve will make you want to agree!

3. Cute Colorful Garden with Caterpillars – At the same time, this example is going to make you want to color. Good thing you have more space on your body to tattoo!

4. Floral Sleeve with Snake – I love the way that snake tattoos look because they can coil and wrap around your whole arm. Plus, they look great when they are paired with flowers.

5. Skattered Flower Sleeve –  If you love flowers, then I think you need to look at how this person used many different kinds to create the sleeve of their dreams.

6. Beautiful Colored Sleeves – I love the way that colorful sleeves look. They don’t mess up any outfit, and on top of that, they just look amazing.

7. Mandala Flower Idea – Here, I have a great example of a mandala flower tattoo sleeve. The mandala has a lot of spiritual significance behind it, so if that symbolism speaks to you, then you should go for it.

8. Wolf Sleeve with Flowers – Here is your reminder that you can add your favorite animals to your sleeve; it will look amazing. I mean, just look at this wolf.

9. Big Scattered Floral Idea – I have many floral flower tattoos, and I never get tired of them. They bring such delicate and feminine energy to your being.

10. Floral Ink with Dragonfly Idea – Dragonflies are so cute; I just can’t stand it. You can add as many of your favorite bugs as you want to your sleeve.

11. Colorful Sleeve Idea with Scorpion – The scorpion has a lot of symbolic significance, so if it inspires you, then you should just do it. I love this!

Personalized sleeve tattoos. 3 different examples with different patterns.

Personalized Girls with Sleeves

Next, I wanted to show you just how personalized your sleeve can be. There is really no one way to have a sleeve; you can make it as you want. As you will find below, there are sleeves with movies, plants, and symbols that are all personal to the wearer. The moral of this story is, you do you, boo!

12. Simple Delicate Wrap Idea

13. Realistic Wildlife Idea

14. Dark Detailed Sleeve Idea

15. Sweet Mandala Idea

16. Nightmare Before Christmas Sleeve

17. Ivy Tattoo Idea Wrapping Up Arm 

18. Flowers with Chakra Symbol

19. Lion Themed Sleeve Idea

20. Full Mandala Sleeve Idea

21. Sweet Lion with Roses

22. Peony Tattoo Idea

Floral Sleeve Ideas

Here I have some beautiful floral sleeve ideas for those of you looking to add some plants to your tattoo collection. Not only are these some of the most beautiful, but they will show you what delicate strength looks like. Okay, I will stop stalling because you need to see these.

23. Rose Themed Sleeve Idea

24. Delicate Peony Sleeves Idea

25. Witchy Beautiful Sleeve Ideas

26. Realistic Colorful Flower Idea

27. Negative Space Tattoo

28. B&W Plant Sleeve Idea

29. Bee Sleeve Idea

30. Dark Deep Floral Idea

31. Roses and Bee Tattoo Idea

girls with sleeves. 3 different examples with feminine details.

Feminine Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

If you are trying to embrace your feminine beauty, then I think this has got to be a list full of ideas you’ll love. Being a woman or feminine in general is, for some reason, looked at like it’s a weak thing. In reality, it is one of the strongest things you can be. No one can convince me otherwise.

32. Beautiful Detailed Solar Themed

33. Sleeve with Tiger Idea

34. Moth and Beetle Themed Sleeve

35. Girl with B&W Tattoos

36. Adorable Girl with Tattoos

37. Sleeves with Moth

38. All Black and White Tattoos

39. Black Tattoos with Animals

40. Fern Tattoo Ideas

41. Cute Cat Themed Ideas

42. Colorful Traditional Tattoos

Coolest Girls with Sleeves for Tattoo Inspiration

And lastly, I had to show you what I thought were the coolest sleeve ideas for your tattoo inspiration. There are so many directions that you can take this, but regardless of where you go, you are going to be looking like the coolest girl in the room.

43. Cool Tattoos with Plants – These plants are very detailed, I just can’t get enough of them.

44. Double Sleeved Girl – This is inspiring me to work on my second sleeve, which is a big no-no on my bank account because I’m barely finished with my first one.

45. Big Snake Sleeve Idea – Snakes may sound like scary animals to get, but in reality, they represent a change of life. You have to shed your old skin to grow.

46. Mandala Tattoo Idea

47. Lioness Tattoo Ideas with Flowers – I love lion tattoos, but I think as a woman, I would get a lioness tattoo like this; they are cooler, after all.

48. Lined Sleeve Idea with Floral

49. Butterfly and Moth Themed Sleeve – If you are a butterfly nerd, this is the tattoo idea for you. It has a mixture of moths and butterflies for good measure.

50. Mushroom Tattoo Ideas

51. Blackberry Dark Tattoo Idea – I have blackberry tattoos, and I could not be happier with them.

52. Dark Plant Themed Sleeve

53. Personalized Tattoo Ideas

Girls with Sleeve

I hope that you loved looking at these ideas and that they inspired you to be THAT girl. The girl that isn’t afraid to be herself. The girl who is strong, confident, and proud to be herself. You can be that girl because she’s already in you, just waiting to be let out.

Tattoos really do have the power to unleash our inner confidence, don’t you think? I loved each and every one of these examples and felt inspired to get a sleeve all over again. Good thing I have one arm left for tattooing.

If planning a whole sleeve feels like too much for you, how about a half sleeve? I have so many half-sleeve ideas that I think you are going to go crazy for them!