Inside: Yummiest pasta tattoo ideas that will make your stomach rumble.

Calling all carb lovers! I have a treat for you today, and it comes in the form of pasta tattoos! You read that right, pasta tattoos are a thing, and they are breathtaking.

I would have never thought they existed until I saw someone who rocked one. My world shifted, and I knew right then that I needed one.

So I went home, and I started researching all of the different styles and kinds that I could get. I found so many beautiful ideas that I had to do something with them, so I thought I would share them with you.

Pasta tattoo ideas for carb lovers. Photo of pasta twirled on fork tattoo.

I now have a good handful to choose from, so I know this list is legit. Below you will find over 100 of the coolest pasta tattoo ideas for you to look through! But first, let’s get into the important stuff.

How Much Will A Pasta Tattoo Cost?

Since cash is king, I thought I would handle this question first. Although, my answer is more like advice because I can not give you a specific number. This is because tattoo prices are based on things like which tattoo you choose, how big and detailed it is, and what your artist’s rates are.

Most tattoo artists will charge by the hour, so you can bet that bigger tattoos are going to cost more, and smaller ones will be nicer for your pocket.

But the best way to get your price is to plan your tattoo with a budget. You probably have a number in mind that you are not willing to go over, so let your tattoo artist know. They can help you design a tattoo that is perfect AND in your price range.

Will It Hurt?

I love this question because I know for a fact if you are asking it you have never gotten a tattoo before. This means your first tattoo will be a pasta tattoo, and that is so dang cool! I love it.

The bad news, though, is that your tattoo is going to hurt. Not because pasta tattoos hurt more than other ones or anything, but because pain is the nature of tattoos. The process of getting inked requires a needle gun to stab you about a thousand times a second quicker. I am not telling you this to scare you off because it really isn’t that bad. But it’s the truth.

The good news is you have a few things you can do to minimize your pain. Things like choosing a less hurtful spot(somewhere that isn’t boney), and using numbing cream(You just put this stuff on at your appointment, and it numbs you right up).

Pasta Tattoo Ideas

First things first, you need to understand the scope of your options. So below, you will find a large mixture of the many different styles you can go with for your tattoo. Each one is beautiful in its own way, so it is all about your own personal preference. See what you like, and leave the rest!

1.  Pasta Twirled On Fork

2. Food Sleeve Idea

3. Full Plate of Pasta

4. Thin Lined Italian Dinner

5. Colorful Ingredients

6. Pasta Lovers Dream

7. In Pasta We Trust

pasta tattoo examples. 1 colorful, 2 in black and white

8. Bowtie Pasta Idea

9. Different Styles of Pasta

10. Twisted Pasta Idea

11. Ravioli In Color

12. Shell Pasta Design Idea

13. Black and White Noodles

14. Twisted Fork Spaghetti

15. Pasta Recipe Idea

Pasta Noodle Tattoo Ideas

I wanted to separate this list into different styles of pasta; that way you can pick your favorite kind and look from there. This list is full of the many different kinds of noodles that you can choose from. Many of them are tattooed together so you don’t have to choose just one.

16. 3 Different Kinds of Pasta

17. Bow Tie Pasta with Shadows

18. Grandma Noodle Idea

19. Mini Plate of Noodles

20. Realistic Heart Idea Made of Pasta

21. Fork Full of Pasta

22. Tortilini Pasta In Color

23. Pesto Pasta Ideas

24. Spaghetti on Delicate Fork

25. Tomato Pasta Idea

26. Mom’s Spaghetti

27. Lasagna Pasta Idea

28. Light Inked Fork Idea

29. Making Pasta Idea

30. Pasta Full of Heart

Bowl of Pasta Tattoos

Next up, if you were looking for bowl of pasta tattoos, I think you have found your list. A bowl of pasta reminds me of my childhood, I find it extremely comforting. Can you guess which tattoo I am getting?

31. Cow Pasta Idea

32. Macaroni and Cheese

33. Spaghetti Pasta Bowl

34. Lovely Simple Pasta Bowl

35. Mushroom Pasta

36. Cat Eating Bowl

37. Bowl in B&W

Bowls of pasta in black and white. 3 different examples with different pastas.

38. Lady and the Tramp

39. Bowl of Carb Lover’s Dream

40. Bowl of Classic Pasta

41. Pasta Only Idea

42. Traditional Styled Pasta Colored

43. Cartoon Food Idea

44. Black Bowl Pasta

45. Caldron Of Pasta

Spaghetti Tattoo Ideas

Spaghetti is such a classic type of pasta. I think this is the first pasta that we all remember having, and for that reason, it’s a very popular was to get a pasta tattoo. They are so cute too, you really can’t go wrong with one of these.

46. Simple Forkful of Food

47. Solid Colored Fork

48. Squid Ink Spaghetti

49. Perfect Meatballs

50. Bowl of Spaghetti On Knee

51. Perfect Abstract Spaghetti

52. Spaghetti Dinner Idea

53. Forkful of Clean Spaghetti

54. Spaghetti On Fork Idea

55. Upsetti Spaghetti

56. Simple Dinner

57. Tradition Tattoo: Spaghetti

58. Single Noodle Strand

59. Fork Rib Tattoo

60. Thin Lined Table

Macaroni Tattoo Ideas

Here I have one of my personal favorite forms of pasta: macaroni! Macaroni is a pasta that I very much associate with the best days of my childhood. You need to see these.

61. Thin-Lined Elbow Idea

62. Macaroni Elbow with Cheese

63. Traditional Mac and Cheese Idea

64. Cheese and Noodle

65. Heart full of Mac

66. Classic Macaroni Idea

67. Bright Pink New School Idea

68. Lace Heart Full of Mac

69. Realistic Mac and Cheese

70. Mini Mac Noodle Idea

71. Elbow with Flower Idea

72. Cute Mac and Cheese Idea

73. Funny Foot Tattoo

74. Yummy Mac and Cheese

75. Mini Elbow Idea

pasta tattoo ideas

Meatball Tattoo Designs

If you love meatballs, then this is the list for you. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my favorite meals to this day. It wasn’t often that we would get actual meatballs, but when we did, it was so exciting. I hope you love these!

76. Funny Meatball with Face

77. Meaty Meat Ball

78. Meatball on Fork Idea

79. Spaghetti and Meatball on Fork

80. Meatball with Red Sauce

81. Colorful Spaghetti Idea

82. Bowl of Meatballs

83. Meatballs and Sauce on Arm

84. Spaghetti with Fork

85. Spaghetti Plate Full

86. Meatball with Chopsticks

87. Hilarious Meatball with Scarf

88. Fork Coming Out of Skin

89. Matching Meatball

90. Meatballs of death

Carb Lover Tattoos

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my favorite pasta tattoo ideas that any carb lover would go crazy for. These speak for themselves.

91. Fistful of Pasta Idea

92. Spaghetti Twisted On Fork

93. Realistic Penne on Fork

94. Big Twisted Thick Pasta

95. 3 Realistic Pastas

96. Carbonara Idea

97. Flower Bowl with Spaghetti

98. Shelled Pasta Idea

99. Armful of Pasta Idea

100. New Age Pasta Ink

101. Spaghetti Abstract Art

102. Solid Colored Penne

103. Loose Spaghetti Idea

pasta tattoo ideas, all with forks full of pasta ideas

104. Spaghetti Being Eaten By Skeleton

105. Pasta Roller Idea

106. Newspaper Styled Plate

107. Cartoon Spaghetti with Napkin

108. Hand Holding Spaghetti

109. Body By Pasta

110. New School Spaghetti

111. Meatball Bite Idea

112. Curly Pasta Idea

113. Penne for Your Thoughts Tattoo Idea

I am such a sucker for pasta, and these pasta tattoo ideas are going to tell that to the world. I cannot wait! I hope you are also looking forward to your newest addition. Whether it’s your first or your fortieth, I think every tattoo is something to be excited about.

I love the idea of food tattoos because they symbolize so much more than just the food itself. Food brings people together, it’s something that every human on this planet has in common, and I think that it’s very beautiful. If you love food tattoos, then you are in luck because I have so many more to share!