Inside: Hockey tattoo ideas that reflect the intense sport.

I have only ever been to one hockey game in person, but it was EPIC. It may even have been life-changing. I left that arena a girl who had seen someone get their teeth knocked out. Okay, it wasn’t pretty, but considering that he still got points after the fact, I was cheering pretty loud.

That is code for screaming my head off. If you are a hockey lover like me, then I think you are in the right place. I have scoured the internet for the best hockey tattoo ideas to honor the sport, and I think I have finally found them.

Best Hockey Tattoos That Honor the Sport. Red Hockey Glove tattoos

So stick around and see if you find any styles or designs that make you want to get a new tattoo, I bet you that by the time you are done, you will have at least 3 that make you want to call your tattoo artist.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a great question, but sadly one that I cannot answer fully. The only person that has the specific number would be your tattoo artist. They know how much they charge, the kind of price your tattoo will cost, and how long it will take.

In general, you can expect a hockey tattoo to be anywhere from $100-$1000. I told you I couldn’t give you specifics.

Does a Hockey Tattoo Hurt?

The answer to this is yes, but It isn’t very bad. Tattoo pain is a very manageable type of pain, plus the adrenaline rush that comes with it makes it even more bearable.

If you are hesitant about getting a tattoo because of the pain, just go for it. I promise it is not as scary as it sounds. Unless you are getting it done on your ribs, that one SUCKS! I would recommend showing up to your session with some numbing cream or spray to help out.

3 different hockey ideas. Blue maple leaves. Canada leaves. Red Wings Tattoo.

Hockey Tattoos

First, I want to whet your appetite with some various styles and ideas that you can go through. These will showcase how much depth there is and how much wiggle room you have to make these hockey tattoos your own. Take a look!

1. Purple Hockey Skates with Flowers – I love this because it balances the delicate flowers with the skates of a true warrior. You really haven’t lived until you see how hard and fast these players are skating.

2. Slap It In – The whole arena was chanting this at the game; it was very infectious. It’s apparently a very well-known phrase in hockey!

3. Red Hockey Glove Idea – Hockey gloves are a big symbol of this game. This tattoo is perfect for any players trying to commemorate their uniform.

4. Toronto Maple Leaves – The Toronto maple leaves…man, even Canada’s team names sound nice. But I bet they are ruthless.

5. Hockey Canada Symbol – Hockey is a very Canadian thing. It’s super cold there, so what else will they do? I have always wanted to go to Canada. I think I will one day soon!

6. You Jersey Number 33 Idea – If you have jersey number 33, you need to check out this amazing tattoo idea. You can also always change your number to best fit you and your needs.

7. Famous CCPR Hockey Player – This is a famous player, and I think the tattoo artist did such a wonderful job capturing their presence. What do you think?

8. I.F.K Badge Idea in B&W – Here is an awesome badge idea in black and white for those of you who prefer your tattoos to be simple.

9. Red Wings Tattoo – Whenever I see this logo, my brain instantly thinks of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This is the jersey he wears!

10. Simple M Hockey Sticks – You don’t have to have your tattoo be super complex to be good. In fact, you will probably be saving money by keeping it simple anyways. So this is a win-win.

11.  Hockey Mask with Detail – Here is a super cool hockey mask with great details. They even have the hockey stick behind them.

Fun Hockey Designs

Here I have some super fun hockey designs for you to start going through. If you have yet to find any hockey ideas you like, I know that you will find something to work with in this list. So far, I have a handful of ideas that I would get as my next tattoo! How do I choose?

12. Duffy Player Number 10

13. Funny Toothless Player

14. Player In Mask

15. Shadowed Player Idea

16. Flames Player Idea

17. Player Number 13 In Woods

18. Realistic Player On His Knee

19. Player in Blue

20. Hockey Player in Tarot Card

21. Funny Cartoon Hockey Player Idea

22. Crosby 87 Idea

3 different tattoo idea. Simple skate bow. Duck Mask. And Hockey logo.

Best Hockey Tattoos That Honor the Sport

Last up, I have the best hockey tattoos that honor the sport. These are some of my favorites so take your time with them.

23. Cute Lace BowTie – I love this little lace bowtie. It is such a cute way to honor your sport in a personal and discrete manner. Only you will know what this means.

24. Hockey Duck Idea – Everyone knows about the hockey ducks from disney, so of course, one of their masks made it onto this list today.

25. Hockey Team Logo Idea – If you are a fan of this hockey team, you need to check out this logo!

26. Hockey Player Made of Lego – I am such a sucker for legos; this tattoo feeds right into my inner child’s brain. I mean, look at it! It’s perfect!

27. Hockey Skates Hanging From Flowers – If you are a female player looking for a way to add some femininity to your hockey tattoo, try this example out.

28. Hockey Red Team Canadian Player – I love the fact that this red team is all over this list, and I just have no idea who they are. Am I a fake fan? No. I just am very particular about the teams I watch.

29. Traditional Hockey Helmet with Flowers – I love that they included flowers with this helmet. It’s a crazy comparison, from the strong and brute helmet to the delicate flowers. I think it is just beautiful.

30. Father and Hockey Players – I love this! It’s a father holding his mini-hockey player son. What a sport for kids; it would scare me to let my kid play. But if it was important to them, I’d make it a priority.

31. B&W Perfect Little Player – And lastly, I wanted to show you the world’s most perfect little player. Take a look.

Best Hockey Tattoos That Honor the Sport

I hope you have enjoyed looking through this list of the best hockey tattoos to honor the sport. It is a sport worth honoring. It takes so much skill and determination, so much teamwork, and coordination. Not to mention, it’s FREEZING in that rink.

If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is. I hope that you seriously loved this compilation because I loved putting it together for you.

If you want to check out some of my other tattoo ideas, then I have got you covered. I have so many for you to go through, but you can start here.