Inside: 30 Beautiful Dance Tattoo Ideas.

“Everything was beautiful at the ballet,” is a famous quote from the classic Broadway musical A Chorus Line, and it definitely holds true when it comes to body ink. Whether you grew up in pointe shoes or just love Dance Moms, many people have a connection to ballet.

Dance Tattoo Ideas

There’s something magical about ballet slippers — the worn-in leather smell, the soft feeling of frayed ribbons, and that perfect dusty pastel pink color. And dancers themselves are mesmerizing to watch as turn, leap, in move in seemingly immortal ways. So it’s not surprising that many people choose to permanently ink images of dancers and their accessories. Check out our list of favorite dance tattoo ideas that capture the magic of dancing!

Beautiful Dance Tattoo Ideas

1. Outlined Dancer

2. Point Shoes

3. Beautiful Ballerina Tattoo

4. Sketched Dancer

Dance Tattoo Ideas

5. Dancer in Motion

6. Pink Ballerina 

7. Floral Dancer

8. Tiny Dancer

Dance Tattoo Ideas

9. Dancing Outline

10. Detailed Dancer

11. Dancing Through Space

12. Graceful Dancer

Dance Tattoo Ideas

Colorful Dance Tattoo Ideas

13. Colorful Dancer

14. Blue and Purple

15. Dancing in Color

Dance Tattoo Ideas

16. Red Dancer

17. Colorful Nutcracker Dance Tattoo

18. Rainbow Watercolor

19. Color Splatter Dancer


20. Rose Dancer

21. Tiny Colorful Dancer

22. All Pink Ballerina

Pretty Tattoos

Dancer Quotes

23. You can dance

24. Cry Hard, Dance Harder

25. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

26. Dance

Quote Ideas

27. I hope you dance

28. Dancing Through Life

29. Dancing Heartbeat

30. Lifes a dance, you learn as you go.

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