Inside: Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas

Epilepsy is a chronic condition that expresses itself in the form of seizures.  Seizures take control of the individual and can be really scary.  Loss of communication.  Loss of awareness.  Loss of consciousness.  All really scary things.

With the right support system, counseling, doctors, and encouragement you can turn that loss into an inspiration. Tattoos can be a part of that for sure, both in a medically helpful and generally inspiring way!

Inspiring Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas

Finding strength in the hard times and learning to grow and help others through it is one of the strongest t things anyone can do. Here are 32 of the most inspiring Epilepsy tattoo Ideas to encourage you each and every day!

Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas

1. Ribbon Heart: I love this simple and bold tattoo idea!

2. Ribbon Feather: The representation of starting new and growing for your diagnosis is so wonderful in this tattoo ideas!

3. Hope: Find hope in your diagnosis!

Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas

4. Strength: You are stronger than you think! This inspiring strength tattoo is perfect to remind you of that each and every day!

5. Purple Ribbon with Heart: I love this bold, bright purple ribbon! I especially love the tiny heart cut out!

6. Hope: Another fun play on the word hope! I love how they use the ribbon in the word!

Tattoo Ideas

7. In Memory: Have you lost someone you love to epilepsy? This remembrance that too is perfect to honor them even when they are gone!

8. Butterfly: A butterfly tattoo is a symbol that represents transformation and faith. Like a butterfly, the tattoo represents the freedom of the person. Traditionally butterfly tattoo has been connected to feminity and love, which is why these tattoo designs are popular.

9. Ribbon with Date: This ribbon with roman numeral dates is perfect as a remembrance of the day of your diagnosis, or remembering one you have lost!

Remembrance Tattoo Ideas

10. Ribbon with Hearth in Middle: This epilepsy tattoo idea might be my favorite. I love have simple and beautiful it is with the heart in the middle of the ribbon!

11. We Remember: Honor a loved one with this beautiful epilepsy tattoo idea!

12. Ribbon Heart on Foot: This pretty heart tattoo is not only beautiful but honors Epilepsy!

Chronic Disease Tatoos

Epilepsy Tattoos to Inspire

13. Simple and Small:  This simple and small tattoo is the perfect tat for anyone wanting to honor their diagnosis while also being discreet!

14. Epilepsy: One of our first tattoo ideas that doesn’t use the ribbon but still holds just as much power!

15. Ribbon with Wings: I love how they added the wings to this ribbon idea.

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16. Watercolored Ribbon: Add a unique look to the ribbon with this whimsical watercolor look!

17. Ribbon Angel: There is always an angle on your side.

18. Butterfly Hope: Another beautiful Butterfly inspired tattoo!

Epilepsy Ideas

19. Heart Beats On: This heartbeat pattern is perfect for you next tattoo!

20. Big and Bold: This epilepsy tattoo holds a powerful punch!

21. Genetic Makeup: I am obsessed with this one!

Purple Ribbon Tattoo Ideas

More Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

22. Perfect Reminder

23. She is Fierce: She may be little, but she is fierce!

24. Ribbon Wrapped: This girly inspired Epilepsy tattoo is perfect, plus I love this placement!

Purple Ribbon Ideas

25. Butterfly Ribbon

26. Paisley Print: Add a fun pattern to your ribbon with this cute paisley print!

27. Hope

Purple Ribbon Tattoos

28. Lotus Ribbon:  A Lotus tattoo meaning is that, as the flower is found in mud, it represents rise from hardships and struggle. It means awakening to reality or transformation to beauty.

29. Lotus Bufferfly: Lotus is one of the powerful symbols of rebirth in the East and West. It also stands for beauty and strength.

30. I Will Remember You: Another great tattoo idea for remembering ones you have lost due to epilepsy!

Butterfly Tattoos

31. With pain comes strength: I love this quote!

32. Cross

Strength Tattoos

More Inspiring Tattoo Ideas

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To learn more about Epilepsy and see how you can help visit the Epilepsy Foundation!