Inside: 53 Festive Christmas Lights Tattoo Ideas.

Strung over trees and rooftop eaves, Christmas lights instantly transform a space into a magical dreamland, invoking memories of bygone holidays and childhood wonders that have yet to recede. Christmas lights tattoo ideas and inspiration instantly bring a smile to one’s face and a nod of acknowledgment from their peers.

After all, why should the holidays be confined to one season when the spirit can be enjoyed year-round?

Christmas Lights Tattoo

Whether it’s a simple string of elegant lights, a single bulb, or a full-on spectacular display, your Christmas lights tattoo is a celebration of what the holidays truly stand for. Kindness, comfort, gratitude, and peace are not solely relegated to Christmas; these are qualities that can be employed no matter the year or occasion. Just as some keep their festive Christmas lights up all year-round, so too can you keep the spirit alive with your own tattoo salute.

Classic Christmas Lights Tattoo Ideas

1. Colorful Vintage Christmas Lights Tattoo

2. Santa Hat Christmas Light

3. Beautiful Mess

4. Perfect Pair of Lights

5. Glowing Christmas Light Tattoo Idea

Christmas Lights Tattoo

6. Christmas Light Finger Tattoo

7. Classic String of Lights

8. Single Blue Light

9. Wrist Wrapped Christmas Lights Idea

10. Love, Dad

Christmas Lights Tattoo

11. Holly and Lights

12. Beautiful Classic Christmas Lights Tattoo

13. Glitzy String of Lights

14. Special Blue Christmas Light Tattoo

15. Sparkling String of Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Tattoo

Famous Christmas Lights + Characters

16. Rudolph Christmas

17. The Grinch + Lights

18. Should I Stay or Should I go?

19. Grinchy Christmas

Christmas Characters

20. Stranger than You

21. Waffle Wrapped Christmas Light Tattoo

22. Frozen Tattoo Idea

23. Santa Bye Bye

Movie Tattoo

Bright Holiday Tattoo Ideas

24. Sparkling Red Light

25. String of Christmas Lights Tattoo

26. Starry Christmas Light Bundle

27. Colorful String of Lights

28. Crisp Colorful Christmas Lights

29. Sleeve of Christmas Lights

30. Cluster of Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Tattoo

Colorful Christmas Tree Lights

31. Beautifully Lit Christmas Tree

32. Lit Up Christmas Tree

33. Vintage Christmas Lights on Tree

34. Classic Christmas Tree Lights

Tree Tattoo Ideas

35. Fun Christmas Tree with Lights

36. Bright Colored Christmas Lights

37. Candy Cane Christmas Tree with Lights

38. Magical Glowing Christmas Tree Tattoo

Christmas Lights Tattoo

More Fun Christmas Light Ideas

39.Whimsical Christmas Tree

40. Name Written In Lights

41. Creepy Christmas

42. Red and Green Christmas Light Tattoo

43. Classic Christmas tree with Lights Tattoo Idea

44. Run

45. Cactus with Christmas Lights Tattoo Idea

Unique Tattoo Ideas

Unique Christmas Light Tattoo Ideas

46. Creepy Crawler Lights

47. Reindeer Wrapped Christmas Lights

48. Christmas Picnic

49. Detailed Christmas Light Sleeve Tattoo

Christmas Lights Tattoo

50. Christmas Pizza Slice

51. Single Blue Christmas Light Tattoo Idea

52. Colorful String of Lights

53. Tattooed Christmas Lights Circle on Back of Neck

Christmas Lights Tattoo

More Festive Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Nightmare Before Christmas – The haunted animated love story is a legendary hit, and the cast is a perfect fit for any soul’s concept of body art. As the anti-hero, Jack Skellington is a riveting choice. For an ironically romantic masterpiece, The Pumpkin King can be featured with Sally the rag doll, which is his love interest throughout the tale. Villainous minds will be wowed by Dr. Finklestein and Oogie Boogie. Of course, the twisted incarnation of Santa Claus is another crucial member of the ensemble. These intriguing antagonists garner the height of suspense, and they are rendered magically in tattoo form. When the residents of Halloween Town come to life as body art, everyone wins! See our favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos.
  • Artistic Clock Tattoos – When it comes to clock tattoos, there are numerous designs any man can go with. From the simplistic sundials to the ultra-complex pocket watch movements. Regardless of what catches your eye, it’s important to understand the unique ideas clocks represent. For some, clocks can be a symbol of two things: Life and death. A simple explanation indeed, yet clocks can also provoke more deep thinking and thought.
  • Hair Stylist Tattoos – Finding your passion in life can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have! Perfecting that craft can be even more accomplishing! I don’t think I have ever met a hairstylist who DIDNT absolutely loves their job and the people that they come in contact with every day. There is such a creative and fun aspect to being a hairstylist, they truly are masters of style. Here are 23 Hair Stylist Tattoo Ideas to show your love of hair and everything styling!