Inside: Cutest Collarbone tattoos that are worth every bit of pain the will give.

My collarbone tattoos are my favorite ones on my entire body… and I almost have sleeves. So when one of my friends thinks about getting some for themselves, you know I am their biggest cheerleader.

I want to be that cheerleader for you because collarbone tattoos are a little scary than other ones.

Rumor is that they, like the also beautiful spine tattoos, are much more painful than your average tattoo, and it is this idea alone that scares most people from getting them.

Cutest Collarbone Tattoos That Are Worth The Pain. Photo of snake tattoo.

Today I am going to go over everything you need to know regarding this tattoo and its placement, as well as give you some adorable ideas to help spark your imagination. The sky is the limit! So let’s get into it.

How Much Will It Cost?

So collar bones are typically on the smaller side, which makes them a cheaper tattoo to get. I can guess that the average collarbone tattoo set will cost you $100-$200 dollars depending on what you get. But this price can always go up if you get something that is extremely detailed or on a larger scale.

The only way to know how much yours are going to cost is to sit down for a consultation with your tattoo artist. You will go over what they need to know: What your tattoo is, your reference photo, where you want it, and how big. They will take this information and use it to give you an estimate of the tattoo.

Will It Hurt?

Yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your collarbones are one of my more painful places to get a tattoo on your body.

This is because you have more nerve endings that are affected in the bonier places on your body. Some other examples of ouchie spots(this is what I like to call them) are your ribs, hands, and spine. You should let this discourage you from getting one.

It may be painful, but the end result is worth every second of it. Collarbone tattoos are so cute! To help manage the pain, I recommend bringing some numbing cream with you to your appointment. Most tattoo shops carry it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas. 3 Different photo examples of collarbone tattoos

Collarbone Tattoos

For this first list, I wanted to give you some classic collarbone tattoos and ideas for you to use as your foundation as you navigate through this list. Not only are these going to make you excited about your tattoo, but they will give you some insight into the kinds of tattoos that you like. For this first list, I want to talk you through each example!

1. Delicate Leaves –  I really started this list off strong with this tattoo idea. I’m serious, it doesn’t get much cuter than this. The delicate linework…the star in the center, it’s a yes from me

2. Snake Curling Around Collarbone – This is a super unique take on a collarbone tattoo, and it will probably cost you more than $200 because of how hyper-realistic it is. But it would be worth every penny because…wow.

3.  Two Birds Idea – I think this is a great example of a larger collarbone tattoo. If you are thinking about getting this one, make sure you have your numbing cream.

4. Game of Thrones Tattoo – This is a call back to Game of Thrones. Fun fact: The actress that played Danny got this tattoo on her wrist!

5. Date in Roman Numerals – If you have a special date that you want to immortalize, I think this is a beautiful way to do it.

6. Born to Shine –  Sometimes you need a positive message that you will see every day. You would be surprised by the power of words. That is why I will never get anything negative tattooed on me.

7. Flower with Ladybug – I love that this tattoo includes ladybugs because I feel like they are underrepresented in the tattooing community.

8. Cherry Blossom Idea – Cherry blossoms are so soft and light. I think these are perfect collarbone tattoos for those of you who identify with the season spring.

9. Peony Matching Tattoo Idea – Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, so I had to include this beautiful tattoo example.

10. Two Ferns –  I think ferns are my favorite green plant to include in tattoos because they add a whispy nature aspect that no other plant can.

11. Two Floral Leaves with Moon Center –  I love when people add a centerpiece to their collarbone tattoos because it just looks so symmetrical

12. Stars with Moon – I love that this tattoo include the stars and the moon because those two things make me feel magical and full of wonder.

13. Leaves Pointing Upwards with Butterfly – Butterflies are one of my favorite tattoo ideas because they symbolize rebirth.

Cutest Collarbone Tattoos That Are Worth The Pain. 3 different floral ideas

Cutest Collarbone Tattoos That Are Worth The Pain

For this last list, I wanted to show you some of the cutest collarbone tattoos that are totally worth the pain of getting them. These will show you just how cute and unique you can make yours. Check them out.

14. 3 Simple Birds – I love this tattoo because it reminds me of Tris from the Divergent series. She got this tattoo in the book!

15. Floral B&W Collarbone Design – I am always a sucker for anything that has florals included in it.

16. Moth with Leaves – Moths are high on my list of things that I want to get tattooed on me next. Sadly, my collarbones are already taken, but the good news is that I have plenty more space!

17. Light Simple Flowers – These light simple flowers remind me of everything comforting in the world. They look beautiful as collarbone tattoos. What do you think?

18. Leaf Necklace Idea – Some people just aren’t interested in buying new jewelry so they will get it permanently tattooed onto them. This tattoo is proof of that!

19. Black Decoration Idea – I don’t think you need to go colorful with a collarbone tattoo, but it is up to you.

20. Butterflies on Collarbone – You know how I feel about butterflies.

21. Dotwork with Moth Center – I love simple tattoos, and this is a prime example of my ideal one.

22. Cute Dragonfly Tattoo – My mom loves dragonflies, and I want to get a dragonfly tattoo with her. This is one that I will show her.

23. Berry Tattoo Idea – I love berries, and I love this tattoo even more!

24. Curling Ferns Idea – Curling ferns are even prettier than regular ferns.

25. Simple Blossom Idea – Blossoms are more than just pretty flowers, they symbolize new beginnings.

26. Vine Wrap Idea –  I love the idea of being wrapped in vines. Earth wins at the end of the day.

27. Mountain Range Idea – Lastly, I had to include this gem.

I hope you loved this list of the cutest collarbone tattoos because Ioved putting it together. I needed someone to hype me up when I was thinking about getting my collarbone tattoos. I didn’t have that, but I can do it for other people!

If you want to look at some more tattoo ideas, I am just bursting at the seams with them, so please be my guest. There are many different routes that you can take, but I think this would suit you best.

Getting a tattoo in a unique spot can be super scary for a number of reasons, but with the proper support team behind you, I think you will be brave to do anything you set your mind to.

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