Inside: Stunning earth tattoo ideas to make you appreciate the beauty of this planet.

This year, I am trying to spend more time outdoors. I find that I spend most of my time indoors and this is completely unacceptable. I look outside, and I see everything that this green earth has to offer…and I want to bask in it!

I was one of those kids who spent their entire childhood outside, and as an adult I find myself feeling unfulfilled when all of my time is spent on my couch. Being outside makes me feel alive and in the moment.

That is why I have decided to get a tattoo that celebrates that!

Beautiful Earth Tattoo Ideas For Nature Lovers. Black and White Earth Tattoo.

I have found some of the coolest earth tattoo ideas from around the internet for you to look at. There are so many different styles and ideas to get inspiration from, but first I think we should talk about the elephant in the room: Money.

How Much Does an Earth Tattoo Cost?

As someone who has recently discovered just how much variety there is in tattoo pricing, I can safely say that this is a great question. I can’t really give you an exact answer though, because earth tattoos can cost anywhere from $50-$500 or more depending on what you get.

Your tattoo artist most likely charges you based on the hour. So if you get a huge and extremely detailed tattoo, you are going to be paying more.

You need to sit down and talk to your tattoo artist to come up with an estimate for the tattoo that you want. I like to go months in advance, that way I can book my appointment, but I still have some time to save up some extra money.

Does It Hurt?

Have you ever seen those slow-motion videos of people getting tattooed? Up close you can see that the needle is piercing your skin like 1000 times a second. So you can safely assume that you are going to feel something unpleasant.

But you shouldn’t be scared, because it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. I remember shaking as I went in for my first tattoo, but I walk out feeling great! In fact, I booked my next appointment on the way out. I know that this is something that you can do!

If you are planning on getting a tattoo in a spot that’s more painful(here is a pain chart), then you should plan on packing some numbing cream or spray with you to your appointment. This way you can numb your skin a little before you get started!

3 different planet tattoo ideas all in black and white.

Earth Tattoo Ideas

Here is the part that you have been waiting for. Below is a list full of adorable earth tattoo ideas. You can screenshot the ones you like, or just bookmark this site to save it for later! Since this is the first list, I will explain each idea and style. Let’s jump in.

1. Cute Dainty Tattoo – I love the look of a dainty tattoo. I think earth looks especially great with a lighter hand as well!

2. Classic Shot of Earth Idea – Here is the classic earth shot. You can see all of the little continents, and it’s in black and white.

3. Earth, Sun, and Moon – If you want to get a tattoo of the earth, you might as well get the sun and moon as well. You can collect the whole set!

4. Simple Outline of Earth Idea – When it comes to great ideas like this, you really don’t have to go crazy with the details. Sometimes, simple outlines are enough to create an awesome tattoo.

5. Earth with Airplane – Many people like to get earth tattoos as a symbol of travel. In order to do that, they also get a little plane going around the planet. I think this is just super cool!

6. Abstract Earth Design – You can get crazy with this tattoo by opting for an abstract design. Abstract is essentially a kind of art that takes the subject and warps it to make it visually unique.

7. Earthly Elements – You wouldn’t have earth without it’s elements. If you are celebrating one, you might as well celebrate them all!

8. B&W Earth Idea – I love the look of colored tattoos, but I am also a big fan of black and white ideas as well.

9. Dark and Detailed Tattoo Idea – This earth is a bit darker then other ideas, but I think that helps it to stand out. I may a actually prefer it!

10. Blue and Green Earth Design – When you think of our planet, what colors come to mind? Green and blue, obviously! So check out this example of an awesome green and blue earth tattoo idea!

11. Realistic Earth Idea – If you want to really shock people, I think you should go with a hyperrealistic earth idea. You would be surprised by what these tattoo artists can go! Although I will say; you should probably seek out an artist that is known for their realistic work.

12. Black and White Earth Outline – Here is another simple outline to help balance out some of the other ideas. Check it out!

13. Abstract Earth Idea – I love how creative these abstract designs are. Not only do you feel what they are about, but they bring a layer of uniqueness that others just don’t have.

14. Realistic Earth in Black Square – I think this is such an awesome tattoo. First, they created a hyper-realistic earth tattoo that just looks amazing. Then they added that black square that makes everything come together and pop.

15. Earth Balloon Idea – And here is an adorable earth balloon idea. If you wanted something that was more silly then what I have shown you so far, I think this idea is right up your alley.

Beautiful Earth Tattoo Ideas For Nature Lovers. 3 different photos: 1 abstract earth tattoo, 1 dark tattoo, and 1 outline tattoo.

Beautiful Earth Tattoo Ideas For Nature Lovers

I saved the best for last. Below you will find some of the most beautiful earth tattoo ideas that nature lovers need to see. This list speaks for itself. Check them out to see if any spark your interest.

16. Earth on Both Arms

17. Cute Abstract Earth

18. Dark Earth with Stars

19. Earth Globe with Flowers

20. Earth Cube Idea

21. Earth Design on Shoulder

22. Moon and Earth Phases

23. Beautiful Ode to Nature

24. Beautiful Earth Idea

25. Planets In Solar System

26. Abstract Earth Idea

27. Earth In Rotation

28. Woman Holding Earth

29. Earth Surrounded By Flowers

30. Realistic Tiny Earth

31. Beautiful Unique Earth with Woman

Earth Tattoo

Alright, I just got off the phone with my tattoo artist and my appointment is next week! I am so excited to get this earth tattoo. I hope that these tattoo ideas left you feeling inspired to go and get an earth tattoo of your own.

There are many ways that we can show our love to planet earth: recycling, living as sustainably as possible, etc. Getting a tattoo of the planet can serve as a reminder to do all of those things. It is our home, after all!

If you are interested in getting more than one tattoo, then you need to check out some of my other nature-based tattoo ideas! You can find those here.

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