Inside: Adorable palm tree tattoo ideas that you can get on vacation.

A few months back I went on vacation to Hawaii. We have family there and it was so nice to visit and relax in the warm sand, under the shade of the palm trees. Every time it’s time to leave, I get so very sad. But this time I got a little memento to look back on every time I start to miss the island: A palm which is possible my favorite of all the possible tree tattoos you can get!

It can be so hard to pick a tattoo that you didn’t plan on getting, and chances are if you are getting your tattoo on vacation, you haven’t put too much thought into it. This isn’t a bad thing! Especially because I have your back.

Cutest Palm Tree Tattoos To Get On Vacation. Photo of simple black and white palm tree.

Below you will find a list of my all-time favorite palm tree designs that you can pick from while you are on vacation. There are very few symbols that describe the Hawaiian islands as well as the palm tree. So I think this is a wonderful tattoo to go get. But before we get into that, let’s discuss prices.

How Much Will A Tattoo Cost?

Tattoo prices cost a little different at every shop that you will go to. Because of this, I can’t really give you an exact price. This is also true because I don’t know what tattoo you are going to get, or what size you want. These are all factors that work together when deciding your final price.

The best way to find out how much your tattoo is going to cost is by talking with the artist who will be giving you the tattoo. They know their skills, and they know how long different pieces of art will take them.  So show them your idea, and see how much it will cost.

Make sure you have enough extra money to tip your artist!

Will It Hurt?

Yes, it’s going to hurt. Honestly, I am not sure that tattooing would hit the same if it didn’t involve some kind of pain. It’s like a right of passage. Otherwise, everyone would be getting them all the time.

But I will say that there are certain ways that you can avoid excess pain. Such as choosing a safe spot. There are areas on your body with more nerve endings(like your ribs, your spine…basically your bonier parts), and these spots are more susceptible to pain when they are tattooed on.

Next, if you are still looking to avoid pain then I think you should go buy yourself a tube of numbing cream. This stuff is a godsend when you are in pain during your session. You simply smear it over the spot you are getting tattooed, and it will numb it. You will still feel a little, but not as much.

Palm Tree Symbolism

Believe it or not, these awesome trees have more going for them than their coconuts. According to this article, 

The palm tree is also a symbol of spiritual victory, peace, rest, and comfort. When you see a palm tree waving in the wind (or sitting still), it’s a sign that everything is going to be okay in just one more moment…that God will give you exactly what you need when you need it most—even if it doesn’t seem like there’s much left worth living for right now!

Isn’t that beautiful! So if you were hesitating on getting this tattoo because you don’t want to get something that only has meaning when you are on vacation, then I think you should take this as your sign to do it. There is obviously much more at play here than that!

3 different black and white tropical trees.

Palm Tree Tattoo Ideas

Now we can get into the fun stuff, since I covered the important questions. The list below is the perfect compilation of ideas to get you started. Not only are these adorable, but I think you will truly fall in love. What are you waiting for? Take a look.

1. Palm Tree Ankle Design – If you are trying to find a space to get your tattoo that is small and only noticeable when you are ON vacation, then your ankle is the way to go.

2. Matching Small Trees – How cute would it be to get matching palm tree tattoos with someone? I love this idea.

3. Thick-Lined Palm Tree – This is close to the style that I got. I opted for a thicker line because it suited my style better that way.

4. Thin Palm Tree – Here is the opposite of the idea above. This example uses thinner light work to create an awesome little palm tree!

5. Detailed Realistic Palm – Choosing to go the detailed route might be speedier, but at least you are getting what you want. I think these are really beautiful. I don’t know if you could get a walk-in with this detailed tattoo though, so make sure you book in advance.

6. Palm with Simple Fronds – I like the simple fronds that the artist used for these. It made the whole thing feel adorable.

7. Cute Palm with Monkey – If you have a palm tree, there much be a monkey nearby. This little guy is ready for coconuts!

8. Simple Hand Palm – Here is a palm tattoo that will fit on your hand. I think this one is bold, and yet understated at the same time.

9. Small Black Silhouette  – If you want to keep it simple, a silhouette should do the trick. Just look at this example.

10. Pura Vida – Isn’t this idea adorable?

11. Simple 4 Inch Palm – This is a good-sized tattoo, but I think it’s cute.

Unique Palm ideas

If you are more interested in a unique style of palm tree tattoo ideas then I think you need to check out some of the examples in the list below. This is filled with some of the coolest ideas that you will probably only see on people with great taste.

12. Waves Going Towards Palm

13. Shaka Palm Tree

14. Realistic Palm

15. Abstract One lIne Landscape

16. Simple Outline of Palm

17. Traditional Palm Design

18. Beachside Tree

19. Palm Tree Silhouette with Sunset

20. Hyper Realistic Palm

21. Abstract Palm with Sun

Colorful beach scene Tattoos To Get On Vacation

Cutest Palm Tree Tattoos To Get On Vacation

Lastly, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite palm tree tattoos that I have seen people get on vacation. Each of these is unique in its own right, so let them have their moment to shine. Speaking of shining, I think the first one is a sunset…

22. Beautiful Tropical Sunset

23. Colorful Traditional Tattoo

24. Unique Palm Idea

25. Dark Black Palm

26. Simple Palm with Great Linework

27. Abstract Colorful Design

28. Palms in Shark Jaw

29. Popcycle With Palm

30. Rainbow Splattered Palm

31. Sweet Palm Landscape

Palm tree tattoos

I hope this list of palm tree tattoos helps you to pick one that you can get on your vacation. Remember that you can make as many changes to these tattoos as you like. The end result will be yours.

Palm trees are classic, you really can’t with getting one as a tattoo. They are iconic, beautiful, and have their own symbolic meaning(the more you know, am I right?). There is really no downside to getting one of these!

If you loved this list but want to look at some more ideas, check out some of my other tattoo lists. I have created more than I can count. What can I say…I love tattoos!