Inside: 63 Poodle Tattoos

Dog is mans best friend. I know you’ve heard this saying before, and it’s absolutely true. There are no purer souls on this planet than that of the dog. Okay sure, babies are a strong runner up but still. Dog tattoos are very popular and it’s not hard to understand why. No matter what dog you have, getting a sweet tattoo to remember them by like a dog ear outline tattoo is special.

When you connect with something on such a loving level, it only makes sense to pay homage to that being in the form of a tattoo.

There are so many different kinds of dog breeds that exist in the world. Hundreds in fact. Not to mention the thousands of mixed breeds that have also come to be over the years. With this in mind, what kind of dog tattoo you’ll get largely depends on whichever kind stole your heart.

In order to not make this complicated, we’ll focus on one kind of dog today; the Poodle!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being around or owning a poodle, you’ll know that this beautiful show dog is 1 in a million. They’re sweet, funny, energetic beings who bring happiness wherever they go. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt sad around a poodle. Jealous of their amazing hair? Now that’s a whole other story.

This dog makes a wonderful tattoo for many reasons; They have a unique and distinguished look, they’re adorable, and they’re aesthetically pleasing! So if you’re someone who loves this kind of dog, then you may be in the market for a Poodle Tattoo!

Cute poodle tattoo ideas

A Brief Overview of Poodles

Poodles originated in Germany, though they became more widely associated with the French. The name Poodle comes from the German word ‘Pudel’ which means – splash in the water. Fitting for their playful personality!

In actuality though, they were given this name because they were bread-to-be water dogs who could hunt for ducks.

This is actually the purpose behind the token Poodle haircut that comes to mind when you think of this dog. That’s right, that style wasn’t created as a fashion choice, but out of necessity! It made it easier for them to hunt in water as there was less resistance.

Poodles come in about 3 different sizes but all fall under the same breed. They are great at being service and therapy dogs seeing as they are extremely smart. And last but not least, many famous people have owned Poodles, from Elvis to Walt Disney! How cool is that?


Poodle Tattoo Costs will vary depending on many factors including size, placement, style, color, and the artist’s rate. They can cost anywhere from $50-$700 dollars. So to get an accurate estimate about how much yours will cost, talk to your artist!

So if you’ve made it this far, you must be seriously considering getting a poodle tattoo, how exciting. Even if you have a specific photo of a kind of poodle in mind, you still have quite a few decisions to make before sitting in your tattoo artist’s chair! Such as style, size, and placement.

To help you get a good feel for these things I’ve compiled a list of the best Poodle Tattoos the internet has to offer. I’ve added styles from realistic to cartoon, small to large, so there is really something for everyone!

Take a look below to get a good feel for what you’re going for!

Poodle Silhouette Tattoo

Poodle Tattoo

1. Dainty Lined Tattoo

2. Baby Poodle

3. Little Poodle

4. Cartoon Poodle

5. Different Dog Ears

6. One Line Poodle Silhouette

7. Little Poodle Outline

8. Poodle Head

9. Abstract Poodle

10. Poodle Sketch

11. Matching Poodles

12. Geometric Poodle

13. One Line Owner Cuddling Poodle

14. PoofBall

15. Simple Poodle Tat

16. Poodle Looking Up

17. Rainbow Poodle

Poodle Dog Tattoos

Realistic tattoos of poodles with coloring

18. Little Tan Poodle Head

19. Black Poodles

20. Hyper-Realistic Poodles

21. Traditional Style Poodle

22.Funny Poodle Tattoos

23. Cool Poodle

24. Poodle with Blueberries

25. Happy Poodle Face

26.Black & White Portrait

27. Cartoon Poodles

28. Hyper-realistic Black Poodle

29.Poodle Rolling Over

30. White Sleeping Poodle

31. Ginger Mini Poodle

32. Matching Poodle Tats

33. Happy Little White Poodle

34. Geometric Poodle Head

35. Brown Little Poodle

36. Fluffy Poodle

37. Cute Poodle

38. Poodle In a Triangle

39. Small Poofy Poodle

40. Poodle Wearing A Harness

Poodle Tattoo Ideas

Pet poodle tattoo ideas for women

41. Traditional Black Poodle

42. Poodle with White Fur

43. Black Poodles with Roses

44. Poodle in Mirror

45. Black and White Portrait

46. Half Poodle Face

47. Poodle with Name

48. Realistic Poodle

49. Black & White Dog

50. Poodle Doodle

51. Poodle with Sunflowers

52. Different Colored Poodle

53. Majestic Poodle Pup

54. Abstract Poodle

55. Poodle Jumping Through A Hoop

56. Poodle with Great Hair

57. Black Poodle Head

58. Poodle with Date Below

59. Poodle with Soft Hair

60. Poodle Dreaming of Toy

61. Cartoon Poodle

62. Rainbow Detailed Poodle

63. Awesome Black & White Poodle

And there you have it, the best Poodle Tattoos the internet has to offer! I hope you loved learning about this adorable dog and that you’re leaving with a better understanding of your style and tattooing needs.

Now go and call your tattoo artist to set up an appointment today.

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