Inside: 41 Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas. 

There’s just something about a unicorn. From lunchboxes to tennis shoes to hair clips to ties to tattoos, you can’t escape this mythical, magical beast! Lots of people love unicorns–it isn’t just for little girls! Men and women are opting to get some truly badass, beautiful unicorn tattoos. This fantastical creature has been a staple in the fantasy movie and book genre for decades. If you’re someone who loves fantasy, someone who loves being and feeling as unique as the ethereal unicorn, then a tattoo just might the right route to take!

Here is a list of 41 magical unicorn tattoo ideas!

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

The Meaning of a Unicorn Tattoo

Just about every culture boasts their own version of a unicorn-like creature. Each culture also prescribes a different meaning to the unicorn. From Mesopotamia to India to Great Britain, the unicorn has appeared in many different pieces of art.

It’s come to symbolize rarity and mystique. A major network television show even took the creature for its name–The Unicorn. The show is about a widowed man with two daughters. His friends refer to him as a unicorn, because he is a rare breed.

Another meaning behind a unicorn tattoo is as the ultimate symbol of femininity–the power of womanhood, gentleness, and beauty.


Magical Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

1. Watercolored Beauty

2. Raine Unicorn Tattoo: If you aren’t sold on the idea of a unicorn tattoo just yet, this is actually a temporary tattoo. It’s perfect to test the magical waters.

3. Pretty Unicorn Head

4. Sketched Unicorn Cartoon

Unicorn Tattoos

5. Rainbow Unicorn

6. Blue Unicorn

7. Tiny Unicorn with Wings

8. Unicorn Finger Tattoo

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

A Few of Our Favorite Ideas

9. Simple Rainbow Mane

10. Geometric Unicorn Tattoo

11. Blue & Black Unicorn

12. Pretty Unicorn

Tattoo Ideas

13. Framed Unicorn: A frame always adds a nice vintage touch to tattoo designs.

14. Purple Mane: It doesn’t get much more adorable than this wrist tattoo. The purple hair, pink, rose, and teal accents make this piece a delight to look at.


15. Colorful Creature

16. Cute Foot Tattoo


17. Sketched Unicorn Harp

18. My Little Pony Unicorn

19. Purple Toned Watercolor Unicorn: With a hint of geometric style and shading, this colorful bust of a unicorn is a very unique work of art.

20. Unicorn Moon

Favorite Ideas

Glitter, Rainbows, and Magic

Unicorn tattoos can be glittery and girly or bold and strong. A unicorn can easily fit into any particular style of tattooing and will certainly come out looking amazing and eye-catching at the end!

21. Prancing Unicorn

22. Gold Framed Unicorn

23. A Starry Unicron: An outline of a unicorn with the galaxy inside.

24. UFO Design: So that’s what happened to all the unicorns.

Magical Tattoo Ideas

25. Rainbow Haired Unicorn

26. Adorable Finger Tattoo

27. Mythical Leg Piece: Another great example of the watercolor technique. Is that a drop of blood between the eyes?

28. My Little Pony Inspired: It seems like about a third of the unicorn tattoos on the web are influenced by the My Little Pony line of dolls.

Tattoo Ideas

Mythically Beautiful Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

29. Unicorn Profile

30. Origami-Inspired

31. Gold Armed: This piece is simply breathtaking. Probably the most intricate design I’ve seen so far.

32. Small Ribcage Unicorn Tattoo: You’ve probably seen this tattoo around. It’s one of the most popular designs being shared around the web. So simple yet so beautiful. The amazing photo composition didn’t hurt either I’m sure.

Ink Ideas

33. Stretched Unicorn Rainbow

34. Royal Unicorn: This unicorn is beautiful and it looks like she knows it.

35. Blue Unicorn: Stylized design filled in with watercolor shading. Flawless.

36. Artistic Galaxy Unicorn: The silhouette of a unicorn jumping into the galaxy with beautiful stars and a triangle shape.

Rainbow Tattoo Ideas

37. Zombie Skeleton: Another unique design of an almost zombie-like unicorn still enjoying life.

38. Unicorn in a Caldron: A well-drawn unicorn but the purple crystals really steal the show. Great use of pastel colors as well.


39. Unicorn with Ribbons

40. Front View: A unicorn design incorporating geometric shapes.

41. Unicorn with Flowers: The color scheme of this design is out of this world. The teal and pink make for a beautiful combination of colors.

tattoo ideas

Designing a Unicorn Tattoo

There are a few ways to go about getting the right unicorn design for you, the most common way is to get the design done by the tattoo artist, usually done by consultation, letting them know what you have in mind and showing examples of other designs you like.

Another way is to have a design that is already done by another artist, although permission from the original artist is required and some tattoo artists prefer not to and sometimes refuse to tattoo another artists work, this usually isn’t the case with well-known work like movies and tv.

The last most common way to get the right design is to draw it yourself, whether you have the artistic ability to do the design well or not doesn’t matter as the tattoo artist will be able to take your idea and turn it into a design you can be happy with.

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