Inside: Beautiful Gardenia Tattoo Ideas (Simple + Minimalist)

Gardenia tattoos are incredibly attractive! The delicate look of a gardenia tattoo will stand out on its own, but it can also be combined with other flowers or patterns to create an even more stunning masterpiece. This guide to gardenia tattoos provides you with plenty of examples of how you can customize your own unique piece of art that’s unlike any other out there.

Whether you choose black and white, color, or geometric patterns, you really can’t make a bad choice. These gardenia tattoo designs are truly stunning and are sure to inspire you get get your next tattoo appointment made.

Gardenia Tattoo Designs

Gardenia Tattoo Meaning

Gardenias are beautiful flowers, and getting a tattoo of one symbolizes having a pure heart, gentle personality, and kindness. Each color of gardenia tattoo has a little bit different meaning.

Gardenias are symbols of love, joy, peace, and trust. These flowers are most often gifted to signify some form of partnership or romance but can also be seen as a sign of clairvoyance- when it is assumed that you already know more than what has been revealed or told.

It’s also well known for representing spiritual life, attraction, positive energy, and attraction.

White Gardenia Flower

White gardenia plants symbolize different things for different people. Some believe them to symbolize the purest love or harmony, while others use them in their homes as decoration or give them as gifts.

Red Gardenia Flower

It is important to mention that the symbolism behind the red gardenia differs from that of the white gardenia. The red version represents a hidden love between two people – similar to red roses and seen as an expression of passionate or amorous love or even devotion. Red gardenias are often given between two secret lovers as a simple of their love and romance for each other.

Gardenia Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Gardenia Flowers in Shape of Heart

2. Black and White Gardenia Shoulder Piece

3. Pretty Group of Flowers Tattoo

4. White Ink Gardenia Design

5. Large Arm Piece of Gardenia Flowers

Gardenia Flower Tattoo

6. Perfectly Shaded Flower Tattoo

7. Pretty Pink Toned Gardenia Flower Design

8. Single Stem Gardiana Flowers

9. Soft Thin Line Flower Design

10. Blue Gardenia Flower

Small Gardenia Tattoo Designs

11. Gardenia Tattoo Outline

12. Simple Flower Tattoo Idea for Men

13. Small Ankle Flower Design

14. Gardenia in a Circle

Small Flower Tattoos

15. Cluster of Flowers on Back

16. Small Temporary Flower Tattoo

17. Flowers in the Shape of the Moon Tattoo Design

Beautiful Gardenia Flower Body Art

18. Group of Gardenia Flowers

19. White Gardenia Flower Design

20. Unique Linework of Gardenia Flower Tattoo

21. Single Line Minimalist Gardenia Tattoo

Minimalist Gardenia Tattoo

22. Colored Gardenia Design with White Ink

23. Single Stem Flower Tattoo

24. Blooming Gardenia Flower Art

25. Large Outlined Design of Gardenia

26.  Floral Spine Tattoo Design

27. Watercolor Gardenia Flower Idea

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you love these beautiful gardenia tattoo ideas then you should check out a few more fun flower tattoo designs.

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  • May Birth Flower Tattoos – The Lily of the valley tattoos symbolize purity, humility, sincerity, and discretion. But most importantly, they symbolize happiness. The lily of the valley is also the “birth month flower” for May. So, that makes it an official flower of Gemini. People born under this star sign often get a lily of the valley tattoo to represent their star sign. The beauty and meanings behind this flower make it the most popular tattoo design.
  • Violet Flower Tattoo Ideas – When you spot a violet flower tattoo, you are probably going to see it in a lot of creative ways. As with other floral designs, the violet flower can either be the subject of an amazing piece, or be used as a subtle addition. The violet flower is full of color and beauty and creates a memorable image to wear for a lifetime.

Gardenia Tattoo

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